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  1. oldflyguy

    Crash Bar

    Hi @eworld! I'm not the world's most accomplished log.txt interpreter but it seems that your Gizmo beta install is borked (expired). Have you tried downloading a new stable or beta version? @goran will rightfully admonish me if this suggestion is rubbish.
  2. oldflyguy

    No P-Factor

    I would really like to see the "realistic" P factor return to the flight model. If a user simply could not get the hang of it XP offers a couple of ways to mitigate the "issue". The custom control curves and the "stability" setting in the Joystick tab. Currently, if you set the rudder trim at T/O you will need to apply left rudder on the roll. Man, I just hate having to do that on such a wonderful model...LOL!
  3. No issues with either b11 or b12 (for the short time b12 existed). I know absolutely squat about macs. I do run at 1080x1920 so that may be a factor. But then this begins to exceed my paygrade .
  4. @neilw I think @Coop may be right. On my mid-range (sounds better than old) rig I'm getting over 50FPS with Ortho and custom airports. You haven't provided any detail about your system but I think you may have a setting or two a bit too high. Especially Visual Effects. I find the Mooney collection pretty well optimized. Of course, as @Coop advised the G1000 can stress a cpu. Mine seems to handle it fine but there is a difference when using steam gauges.
  5. @skybird12345 Sorry! I didn't realize you were asking about European data. Obviously it's working just fine here in the states. As previously stated, there's always the iPad. Would be nice if the various parties got this sorted.
  6. Hi @skybird12345! I've noticed this as well - I also use Navigraph. I'm thinking perhaps the "splash screen" doesn't reflect your actual data. Can't remember the last time I really paid any attention to it. I won't be able to check for a few hours but I will get back to you with what I find...
  7. Back in business with the Ovation III and the Acclaim. Thanks, @Coop! I trust the longitudinal rocking on AP will be fixed when this collection goes "stable". Really, I would rather see that fixed than have any texture improvement (although checking both boxes would be fine with me ). Also, the engine sound is still on with outside view when aircraft is cold and dark. That should be an easy fix, right?
  8. This is really looking good. Great fps, accurate weather and better clouds. Just thought I would share...
  9. Understand all of that. Been using this combo since available. Not really disappointed with the visual. Just curious and a kind of FYI as you go further in your development. XP is always a moving target...
  10. I did some additional flying this morning aroung SLC - the only place I could find the cloud layers I wanted to explore. I've attached some screen shots. There was a cumulus layer (few) from about 8000 to 17000. I took the Turbo Arrow up since it's slow enough to get a good look around yet actually get up that high (with O2). By the way, the layer altitudes were right on - good work MAXX! So, it seems that the layer at the current aircraft altitude is drawn properly but anything above that altitude has the gray "scud" look to it. These are just my observations - I know zip about the technical end of things. Also, the frame impact is quite acceptable even with "extended" (@75%) cloud drawing. Again, good work. Looking forward to further improvements as XP gets closer to a stable .50. Although, it's been quite stable for me...
  11. Hi @sundog! After further investigation ASXP is reporting them as Stratus type under the "current conditions" tab. I did not capture them in the screenshots but there are actually "normal" cumulus type clouds mixed in with the "scud" here and there as the actual METAR (ASXP) was reporting "few" (cumulus). I will provide additional shots as I investigate further. I don't see much difference with the updated ASXP but I've only had a few hours with it.
  12. I was pleased to hear about the improved integration between SMP/RWC and ASXP as I've been using this combo since release. I've made a few test flights since downloading the latest ASXP beta and found a new strange (to me) cloud type that is very annoying. I'm naming it "scud". It's usually there along with some cumulus type and looks kind of like a dust storm among the clouds. My descriptive skills being what they are I've taken a couple of screen shots. The "scud" seemed to have lost some color in the transfer to jpeg format. They actually have some level of pinkish hue to them. Curious if anyone else has seen this "new" type. I was "flying" in and around TN and AL earlier today although I first noticed this yesterday afternoon.
  13. Hang in there @RobinT! Take heed of the advice above and do spend some time with the XP tutorials on YouTube. There is also a YouTube channel for Steveo1Kinevo - a RW TBM driver. Many entertaining and educational streams. Take a look. Nothing is wrong with your aircraft or system. Just be thankful you are learning this on XP. Instead of real life....
  14. Happy you are getting it sorted. I try to keep maintenance costs only for oil changes and batteries...
  15. Yes, you actually have to fly the aircraft. It's a huge engine with a huge prop. The trim (rudder) is there for a reason. So are the rudder pedals. If you want to hand fly this beast you have to be a pro-active pilot in command. By the way, properly trimmed this baby flies beautifully.
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