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  1. This will for sure be another ground breaking release from Maxx for X-Plane. I think Laminar should change the name to MAXX-Plane.
  2. Keep in mind folks that not every single developer out there has infinite skills and can just churn out high modeled systems and textures from the start. We all have to start somewhere, evolve and learn from every release and apply it to the next one. I know it may not be the A330 of everyone's dreams but your not the only one JetSim is marketing to. To be honest I believe the high systems fidelity users are a minority among X-Plane and I know plenty of people that want to steer clear of aircraft such as Flight Factor, Leading Edge, PMDG and are perfectly happy with something they can understa
  3. Just wanted to chime in and say brilliant well done job on this one folks. I'm absolutely loving SkyMaxx and MaxxFX together. Feels like a new sim it looks so good. Thank you!
  4. But you have to understand that X-Aviation is in the United States, not Europe. So much like I have to wait for many odd hour releases for FSX products as the majority of them are developed in your neck of the woods, you have to do the same for the ones developed or released here in the States.
  5. Technically only 3 others. I bought 53 computers and I'm refreshing them all.
  6. Sorry, that was me.. I keep refreshing
  7. It works great for me. I found that you must turn the speed down to somewhere in the 0.5 range - find what you like. Once you get to 1.0 or above it gets very very sensitive in X-Plane.
  8. I'll delete that one from the list then. I think I got it mixed up with another one when I had a huge list in front of me while deciphering liveries that were there and weren't. Thanks!
  9. As the Saab 340A came out of the box with an excellent selection of wonderful liveries, I'm sure there are still quite a few out there that some customers would like to see made, my self included. So feel free to add onto the list and hopefully some livery painters would like to jump in and contribute! My requests are: Corporate N384MA Lakeshore Express NWA "Albino" IBC Airways passenger and cargo versions
  10. Okay here is what I found HDR ON and shadows: Overlay 22 FPS 3D Aircraft 19-20 FPS Global low 19-20 FPS HDR OFF shadows: Overlay 28 FPS 3D Aircraft 24 FPS Global low 23-24 FPS
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