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  1. @ecallr I don't find that to be the case. Although atmospheric conditions and weight may differ I find an IAS of closer to 190+ (at times). Again, I urge you to download the TBM900 PIM. It's free and a great addition to your TBM model. Add the Garmin G1000 manual to that as well.
  2. @ecallrDownload the TBM900 PIM. That will provide the correct information. You will find that your numbers match pretty well. Only jets will reach that IAS. TAS for the TBM at that altitude is around 300Kts depending upon conditions...
  3. @ecallrI don't think there is any way the TBM could reach 260Kts IAS at FL300. The numbers you provide match my results fairly closely. Even the very poorly modeled TMB940 in MSFS can't do that...LOL! Bad example I know. Just couldn't resist.
  4. I have no doubt that the takeoff trim in the upcoming CL650 will be spot on! Sorry, just couldn't resist...LOL!
  5. Good point @Ben Russell. Always good practice to have that default install - one scenery area if storage is limited - handy to check things out.
  6. @Thomas NguyenJust a comment from the peanut gallery here. It's one or more of your plug-in's. An alternative to installing a second "light" copy of XP (always a good practice anyway) you could just make a new folder in XP Resources and name it "plugin's_DISABLED". Then you would be able to simply and quickly move your 3rd party plug-in's to the new folder and see what you get at that point.
  7. Hi @stevae! I honestly have no idea what you mean by this. I've "flown" the current model since release and although my RW experience is hundreds of hours in a C182Q (GA pickup truck) I would not look forward to one less thing to do while flying an aircraft. I also cannot see how anyone would have a problem with the current throttle simulation once they understood what is being simulated. If I've missed what you are aiming at please elaborate.
  8. My C182Q was not certified for use above 14,000'. Or at least we couldn't get there with 4 passengers and luggage. Tried to go over the top of the KORD Bravo coming back from Oshkosh. Couldn't get there...LOL!
  9. Yep, always used the old aviation flashlight (red or green) at night in real life. By the way, an aviation flashlight is an ordinary flashlight with the word "aviation" in front. That way, it's more expensive.
  10. @Wyskass Did you set FL300 as your cruise at any point? Set the cruise alt so it displays in "blue". Or did you just set 14000 as your target alt? I've noticed over the years of flying the TBM (and other G1000 aircraft) that if you don't configure the flight plan in this way often you will experience exactly what you describe. Various TOD alerts. As the aircraft climbs and descends a bit at cruise. I don't pay them any mind as the ACTUAL TOD will appear at the proper time and all is well. Close enough to reality for me. Haven't you noticed this?
  11. FWIW I haven't experienced any problem with or without SMP/RWC.
  12. Hi @F1le! The green trim position for the rudder is correct for the actual aircraft. However, use the center position - or just offset a bit to the right - for best control of the Hotstart model. A bit of trivia - the initial release of this model did require the rudder trim to be at or near the green mark. An adjustment to the flight model in a later version made that trim setting "incorrect".
  13. Hello @lorema! Just to make sure. You are setting climb with FLC and selecting the proper speed for each segment of the climb, correct? I've not experienced any hiccups with climb or descent with autopilot since initial release.
  14. @MindyourstepHi! Just a reminder that disabling plug-in's using the menu often has no effect on the plug in as it's already loaded. You have shut it off true, but conflicts may still occur. Better to move them out of the plug-in's folder to a temp folder you have created in Resources. Glad you got it sorted.
  15. @Tonfly74 I certainly don't want to step on @Goran_M's toes here but although I posses little expertise I think this is the way to go. You correctly removed all 3rd party plug-in's to a safe place then re-installed the TBM and it operated correctly. You should have added those plug-in's one at a time to find the one that is causing you this issue. Adding them all back together accomplishes nothing. Please try this. I know it's time consuming but worth the trouble. Understand there are some plug-in's that just will not work with a certain combination of aircraft models, scenery and other
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