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  1. ... oh many thanks,was searching so long already
  2. hi, how can i step through the route in plan mode , thanks in advanced
  3. ...thanks,but i found it now ,have overlooked the FMS-CDU-2 circuit breaker was jumped out what an airplane ,absolutely great
  4. Hi, cannot get CDU 2 powered , AC and DC connected from external power can someone tell me what could be the reason
  5. Hallo Jan , you are so right it is only with the mousewheel ,however not a real problem Viele Grüße Jürgen
  6. Hallo Jan, to point a) roger b) look my video c) I mean, only setting the parking brake is the opposite in RL, the rest works as expected but not a real problem, was only a question Viele Grüße Jürgen B733_-_2020-07-21_14_48_43.avi
  7. Hallo Jan, updated to AviTab-0.3.21 and it is there again,many thanks Viele Grüße, Jürgen
  8. Hallo IXEG-Team DME ID's (e.g. alf 115.80) not working ! large Brightnessknob of left ND rotates rong direction Question: in RL you have to press the pedales to set the parkingbrake. with your plane it is the opposite. is it possible to change this?
  9. updating 11.50b14 to b15 lets the efb looking like this at me
  10. Great job IXEG-TAEM ,flap setting is now so much easier to perform and all the other good new improvements, many thanks for the hard work!
  11. Hi Jan, yes, understand, but in the moment it works again perfect many thanks! Viele Grüße, Jürgen
  12. Hello Jan, I also checked the apu sound several times and it is running again no idea what was going on but many thanks for the investigation regards Jürgen
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