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  1. Hi, I know you had fixed the eyebrow windows pref after 1.5.1, linked below. Recently I noticed there's an issue with the yoke height prefs too. I keep my yoke a tad lower. My desired yoke height value does show with the saved prefs. However, on initial aircraft loading, the yoke is at the default height. But when I launch the aircraft prefs, the yoke snaps into the saved position without me even clicking anything else. Perhaps this can be made to read during loading the aircraft w/o having to open the prefs? Side request, @tkyler would you be able to post a under the hood progress update post? It's always good to hear the latest of how things are/aren't going, and where things are progressing next. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I feel I have noticed that if I start up the aircraft in the "turn around" state, it has FPS drops from 45+ down to 29 fps, then back up again. This will happen pretty much throughout the flight even after everything is running. However, if I do a cold and dark start option, or even a ready to fly option, the amount of drop off is much less throughout the flight.
  3. I was entering the winds in the PERF page that were 360 @ 36. I tried typing 360/36, but it resulted in an INVALID ENTRY in the scratch pad. However, entering 000/36 worked. Is this intended?
  4. Hi guys, I was going to make a post suggesting seemingly significant lighting difference off the same CO Panel Brightness rheostat. For instance, when I tone down the analog flight instrument dial lights, the fuel indicator lights and digits on the MCP drop off significantly. However, is what's being discussed above the same issue? Or am I messing something up?
  5. Thanks again guys, you're correct as it seems to be a Laminar issue. I ran the same test in a few other aircraft, similar results. Feel free to delete this msg, or, save it so others making my mistaken assumption might see this before posting.
  6. OK, thanks. I'll file with Laminar as well.
  7. It's not Laminar, because when you zoom in and out on terrain, the trees draw in with the zooming in.
  8. Hello, I made this narrated video demo watchable at this dropbox link to show the change in level of detail exterior views I'm seeing from the X-Plane 11 version IXEG v1.33 vs the XP 12 v1.5.0 / 1.5.1. Hopefully this can be adjusted for us that like to watch extended replay angles and distances for review, entertainment, and content creation. EDIT: I am not running any LOD plug-ins.
  9. See attached to what I assume you're speaking of. I also tried opening the setting file, changing the IXEG_user_prefs.txt file's line number 37 from "eye_brows = 0" to "eye_brows = 1", and hitting SAVE. However relaunching sim starts off with eye brows plugged, file shows "eye_brows = 0". Other preferences do stay saved. For instance, switching between steam gauges and EFIS sizes do stay reconfigured with subsequent relaunches. I also double checked to ensure that X-Plane 12 folder has been excluded from threat protections.
  10. Hi, I have been selecting the choice I have the eyebrow windows and then hit save. However, when I relaunch the sim, the eyebrow windows are plugged. I then bring up the Preferences and see that the box to have eyebrow windows is in fact checked, and the eyebrow windows get unplugged. It seems as though the saved preferences are not loading at start up and require the window be relaunched.
  11. Where do we get the CG% and trim setting for takeoff? That old menu did the job for us.
  12. I bout the 733 in the early days. Can someone tell me how to see the $14.99 option? I put it in the cart but it says $84. I haven't seen any obvious step I need to take to get the upgrade price. Thanks!
  13. I do remember one of the last updates did introduce some higher resolution components in the cockpit. The most notable was the side window and handle to open and close the window. However it was only done on the left side, so maybe consider balancing out the resolution on the right side as well? Aside from that, I've always admired the modeling of the IXEG cockpit, even though it came out under the X-Plane 10 standards, it still looks fantastic today.
  14. Picky is what made it excellent. Looking forward to the updates.
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