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  1. i am aware about this possibility but what i mean is this
  2. ..thanks ,will check it tomorrow
  3. could it be possible to adjust the control column hight like in the IXEG 737 someday in the future
  4. before takeoff and on final i get always acoustic warning -flaps flaps- but flaps are set respectively correctly
  5. ok, so i will live with the knowledge, it is internally inside the actuator wherever that is exactly (very complicated) however i thank you all for the information, but will now return to the wonderful CL650
  6. do I have to imagine schematically that the pin moves a rod inside the hydraulic tube, which in turn activates the locking mechanism or where sitts the lock internally inside the actuator chould you schow me on the picture about please
  7. thank you very much for the detailed explanation The picture above is self-explanatory but I can't quite see it on the CL650, do you also have a picture of the real CL650
  8. i have seen this video already, but i don't understand what the gaerdownlock-pin exactly does
  9. hi, can someone explain to me exactly how the landing gear pins prevent the landing gear from unlocking on the ground thanks in advance
  10. mmm o.k , so i must be faster in selecting many thanks
  11. is there somehow a setting to display the menus-Panels of the PFD and MFD a little bit longer as now the time to set something is not that long
  12. ... oh many thanks,was searching so long already
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