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  1. It’s intentional, the Hosek-Wilkie model uses its own sun and moon and we upload a transparent file to hide the x-plane default.... If you change sky colors you will need to restart X-Plane....
  2. The folder structure has changed in v5, those options are procedurally drawn so no need for an image file....
  3. JohnMAXX

    Faster pauses?

    Setting the texture quality down a few notches or installing TM without the normal maps should speed this up. From a hardware standpoint, using an ssd will help... But if you are looking for something more instant I’m afraid our approach can do only so much since it’s loading a ton of textures during a change...
  4. Definitely knock your AA down a notch or two....Give it a go and see what happens
  5. OK give it a try and let me know: @FlyAgi http://maxx-xp.com/urbanmaxx-v3-tm
  6. Very nice shots! I am very happy you are getting the most outta V5!
  7. We need a whole lot more to go on here, log.txt is a good start....
  8. 5.0.1 is causing this we have a fix expect it soon....
  9. I think what you are seeing there are the crepuscular rays bleeding into the cockpit. I would try turning that effect down and see if the problem persists.
  10. These options will still be available for the original cloud types, that are still available... The new volumetric clouds will not have these options since they are procedurally drawn and not based on art assets...
  11. I appreciate the feedback from both of you, I will say the title is a bit off putting.... The hobby we all enjoy that is flight simming is a very complex ecosystem with a ton of variables at play. Instead of trying to address your specific concerns and offer specific help without any information in regards to your specific “ecosystems” I’m going advise you take a look and manage expectations. We have a huge amount of active and happy users who have properly managed their expectations. In conclusion I do appreciate your support and as you know we’ve continued to grow and advance with the platform over the years. My hope is you take another deep look and find a balance and find enjoyment with our offering.
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