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  1. the dispatcher does not see the login request. I don't see myself on the hoppie.nl
  2. will it be possible to install a second copy CL650 there after the X-plane 12 is released?
  3. there are not two or three such clients .. push each one? can do as requested? one checkbox to disable alternative height calculation
  4. there are a lot of clients, some are not network, but when I fly in such projects on the CL650 model, I get fines for not turning on or off the light at the wrong height from the client's point of view. make it possible to simply turn on and off as a tuning parameter, how to determine the height in an airplane model.
  5. enabling and disabling an option in one model is easier than defining the online mode for all services
  6. I changed my account, but the aircraft settings obviously remember the old one...how to update the information?
  7. at startup I see the second day such a picture what kind of error? what to do?
  8. I understood everything about which panel ... I was looking for something on FMS
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