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  1. If you’re descending for landing why not select TO thrust per the checklist?
  2. Usually the only reason the main door can’t be opened is if the aircraft cabin is pressurized. Can you attach a screenshot of the MFD at the time the door is stuck? To open the door you should be clicking the handle to the right of the door with the red knob on it, then clicking somewhere near the stairs to “push” the door open.
  3. You should use baro minimums unless the approach specifies the use of RA minimums (see a CAT II or III ILS for an example). For the KMBS ILS 23, you should set baro minimums of 870’ in the reference window. When the aircraft descends below that altitude, the minimums alert will sound. The reason your minimums alert went off at 5 feet is because the minimums reference was set to 5.
  4. Unsure if it was intended to be, but a nice QOL update would be for the volume of the virtual FO to persist between sessions.
  5. Are you performing the A/SKID test as part of the before landing checklist?
  6. Remove the static port covers in the payload screen!
  7. It seems like the lamp does not display properly when the Therapeutic Oxygen button is illuminated.
  8. Check out row number 5,517 in your output file (I find it easy to highlight the row so it's easy to refer to) - this is the last recording where the Mach selector is at M0.8 (shown in column PX - FCC1MachSel). After that row was written, the mach selector was changed to M0.68 and the rest is history! The engine speed was reduced and the actual speed bled off until the autopilot couldn't hold altitude anymore and was disengaged. It also looks like you were slowly climbing to reach FL370 maybe in FLC mode? When the mach selector was changed from .8 to .68, your vertical speed jumped up to 3700 fpm in the climb before the airplane leveled and speed continued to bleed. I'm not sure why the mach speed selector would have changed without your input, but that would be the root cause of the crash.
  9. I’ve had this happen as well. The issue was that VNAV and managed speed were engaged during the cruise and the cruise speed was selected as LRC. At some point the FMS went nuts and computed the LRC speed as Mach 0.4, which causes the power levers to idle and the speed to drop and the autopilot disconnects so the airplane… spirals slowly into the ground. My solution until a fix is implemented is to manually select speed (cyan indication vs. magenta) if I need to leave the flight deck, as well as always saving the airframe state before walking away. You can confirm this is the cause by looking at the FDR report for your flight in the XPlane outputs folder. Check out the selected speed column and see if you find a super low speed right before the spiral.
  10. Fuel dumping is only provided for the tail tank in the event the transfer function fails (see attached photo). In your case, likely the best solution is to hold to burn off the excess fuel before landing.
  11. Can you press the master caution reset switch in? It should make an audible clicking sound and you should be able to see it move in then out. Otherwise, I’d suggest it’s stuck in for some reason. If you’re looking to make it go off, just leave a L or R to AUX fuel tank switch on after the tanks are balanced and you’ll get a caution.
  12. Check to make sure no hardware is holding down your master warning/caution reset switch!
  13. The large circle is your flight path vector and the small circle is the flight director commanded FPV. If you align the large circle over the top of the small one, you’ll fly what the FD is commanding.
  14. You need to have an N1 target for ATS to operate. Select PERF on the FMC to select an N1 target mode.
  15. Could you post a screenshot of your PFD/MFD when the failure is occurring?
  16. Run the fuel down to 0, save a state in the airframe manager, then load that state when you start!
  17. Posting as requested! The discrepancy seems to occur any time a lower flight level is selected as cruise altitude. I descended from FL380 to FL300 and the time to destination jumped up by about 60 minutes. Every leg shows a longer time value than the TTG value on the PFD (and reality matches the TTG value). Full flight plan: OEJN MIGDA L677 DARAX/N0465F360 L677 CVO L617 NOZ/N0453F380 L617 TANSA UL613 AMAXI TRL UM601 RUTOM/N0455F300 M601 QUENN Q123 USEPI/N0459F290 Z924 SUPUX/N0468F310 UZ924 RIPAL UM603 GERVU/N0364F130 R59 ALT LEMI The first screenshot is between DORAS and RONAB along M601 at FL300. Winds ~280/71 at the time of the image. The second screenshot shows the difference in ETA between FL300 and FL310 selected.
  18. How’s your engine oil quantity? If you’ve been flying the same Challenger airframe a lot, but not replenishing engine oil it’s likely the reservoir is low. You can access the engine oil replenishment system window through the ground services menu. Instructions for how to use it are in this video:
  19. Could you post a screenshot of your overhead panel right before you engage the starter?
  20. Could you turn on the X-Plane data output for weather and take a screenshot showing zero wind? It sure looks to me like there's a crosswind happening there!
  21. What process did you use to fill the fuel tanks? Did you request fueling from the FBO, use the ground services fuel panel to pump fuel, or did you set a fuel amount using the X-Plane fuel menu?
  22. Presently, ATS FAIL displays when reverse thrust is engaged. You can clear the message by pressing ATS Disconnect Switch once.
  23. I believe that’s just the external lighting from where you’re parked - the same light that’s illuminating the outside of the aircraft bleeding into the inside. Hopefully resolved by X-Plane 12!
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