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  1. Instead of turning off functionality, try adding the IXEG folder and Gizmo64.plugin folder to the exclusion list in your AV software if you can. I've done the same in Windows Defender to help reduce the massive stutters I got when doing anything with the CDU.
  2. @Cebulon Remember that the tug will winch you forward a bit to get the nose-wheel up on the tug before pushing back. Never had a problem with a "runaway" aircraft after I've been told to release the parking-brake. (And I've never resorted to chocks.)
  3. Such blind, many wow... Can't believe I didn't see that when I installed the plane... >_< Thanks!
  4. Can I kindly request a Silver Airways livery? They are one of the biggest operators of the 340A in the US at the moment, operating many routes around Florida. (Great livery too!) https://www.airplane-pictures.net/operator.php?p=4683
  5. I've had it for a few weeks now, and my FF A320 has been gathering a nice layer of dust since.. I can't wait for proper VR support, and I don't mind having to pay a bit to get the v2.0 upgrade, even if it comes in two weeks, the LES team deserves it!
  6. I'm old, so I've learned patience. I can wait.
  7. Thanks for the input, I'll see if I can get time to test this sometime this weekend.
  8. OK, followup on the Xsaitekpanels plugin suggested by @mjrhealth, what an unmitigated disaster... Turning on the GNS530 works fine until you hit the OK on the "boot-screen", and the screen goes black instead of showing the map. And the autopilot stops working completely. Like, it enables fine, but it doesn't do any vertical or horizontal piloting... Looks like I might as well sell my panels and yoke as I have pretty much zero use for them in XP11.
  9. You're welcome @Goran_M, and I know it's not your problem now. I added the zip so you could test and maybe confirm th error. I'm a total Saab 340 evangelist now, I just love it so much. Thanks @mjrhealth, I'll give that plugin a shot. I've had rather disappointing esperiences with the panels in various planes, using the Logitech plugin, where the numbers on the radio and A/P panels don't always light up etc. Maybe this plugin will do a better (more consistent) job.
  10. So, since my XP11 data is up to date, it's just the date-info on the GPS that isn't reporting the actual date for the AIRAC? My cycle_info.txt says 1810, so I guess it's all right
  11. @mmerelles, I tried the simvrlabs profile, and it's ok in VR, but it made the Saab "unplayable" outside of VR.. I was a sad panda then...
  12. It's confirmed to be related to a plug-in. I did a clean second install, copied over the Aircraft\X-Aviation\Saab 340A and the Gizmo64 folders and have been unable to reproduce the problem. Today I copied all my other plugins over, and it misbehaved again. Then I started deleting the least critical plugins from the plugins folder of the second install. I started with the XSaitekProFlight plugin (the plugin for the Logitech ProFlight panels), and the problem appears to be gone! I've tested multiple times now (both on the clean second install and on my regular install), rebooted the PC to m
  13. Let me try this again: What type of data-source should I use? What folder should it point to? See attached image of what I already have set up, and please advice from there.
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