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  1. When I use the popout FMC, as the picture shows, the screen is misaligned.. this messes up the buttons.. For example pushing DIR gives MSG , pushing A gives FPLN etc...they are all moved down by one button any ideas? Bill P
  2. That is indeed the solution... to get continuous movement on those buttons , map the standard AUTOPILOT commands, not the CL650 specific ones I did indeed have HDG already assigned to that, hence why it was working hope that helps some others Cheers Bill P
  3. Think Ive found the answer in another post ...use the default Xplane keybinds for these ...! will try that later Maybe my HDG bind WAS set to default and I hadnt spotted it :-) Bill P
  4. Hi all..I usually map things like HDG ALT SPD VS to joystick controls..( I fly in VR where turning knobs is a little hit and miss with a mouse sometimes) this works fine in the 650 BUT..only the HDG knob continues to move if the assigned joystick button is held down...all others seem to only do one click at a time.. which makes setting ALT for example a rather long process Is there something that can be changed in the config to make them behave like the HDG knob? ie hold down the button and the change in heading is continuous while held down ?. thanks ! its a BRILLIANT piece o
  5. Totally agree with the above.. I find it crucial to wait for x plane to "settle" in 2d for a moment (usually accompanied by a jump in frame rate upwards) Switching to VR too soon usually ends in a slide show.. Then I use a button to switch to VR on my yoke, and again allow that to settle before doing anything.. One other tip..if you need to come OUT of VR , I tend to then close steam VR completely before going back in, as sometimes reentering VR again produces a slide show.. works well for me ! Bill P
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