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  1. I only use NOAA with XP10 (obvious reasons). It's ASXP for XP11. I would still download that virgin copy (I keep one on hand at all times) and try the TBM with Python (only) on that one. This path is absolutely the best way to troubleshoot in my (totally) non-expert opinion.
  2. @MindyourstepI may have missed this but why don't you download a "light" copy of XP (just one scenery area) and install the TBM on that "untouched" copy to see what you get. That's the first thing I would have done after just a small taste of the troubles you are having.
  3. @ChampguyThis aircraft does not go into "crash mode" right out of the box. Or hundreds of users would be posting here. There is something else at play and it's on your "side" of things. Why not attach a log.txt from a flight where this occurred and let some of the experts here (not me) have a look.
  4. @tomangeIt is not possible to provide any meaningful assistance without more information. Please attach a log.txt file (found in the XP root folder) from a loading attempt where this occurred. It's a good place to start.
  5. @RatnowNo worries. No need to download a whole new aircraft. Just make a new airframe and discard the one that crashed. All "in program" - easy peasy. I agree about the automation. The new models feature auto-throttle. Pretty soon they will include a dog that will bite us if we touch anything.
  6. @RatnowWell, "stuff" happens...LOL! You will need to make a new airframe and start over again. Wiser now. Again...LOL! Been there, done that.
  7. Yep! Can't use "trim" to adjust pitch when in autopilot.... No issue here when selecting Auto.
  8. @hodasphHave you updated your TBM? What version are you using? Also, do you have HDR selected in the XP graphics settings? I don't know if this makes a difference - just thought it might be worth checking.
  9. Sounds like some progress at least. I think at this point we will have to wait until @goran has a look at your attachments. By the way, please attach an updated log.txt from a recent attempt not that you have updated the video driver.
  10. So, update. May not mean a thing but you should try...
  11. That is the driver version... 7/14/2021 Correct? Window doesn't necessarily provide the "latest" drivers.
  12. @Thebestofalltime117 This is getting (way) above my paygrade. Have you tried to update the intel integrated gpu driver? You can find the driver on the intel website to download and the install process is easily googled. I don't know if this has anything to do with your issues but since it's mentioned in the log.txt you should probably address it. Also, FWIW please wait a while for the TBM to load in completely before attempting any action with it. This may take an additional moment or two. Pushing buttons, etc. may bork the process...
  13. Please let us know if you are able to fully load the TBM with lower graphic settings. It may be of some help / interest to other users.
  14. Hi @Thebestofalltime117! I am not expert at this stuff and did not want to step on anyone's toes but a quick look at the attached log.txt suggested a couple of issues at least... The is a problem with the video driver. I don't have any idea of what kind of video driver an integrated GPU uses but clearly there is a problem there that has nothing to do with XP or the TBM. Additionally, you have 12GB of RAM that is being shared between your CPU and GPU. That is not a good thing with an add-on like the TBM. Have you tried reducing the Texture setting a notch or two and seeing if the TBM
  15. @ecallr I don't find that to be the case. Although atmospheric conditions and weight may differ I find an IAS of closer to 190+ (at times). Again, I urge you to download the TBM900 PIM. It's free and a great addition to your TBM model. Add the Garmin G1000 manual to that as well.
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