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  1. Hi @tkyler & @Litjan, If I understand correctly, the V1.33 update included the ability for the CDU to display potential block altitudes at fixes. However, I do notice quite often that when I load STARs in the FMC, the altitude's depicted over fixes on charts don't always match up with what is being displayed on the CDU. My question is, would you like us to post those occurrences here similar to the way we've been posting Gizmo errors? The latest example I can give was a flight with planned cruise of FL320 into KLAS. I set up the SITEE4 arrival out of GGAPP, which the chart l
  2. Ahhh, excellent tip for now ... I hope you can find that fix!
  3. Hello, there've been a few times on approach when I go to use the VSI mode on autopilot to adjust for the next step down altitude only to find that it will not let me scroll to more than a 650 FPM descent rate. Sometimes this number is varies between 600 and 900 FPM, and other times there is no issue. Is this intentionally modeled in the systems, or is it a bug? The few times it has occurred I was flying with online ATC services such as PilotEdge or Vatsim, so I didn't have time to try to talk troubleshoot it. I have linked a recent episode this happened to me on my way into SFO. Just bef
  4. @Litjan I wonder if something has changed in X-Plane, because I never had the box checked but the situation in the video above occurred anyway. Interesting.
  5. Hi guys, What is the protocol for the experimental flight model with IXEG v1.33 and 11.50? Is there a setting in plane maker to apply the Experimental flight model with this particular airplane only in 11.50 final? Do I remember correctly that Laminar was going to give developers/users this option in Plane Maker? One of things I find challenging, as simple as it may sound, is too remember to turn on and off the experimental flight model when switching between airplanes. Given that the simulator can take several minutes to start up, it can annoying when you have limited time afte
  6. Hi Mark, Attached is a screenshot of my failures menu. As you'll see I have the time between failure unchecked. I assume this means that random failures will occur if left unchecked, but checking it active gives more specifics? Example: I flew over the summer with the box unchecked about 3 times a week, usually about 2 - 4 hours each time. Some flights in the IXEG, some in the FlyJSim (w/ their maintenance menu off). I had about 4 failures in total, IIRC. One can also click the box and type in a value, and it will tell you how many systems there are and how many average failures per
  7. Would you consider portraying the version that does chime at 900 and 300 ft? Bells and whistles are fun!
  8. I know in previous threads it was mentioned that IXEG has a custom sound system due to earlier versions of X-Plane having limitations. I have been noticing a lot of issues that I would like to report (as of 1.21 - 1.33), but I know it will be rather challenging to demonstrate my observations. I wonder if it's better off to wait until you complete the FMOD conversion with the thought that it might resolve the issues? Please advise. Thanks!
  9. @Kopelent I noticed that SAM (version of autogate) caused this for me. I went in the plugin manager and unchecked the AOS plugin (SAM), and the stutters during panning greatly reduced. I also found SAM 2.0.7 to be less stutter inducing than SAM 2.1.0, but not perfect. Stairport Sceneries software manager lets you roll back to prior versions of SAM.
  10. Well, I'm assuming @janis22 might have been simply trying to provide confidence that the issue is specific to IXEG/Gizmo. I know I've shared bug & performance reports with developers here and other products in a similar fashion. Here is an example that I never got around to sharing here or with Laminar, but this post reminded me of the situation: I noticed around XP 11.32(?) that a change in engine indicator behavior in the 733 became apparent. Prior to XP 11.32, I was able to watch the oil pressure rise while waiting for the N2 to rise to 25%, as per described and instructed in FCOMs
  11. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so feel free to move it. I am receiving a "this scenery might not look correct - check log.txt" box popping up in X-Plane 11.50r2. I even did a reinstall of the scenery, but no luck. Might this be a Vulkan compatibility issue? Log.txt and scenery.ini files attached. Any help would be great, thanks. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  12. Hi guys, So I don't practice emergency procedures and failures too often, and it shows in this video! The link takes you to the point where my descent starts and the initial fusion begins. Unfortunately I had shut off my structural failures the night before, it would have been interesting to see if this overspeed would have resulted in a crash. One thing that struck me was my own delay in realizing I should use the stby ASI to confirm which side was failed. This delay was no doubt very dangerous. At first I thought the overspeed was coming from another browser tab I l
  13. Hello, The route this crash was associated with was DDRTH1 DDRTH DDY J13 BIL J136 HLN T268 PIXXI The video walks you though the sequence of how it occurred. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ngxa7mu5haatu8r/v1.32 FMC Error DEN - MSO.mp4?dl=0 Screenshot and log attached. Log.txt
  14. Hi guys, In the attached picture you'll see the window frames are pulled open on both sides. However,, the first officer's side shows the glass still closed even though the window frame is open. This happens in all liveries.
  15. Hi guys, I have noticed that in flying v1.32, it seems that the depicted crossing restriction on many STARs are not matching what is calculated by default in my CDU, and also if I modify an altitude at an existing fix, the top of descent (T/D) does not seem to reposition like it used to in the past. A few other folks I communicate with who fly this aircraft seem to be experiencing the same thing. For example, I was flying from KAVL into KMDW, and had loaded in the PANGG3 arrival via the FWA transition. My cruise was FL330. See the attached image for reference. When I loaded the rout
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