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  1. @fehrster Sarcasm aside I took the time to look at your log.txt to see if anything stood out. Nothing in there struck me as a cause of your issue. It is puzzling since my install has a good number of plug-in's, Orbx, Ortho and 3rd party airports yet it is smooth with the TBM. And everything else for that matter. So, looking outside of the basic install and the TBM are you at 1080, correct? More than one monitor? Other processes running? I see you've been at this for a while so I'm guessing you know all the Nvidia "stuff" - max power preferred and high performance selected in the contro
  2. @fehrster and @Greaser, I have no stuttering issues with the TBM when using 11.50 Vulkan. Not so with 11.50 OpenGL unless I turn the graphics settings down a bit. Same for earlier versions of XP. And the same with other 3rd party aircraft models as well. This has nothing to do with the TBM expect perhaps there's a lot going on with the system modeling. And you need to take that and other factors - plug-in's, etc. - into consideration when tuning your system.
  3. Yes, having re-read my post I can see how I came off as upset. Actually, I agree with your take on MSFS and don't know what I was thinking when I made that response so let me apologize for that lapse. Please chalk this up to the difficulty I sometimes have with digital conversations...
  4. I realized that but too late . Sorry!
  5. Yes, the flight model(s) in MSFS is the only thing that's "far from being polished" in MSFS said no one ever. What's the point of that statement? MSFS is new, streams ortho (very convenient) and does a nice sky. Not actual weather, just a nice sky picture. Purchased the super deluxe or whatever and am looking forward to see where it goes. Right now it's just a promising public early access beta that will probably require a lengthy period of patches and fixes.
  6. I caught a Discord conversation with totoritko back when the P factor was modeled and some folks were complaining about control. He said he could "fix" that but "you probably won't like it" or something very close to that. He was correct! Well, we can always hope. Still, it's an outstanding piece of work!
  7. Hi @LKN! I hope there are enough of us asking about this issue to have the devs seriously consider adding this back into the model. It was there at the release but did not last long. I don't think the devs were that keen about "adjusting" the P factor but here we are.
  8. Using Xjet, Ground Traffic and XPRealistic with no issues. Just FYI...
  9. No issue here at all. Intel/Nvidia. I just wanted to complement this team on terrific customer support. That is all...
  10. Hi @Igor Chacon! I've had the TBM since release. I have a fair amount of plug-in's and 3rd party "stuff" and do use SMP / RWC (you should be using RWC as well but that's for another time). My non-expert take on your situation is that it does look like a plug-in conflict. However, looking at all the 3rd party stuff you have going on and only having 16GB or RAM might be an issue. Again, not near expert enough to know for sure. Could be a combination. In any case if this were me I would move all your 3rd party plug-in's to a safe place on the desktop and try a flight with the TBM. If you
  11. I'm completely satisfied with the level of after purchase support I receive on my X-Aviation purchases. Thank you to the developers and the sellers. Now get back to work...
  12. Hi @JohnV! Your graphics settings must be "off the charts" to get those cpu/gpu time per frame numbers! You should be looking to set your graphics options so that you are well under .03 for both cpu and gpu times. Preferably in the .02 area. The screen res of a mac is probably an issue as well with a detailed model like the SR22...
  13. Busy hand are happy hands!
  14. @TheTrueDuck Hello! Just a shot in the dark. I would remove all 3rd party plug-in's along with FlywithLua (scripts and all) to a safe place and try a flight with the Islander at that point. You may have some conflicts going on. Perhaps not but it's so easy to find out.
  15. @air320 As a typical XP user I can assure you that the TBM works very well with the current XP beta and / or the stable version. While it is complex it is also pretty nicely optimized for XP. I own other "less complicated" payware aircraft where my fps is lower - still very nice, but lower. And a lot of tried and true add-on's. Please take the advice given above and attach a log.txt from your last TBM flight. Don't just give up on this excellent model. There has to be something else going on.
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