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  1. Processor upgrades have no effect on machine ID. Something else caused the issue and you decided to ignore it while being required to type FREEZE to move forward. I'm tired of this thread.
  2. You are permitted to use your software on upto 3 machines at the same time. Due to software and hardware upgrades occasionally your machine ID may change. When it changes you are given the choice of which of your machines you wish to lock. You cannot lock the machine that you are currently using. This is to avoid accidental locks. You cannot unlock a machine because this would allow you to share software with your friends. Machine locks are permanent. No amount of forum posts on any site will change this policy. There are far more possible machine ID's than there are people on the planet. The mathematically probability of two machines sharing an ID is so low that it's practically impossible.
  3. That's not how it works. Machines are locked from the customer's machine. Ip address does not affect or change your machine ID. Lying will not help you.
  4. There's nothing to reply to. You either ignored the warnings and locked your own machine or you shared your login details and products with a friend and they locked your machine for you. In either case, the result is permanent. Your machine is frozen. This is a hard rule to combat product sharing.
  5. You have stolen / pirated / cracked products installed. Remove them or buy them.
  6. This is a not a gizmo error. The sr_systems plugin isn't loading at all.
  7. Might wanna find a different VPN provider, nord don't give a shit about your privacy. (they knew for a few months before disclosure) https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/21/20925065/nordvpn-server-breach-vpn-traffic-exposed-encryption
  8. No one on the forums can help you with this issue. Only X-Aviation support can verify your purchase records and merge your accounts if applicable. Your machine registration cannot be reset from your end. You should've contacted support before making your second purchase as you were already aware that you had lost access to an old X-A account.
  9. Please avoid the Gizmo beta's if you're going to blame all your self made problems on them. (Yes, Win7 is a self made problem.)
  10. Please attach a copy of log.txt from your xplane folder.
  11. Try removing XJet from your active plugins list. You can also try using the Gizmo beta...
  12. It may take some time to resolve this. It's an unusual bug in some code going through some big changes. My advice is the same as Camerons for now. Use Gizmo Stable. Hopefully with the next release of Gizmo beta your problem will be resolved. I have no current time plan for when that will be released.
  13. Checking for changed hardware is a lot harder than checking what time Windows was installed. It's also more likely to lead to clashing machine ID's. Would you really want a DRM that went off every time you fiddled with your RAM load out? Or would you rather deal with an occasional bump in the road every 3 months when MS did an Update that's internationally well known in timing.
  14. I already explained what win 10 is doing.
  15. https://daycalc.appspot.com/09/22/2013 Product was released Sunday 6 years 10 months and 19 days from today... if you want to play that game.
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