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  1. Cool, yes unfortunately it's one of those sporadic events so it might take a few tries to hear it.
  2. Hi guys, Here's a video showing two issues related to fixes called STEVS and SAMIE. Fast forward to 1 min 20 sec if you're short on time, as well as 3 min 17 secs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okco14bou10si7g/IXEG 733 v1.31 Soft Crash INVALID ENTRY.mp4?dl=0 After I made it, I saw this post linked below, I'm not sure if my errors are related to this from a month ago...
  3. Hi guys, With v1.31 & latest Gizmo beta (email notification instal 7.2.2020) I've had this a several times now, but not every time. Basically as the APU GEN power comes available, I flip the switches and hear the relay sound effect, but the fans don't always kick in right away. The delay can be a few seconds, but this delay seen here was about 50 seconds: https://clips.twitch.tv/UgliestSuspiciousRaccoonKeepo
  4. Hello, mine says in the upper right expiration is 3 days. Will it still work on day 4 and beyond? Mine appears in a similar box that one sees when the license is renewed. I can click it away no problem.
  5. At times I have heard in real-time and during replay certain in-cockpit open window wind sounds when outside the cockpit. One example is the wind noise when in shift-4 view about 20-30 ft away. In this linked replay video, you can hear the significant wind noise in this user created wing view. Will this be adjusted when you do FMOD work? https://clips.twitch.tv/FilthyCrunchyTarsierRuleFive BTW, LOVE that the spoiler deploy smooth on replays now!
  6. Thanks for the details Tom. In addition to the above reported altitude restriction blocks on STARS mentioned above, some other odd behavior I noticed on STARs is that despite the speeds for fixes over 10,000 often reading 280 kts in the CDU, I'd often see the speed cursor would set itself to 290 and the engines would periodically speed the plane up to about 300, then go idle till it slows to 260, then engines spool up again till we hit near 300, and repeat this behavior several times throughout the descent. Not sure how others have experienced this, but I figured I'd mention it.
  7. Hello, caught this recently... 733.mp4
  8. Hello, I noticed the mesh resolution of the left window handle is higher than the right. You can see the pivot point looks clearer on the left compared to right, and the polygon count looks lower on the right. See attached.
  9. Hi Jan,, Well now that is weird. Attached is what I see. I have been using a fresh install and the Gizmo beta. Could it be the install gone bad or the Gizmo beta? Also note how a few times it "sinks" back toward its previous position. 2020-05-31_22-41-26.mp4
  10. Hi @Litjan just to clarify... I do pull the knob out and see the M, and the bug does move, it just the knob itself does not animate the rotation. Although perhaps you're also giving a suggestion to Super27's quoted comment? Thanks guys!
  11. Hi guys, In v1.3 the animation for the push/pull seems to work, but when I drag to rotate the knob on the ASI, the cursor moves but the knob doesn't turn. I didn't see it reported yet.
  12. Excellent, I suspected it might be user error on my part. OK, so I should do the following: TOGA for the takeoff roll and ride the FD pitch cue to V2+15 At the acceleration height around 1000 AFE, hit FL CHG for the FD to adjust to the bugged speed, or... At the acceleration height around 1000 AFE, hit VNAV for the FD to adjust to the programmed profile Correct? Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, I was hoping you might comment on whether or not the pitch cue behavior depicted by the flight director on departure was due to a limitation, a bug, or me not using it correctly. In this video you will see how when I move the airspeed cursor from 138 to 220, the FD's pitch cue seems to initially behave somewhat as one might assume for an acceleration by suggesting a lower pitch attitude. However, you'll then see how suddenly snaps up to a high pitch recommendation (twice) even though I have not come near to reaching 220. I narrate the video as it progresses. Thanks!
  14. Hi guys, I'm enjoying the v1.3 update! I was hoping you might be able to tweak the point at which the mini EHSI disappears, which I describe in this short video. Thanks for your consideration! Mini_EHSI_Adjustment.mp4
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