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  1. Tom, as exciting as it is for us simulator enthusiasts and fans of this particular aircraft to hear of the positive change in the circumstances of your life that allow you to continue to accelerate progress with this project, I am also happy to hear for you that you are at such a point that will work out for you personally. Also, from my own selfish simfan standpoint, I'm glad to hear the project pulling you from the 733 was related to Laminar and XP 12!!! I suspect with an ability to further fully focus on the 733, the resulting quality, consistency, and frequency of enhancements will co
  2. @tkyler & @Litjan I hope you and your families are well. I was curious if you would be willing to share the latest news on the IXEG? Or anticipation of what we should look forward to? Thanks!
  3. BTW, I hope it was OK to piggyback on this thread, I now realize it may have been describing a different issue from @HaziDesignsdescription. Either way I hope my report helps, let me know if I should copy paste it into a separate topic. Thank you!
  4. Hi Jan, I have been having this [relatively new] oscillation issue specifically when using the VNAV and often in LNAV based on the current IXEG v1.33, and maybe since v1.30 onward? Switching to HDG, LVL CHG, and VSI modes tends to smooth everything out. I know this wasn't an issue in prior versions. I am providing two video clip examples here. I actually planned to report it sooner, but quite often I have been doing my own interventions since I do a lot of online flying with PE/Vatsim ATC, and they often ask me to use other altitudes in the STAR. Since the VNAV T/D has stopped being able
  5. Hi Guys, I just wanted to share a recent example that was explained above, since it happens relatively frequently. I chose this example since there were several fixes involved. Let me know if the issue was user error, and if I should keep posting these if they will help with future VNAV improvements. v1.33 Navigraph AIRAC 2013 Route: KDCA - Depart RWY 19 - DOCTR4 AGARD J42 LAURN J222 JFK ROBUC3 - ILS RWY 4 from GOSHI - KBOS Attached CDU images labeled based on page order
  6. Hi guys, This message is an observation that I've experienced many times, and I have also watched Jan deal with it in some of his videos. As we know, dragging the frequency knobs in a direction toward a frequency we need sometimes results in us overshooting the required frequency, which requires us to reverse our mouse direction to correct the freq. However, sometimes reversing the physical mouse direction does not reverse the actual frequency direction. This requires us to let go, reposition the cursor over the knob, re-grab and make final adjustments, which can be time consuming during
  7. Thanks Ben! Will try this till the FMOD implementation.
  8. Thanks guys. I'm curious if you could clarify something that I think I remember reading. If I understood correctly from a previous post, there is a plan to improve the vnav functionality in an upcoming update, and then further in a complete rewrite? Also, was hoping you might be able to clarify the following based on the above... I feel as though as recent as version 1.30 through 1.32 I was able to reprogram the altitude over a fix on a STAR from what was on the chart to what ATC (PilotEdge/Vatsim) asked for, and see the depicted T/D did shift accordingly. Sometimes the aircraft followed
  9. Hi guys, I know mentions have been made in previous posts describing sporadic glitches related to sound, but I managed to record a pretty good example of when it's at its worst. You'll essentially hear the hiss of the cockpit gasper air becoming exceptionally loud (among other sounds) as I open the window. Also highlighted was how the cockpit & local sound effects "followed" my camera position, where normally it doesn't/shouldn't. I'm sharing in hopes these observations help when you get around to shifting the IXEG sounds into X-Plane's FMOD in the future. Thanks for w
  10. Hi @tkyler & @Litjan, If I understand correctly, the V1.33 update included the ability for the CDU to display potential block altitudes at fixes. However, I do notice quite often that when I load STARs in the FMC, the altitude's depicted over fixes on charts don't always match up with what is being displayed on the CDU. My question is, would you like us to post those occurrences here similar to the way we've been posting Gizmo errors? The latest example I can give was a flight with planned cruise of FL320 into KLAS. I set up the SITEE4 arrival out of GGAPP, which the chart l
  11. Ahhh, excellent tip for now ... I hope you can find that fix!
  12. Hello, there've been a few times on approach when I go to use the VSI mode on autopilot to adjust for the next step down altitude only to find that it will not let me scroll to more than a 650 FPM descent rate. Sometimes this number is varies between 600 and 900 FPM, and other times there is no issue. Is this intentionally modeled in the systems, or is it a bug? The few times it has occurred I was flying with online ATC services such as PilotEdge or Vatsim, so I didn't have time to try to talk troubleshoot it. I have linked a recent episode this happened to me on my way into SFO. Just bef
  13. @Litjan I wonder if something has changed in X-Plane, because I never had the box checked but the situation in the video above occurred anyway. Interesting.
  14. Hi guys, What is the protocol for the experimental flight model with IXEG v1.33 and 11.50? Is there a setting in plane maker to apply the Experimental flight model with this particular airplane only in 11.50 final? Do I remember correctly that Laminar was going to give developers/users this option in Plane Maker? One of things I find challenging, as simple as it may sound, is too remember to turn on and off the experimental flight model when switching between airplanes. Given that the simulator can take several minutes to start up, it can annoying when you have limited time afte
  15. Hi Mark, Attached is a screenshot of my failures menu. As you'll see I have the time between failure unchecked. I assume this means that random failures will occur if left unchecked, but checking it active gives more specifics? Example: I flew over the summer with the box unchecked about 3 times a week, usually about 2 - 4 hours each time. Some flights in the IXEG, some in the FlyJSim (w/ their maintenance menu off). I had about 4 failures in total, IIRC. One can also click the box and type in a value, and it will tell you how many systems there are and how many average failures per
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