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  1. Thanks, will try that. I need to spend some time understanding that CCP better!
  2. I’ve been away from my XP11 for 3 weeks on personal business, so getting back into the saddle so to speak. In the checklist near the end of the cockpit prep section, there’s an item to check charts. I have previously entered my SimBrief user name into the setup menu which works well to download the flightplan that I created. That works well. When I get to the previously mentioned I checklist item to check the maps, I switch the right-hand-side MFD to MAP, and I see the map of the airport I am at and my aircraft- I subscribe to NaviGraph and I assume that is where that airport map comes from. I assumed that the checklist item wants me to check carts for all the flight (I recall vaguely that Graeme may have done this in his 6 hour video). I tried using the cursor (both inner and outer), thinking that I could scroll through the departure and other charts, but I couldn’t get past the airport map (where my aircraft is parked). I did notice that there was a vector on the initial departure leg so I eliminated that wondering if that was preventing the departure map from being displayed, but it didn’t change anything regarding scrolling to the DP chart. Maybe I don’t understand correctly how the map feature works. Thanks for any help- an awesome product to get back into XP11 with!!
  3. No hurry Graham. I just wanted you to know that your tutorial style is very good.
  4. It works wonderfully, thanks Graeme. I'm not sure how I got my right MFD in that mode on my last sim session. I must tell you too that I thoroughly enjoyed and found very useful your Preparation and Power Up and the the Fuel System videos that you did, I look forward to more of your good tutorials! Bruce.
  5. The videos I have watched all seem to spawn the checklist on the Right MFD, almost by default once the APOU generator is on and the APU is running. I have the EICAS menu and nav rose on my upper and lower MFD's respectively- both show the same display. My APU is running and the APU generator is on. I went to the CCP2, clicked on "UPR MENU" (and tried LWR menu too), and a list appears on the MFD. I scroll the MENU ADV/DATA knob up to "CHECKLIST", press the center of the knob and the menu moves down to EICAS again. Should the menu appear on the Right MFD by default when APU power is available? Note that the EICAS is also available on the Left MFD, so it would still be available if I had the checklist on the Right MFD- Graeme's video notes that the EICAS should always be visible. . I did a search here on "Checklist + MFD" and couldn't find an answer to this specific question. Thanks- a great product! very immersive!
  6. Further update: After downloading the current version of XPRealistic V2 I am now not getting the CTD. Previously I had simply migrated XPRealistic V2 from my older XP11.55 instance where I have most of my other aircraft. When launching the XP11.55 new instance that contains my CL650, along with the newly installed XPRealistic V2, instead of the New Profile page being launched I got the page that asks for my key and e-mail. After successfully activated it, I see that I have created a CL650 profile (I haven'y yet made any changes to the default options in the profile, will do that when I get a moment).
  7. Finally, an update to this issue for the group, sorry I have been tied up with other non-sim stuff for the past week. @Graeme_77Thanks for your reply, also @Rodeo. As mentioned above, I created a new clean instance of X-Plane 11.55. The only add-on was the CL650, and I got it to run flawlessly- both in the "career" and "non-persistent" modes. I then started adding back the Scenery and Aircraft field from my old XP11.55 instance, so problem, as I expected. Finally, I added back the Plug-ins in the ....../Resources/Plugin folder, and experienced the CTD. By exclusion I found the issue to occur when I had XPRealistic installed (there may be some existing advisories about this in the documentation that I haven't seem- if so my apologies for taking up bandwidth for something already noted). Since then there have been two updates to the CL650. This morning I tried it again, with the XPRealistic plugin installed, and CL650 "version 1.2.3" as noted in the act_version.txt file- same result. The CTD occurs after I have made a selection between "career" and "non-persistent" modes. Also, of note, as the CL650 on my system has not yet been configured in XPRealistic (as a CTD occurs), this plugin is doing the one-time thing of trying to spawn a daughter page for configuration. Or, as said differently, XPRealstic may run if it wasn't trying to do the first-run one-time config with the CL650. Also of note is that my version of XPRealistic may be out of date, not sure. If I get time I will try to re-install from The Store and see if that makes a difference. Running MacOS 11.5.2 (yes, I need to update that as well), a "late 2017" iMac, i7, 32GB RAM, 8GB vRAM in a Radeon Pro 580. Attaching my log.txt. @RodeoI will try looking for a Mac crash report in the location you suggested. Thanks, Bruce. Log.txt
  8. Installed the Challenger 650 into a clean copy of X-Plane 11.55 and got it to work. Retired the original installation into my instance of XP11.55 that I have plugins, other aircraft, custom scenery and custom data installed into and it’s still a CTD. Now to figure out what is causing this by selectively adding add-ones into a copy of my clean copy, I will keep this thread updated. Thanks, Bruce.
  9. When I get back to my computer in a couple of days I will try installing the Challenger 650 into a clean copy of XP11.55 that I have on my system. If I still have trouble I will post back here with a log.txt file from that clean copy (no add-ones whatever installed on it). Thanks.
  10. Hello, I have just downloaded the Challenger 650, and tried to start it up- as I'm leaving home tomorrow for a few days I thought I would try the "non-persistent" mode. My XP11.55 has crashed to desktop 3 times now when I get to select enter the "career" or "non-persistent" mode. Something I also noted is that I didn't see an e-mail/password screen that I normally do when running an X-Aviation product for the first time (I did get the prompt in the Installer previously). I'm on a Mac and have done the GateKeeper thing to avoid that being an issue. I am including my log.txt. Thanks for any help with this. Bruce. Log.txt
  11. I have been looking at this bird for several days, every time I see a review I get even more impressed! But somehow this “save state” functionality was a pleasant surprise tonight. I don’t get a lot of time to sim, and often have to leave the simulation for a number of hours before coming back and doing another hour on the sim. This “save state” functionality has me convinced that I’m getting this beauty for my sim!
  12. I’m sure I am doing something wrong here, I just need to be pointed in the correct direction. I purchased the B733 IXEG (And other addons) some years ago, and now (several Macs later, having lost the original downloaded installer ) I would like to re-download this aircraft. I signed into My Account, and it shows a correct list of those items I have previously purchased, however clicking on anything in that list takes me to purchase page- I haven’t gone any further than that yet. What am I doing wrong? I checked the forums here and see references to a download limit for any product, but I would be very surprised if I had exceeded any reasonable limit. Thanks for any help, Bruce. Edit: I think I’ve figured this out by going to the “History” page.
  13. I have SkyMaxx installed for XP11 on an old Mac that I have just replaced as with a new iMac as my sim machine (2017 iiMac). I am wondering how to transfer the license from my old iMac (which will not be used for simming anymore) to my new iMac. The name and account will be the same, just the machine is different and I will still only have one copy of SkyMaxx. I am assuming that I need to do something to transfer the license? Thanks, Bruce.
  14. Thanks for the info on ESC Yes, I have heard about the Mac slowdowns due to heat. I'm a recent Mac convert myself, and also have a home-built PC in "mothballs" that I could use (my significant other bought me one of the new 5k Macs in December of 2014, which wasn't cheap either , so I figured the "safest" thing to do was to not use the PC for simming-. Which was also my intro to XP, for the obvious related reason. Now I love both the Mac and XP..... Thanks again, the support here is the best! Bruce
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