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  1. I'm completely satisfied with the level of after purchase support I receive on my X-Aviation purchases. Thank you to the developers and the sellers. Now get back to work...
  2. Hi @JohnV! Your graphics settings must be "off the charts" to get those cpu/gpu time per frame numbers! You should be looking to set your graphics options so that you are well under .03 for both cpu and gpu times. Preferably in the .02 area. The screen res of a mac is probably an issue as well with a detailed model like the SR22...
  3. @TheTrueDuck Hello! Just a shot in the dark. I would remove all 3rd party plug-in's along with FlywithLua (scripts and all) to a safe place and try a flight with the Islander at that point. You may have some conflicts going on. Perhaps not but it's so easy to find out.
  4. @air320 As a typical XP user I can assure you that the TBM works very well with the current XP beta and / or the stable version. While it is complex it is also pretty nicely optimized for XP. I own other "less complicated" payware aircraft where my fps is lower - still very nice, but lower. And a lot of tried and true add-on's. Please take the advice given above and attach a log.txt from your last TBM flight. Don't just give up on this excellent model. There has to be something else going on.
  5. @Kiwi0ne I'm sure you are using the latest version of ASXP. There is a fix for the METAR.rwx file not updating. Go to This PC/users/*you*/app data/roaming//HiFi/AS_XPL/weather. In that folder you will find a "lastdownloadedWX" file. Delete it. Then restart XP and ASXP. It should work. This happens on occasion and ASXP sometime back suggested this to sort things out. It does work. I did try to locate you on the ASXP forums but could not. X-Aviation guys - hope you don't mind this response...
  6. Resolved. OK folks I will never know (thank goodness) what the issue was but after re-installing SMP / RWC the issue disappeared. Sometimes it's very good to not be an "expert". Now I don't have to think about this any longer...
  7. I'm thinking I don't need to post this in the SMP / RWC forum area...
  8. Well, the latest XP beta - 15 - seems to have created a conflict with some plug-in's and the TBM. I launched a TBM flight with SMP / RWC / ASXP with the new beta and was amused to find a cockpit full of sky / clouds. Kind of like being in a planetarium - the sky was all around me. Outside views displayed the same way - like the sky came down to ground level. When I disabled (did not have to remove and restart) the SMP / RWC plug-in's things returned to normal. Testing with other 3rd party aircraft did not result in the "effect". No worries, until this is sorted I can fly the TBM without SMP / RWC or fly anything else with SMP / RWC.... I've attached a log.txt. I seem to recall a "clouds in the cockpit" thread somewhere but can't pin it down. If you need a screen shot I can do that. Too funny! Log.txt
  9. @B738 "Broken Clouds" covers a lot of ground. It can mean from 5/10 to 9/10 coverage. The Metar doesn't provide this information. So, ASXP / SMP / RWC produces one result consistently and ASXP produces another result consistantly. Neither is correct all the time. And neither is wrong. Just the way it is.
  10. oldflyguy

    Crash Bar

    Hi @eworld! I'm not the world's most accomplished log.txt interpreter but it seems that your Gizmo beta install is borked (expired). Have you tried downloading a new stable or beta version? @goran will rightfully admonish me if this suggestion is rubbish.
  11. oldflyguy

    No P-Factor

    I would really like to see the "realistic" P factor return to the flight model. If a user simply could not get the hang of it XP offers a couple of ways to mitigate the "issue". The custom control curves and the "stability" setting in the Joystick tab. Currently, if you set the rudder trim at T/O you will need to apply left rudder on the roll. Man, I just hate having to do that on such a wonderful model...LOL!
  12. No issues with either b11 or b12 (for the short time b12 existed). I know absolutely squat about macs. I do run at 1080x1920 so that may be a factor. But then this begins to exceed my paygrade .
  13. @neilw I think @Coop may be right. On my mid-range (sounds better than old) rig I'm getting over 50FPS with Ortho and custom airports. You haven't provided any detail about your system but I think you may have a setting or two a bit too high. Especially Visual Effects. I find the Mooney collection pretty well optimized. Of course, as @Coop advised the G1000 can stress a cpu. Mine seems to handle it fine but there is a difference when using steam gauges.
  14. @skybird12345 Sorry! I didn't realize you were asking about European data. Obviously it's working just fine here in the states. As previously stated, there's always the iPad. Would be nice if the various parties got this sorted.
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