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  1. I am a paying customer who was only providing the information which the developer needs. In any ticket system i attach a log and the steps to reproduce the issue. I didnt do complete research on this topic because I'm reporting a bug, not taking part in a history lesson. Truth be told, when i first saw that this update was being released with two pages of fixes and new options i knew there would be bugs. It just comes with the territory. so for the first week i did read up on all the bugs. I did NOT DL the 1.6 update because of my prior expierences. I knew that within a week or so, there woul
  2. Using the Stock GNS530, I Attempted to fly the LPV Approach into Telluride. The RNAV Y 09 APPR into KTEX should have a glide path, similar to an ILS glide slope. The gtn displayed the VNAV, light, however there was no verticle guidance. this approach in other aircraft does have a glide path. This was my first flight with the updated model. I was in GPS mode, not vloc. So it should of worked. You should be able to reproduce. Let me know if you need anything else. Attached is the log. Dave Log.txt
  3. I guess this answers my above question then... I guess there is nothing more to DL other than this file and overwrite? I haven't used this plugin in over a year. Should I DL again, then over write the above file? Do you have a link to the DL? Dave.
  4. Please post again when this is ready to use again. I assume it's not working on any platform, windows, and mac? I have windows and an ipad for this. Question, will we need to DL a new plugin too? If so where do we get that once your done building the code? Thanks Dave.
  5. Huh. Okay, well I guess it's just how the city pair worked out for these two flights. I'll try another flight or two and see how things go. Thanks.
  6. So I'm not sure if any changes were made regarding how the clouds appear at various altitudes. The last build, 492 had a good spread of cloud layers. Now it's back to pretty much a single layer of clouds. Plus I'm not sure I like the new cloud colors. In time I could get use to it. Maybe as an option down the road to select the cloud colors? idk. But the main issue is the clouds are at one altitude. So I'm going to re-install 492 using the previous installer. I have flown two times with v143. Both flights only displayed a single layer of clouds. I use FSGRW and real wtx connector with it. I ha
  7. Ah I see. Outstanding. Thanks for the quick reply! Dave
  8. I am confused with this statement. If a weather station is reporting an overcast layer at 1000 feet. That means at 1000 AGL there will be an overcast layer. So like Denver Int. for exp is 5000 something MSL. So an overcast layer would actually be at 6000 MSL. So how will this new code work with METAR reports? If I was landing into KDEN, I would look to break out at around 1000 feet above the runway. Has this changed? Thanks for the Update, and I'm ecstatic that this is working with 11.5. However, I do not run Betas, but it's good to know once it goes to release, my weather will still work. :
  9. Will the update... when ever that happens.... include VR adaptability? I have A Pimax 5K. And it can't be used with this aircraft. I think there has to have some sort of VR code for it to work. Not complaining at all. The plane flies okay. I just think it will be cool to try it in VR one day. : ) . Happy Monday. Dave.
  10. @Goran_M. Hello Sir. I alerted you just because I know you also work on this AC and I haven't signed up for Discord yet. Maybe you can pass this on? One of the main reasons I updated to this new build was due to the updated Fse Weight & Balance Release notes state, "Re-worked portions of the Payload Manager to allow displaying CG and manipulating exterior elements even when an FSE flight is active" This still does not allow us to manipulate the weights after starting a flight within the Fse plugin. Yes it shows the CG, but so did the last version. The problem is still the
  11. Has this update ever been applied?. I've been reading a bunch of interesting posts about this airport scenery. Scratching head to determine if i want to buy this, now very dated scenery. But the screen shots and videos I've seen show it to be pretty nice. So I'm on the fence. Dave.
  12. I am making a Dev request for the next update. When using this aircraft with Fseconomy the weight and balance window is totally blacked out. This will cause the plane to be very tail heavy and no way to correct it. I would personally like the ability to go back into the weight and balance window after starting fse to re-adjust the weight portion to result with a better CG. Also I'd like the availability of adding cargo or what ever to the trip. I use this strategy with my REP Aircraft all the time and it works well. Fseconomy does not care about weight, only fuel. So this works better. T
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