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  1. It should soon hang tight
  2. I can get behind that especially in regards to our collaboration with FSGRW and HiFi. The biggest challenge has been trying to explain how we’ve gotten past the 3 layer limit in X-Plane and the various cloud types that are available if you use the above mentioned weather injectors.....
  3. Nobody is sitting around patting ourselves on the back....We are constantly updating and improving our offering and have been doing so for years... The demo is a moot point, demos get hacked and offering that type of distribution increases those odds.... Also Facebook isn’t as strong as you might think, I run very pinpointed ads occasionally as a means to get info out there and Flight Sim groups are really not that busy....Also it’s up to users on a social media platform to highlight their love for our product that’s how it works, if we are not part of that dialog, such is life. SMP is doing very well.... I do appreciate your thoughts on the subject though just offering my inside perspective over the years of marketing I have done....
  4. I enjoy the enthusiasm and thank you for your suggestions and feelings.....I couldn’t agree more! With that said we do very well, maybe we attract the silent majority? Constant updates, the most complete weather interpretation in XP, third party support and a ton of great features speak for themselves
  5. I’m with Frank the more I test...I’m not seeing any changes from the previous version.... Are you running any type of post processing effect? Is there something I’m not seeing in a picture? Would a video give more insight?
  6. We will look into it with LR, and report it using the bug reporter....
  7. Oh another thought, try exploring our cloud art maybe when you updated it reverted back to our low Rez clouds....
  8. I don’t see any over saturation in these shots....This looks like the new cloud lighting we intitally released with 4.9, no change at all in the update.... The only thing I notice is the high contrast sky colors. Try our procedurally drawn sky, it should blend better....
  9. Next question is it specific to ASXP? Could you try running default weather under overcast conditions? using SMP and the default clouds for a comparison...
  10. Try downloading the installer again and reinstalling.... I think Cameron updated the installer....
  11. If those clouds are not to your taste try different cloud art. from the SkyMaxx Menu, until you are happy....
  12. I think it’s a beta issue for XP I’ve seen it reported before by users using the default clouds....
  13. Keep in mind this X-Plane Beta run has a lot going on under the hood especially memory usage optimizations.... It’s possible you may be pushing your install to hard, on our side try sliding our cloud draw distance back until you get better performance... Im running silky in beta 10 with pretty high settings across the board...
  14. Thanks for taking the time to test, we will investigate... Quick question AMD or nvida gpu?
  15. @sundog It looks as if he is using ortho tiles I’m wondering if it’s possibly a draw order issue?
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