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  1. And yet some people manage to litter the forums with threads about how mean we are because we locked their machines forever... Sigh.
  2. Please repeat your experiments in a fresh demo install of X-Plane that contains no third party plugins. Alternately, try removing them from your existing install and replace them one by one to see if you can identify a clash. I would start with XJet as it seems to cause misc' issues when both plugins are installed. Gizmo does not have any scheduled tasks that are running at 25 minutes into your flight by design. It performs any major DRM operations at the beginning of your aircraft selection / new flight. Your situation is not common, in fact, you're the only person I'm a
  3. Please upload a copy of your Log.txt file so we can see what you have installed.
  4. Assuming you're using Windows this is likely caused by a Windows Update and is no reason for such panic. Freeze the oldest item in the list.
  5. In your X-Plane folder you will find a file called Log.txt. Please attach a copy to this thread to help us diagnose your issue.
  6. This is not a support site for the xPilot client. They chose their product name very poorly.
  7. What was the purpose of your post beyond internet points? -yawn- This thread is dead, let it sleep.
  8. If you haven't re-installed your OS the machine ID should remain the same.. Will be interesting to see what happens. Please report either way.
  9. If only threading bugs were so clear cut. Just recently I spent three days debugging a threading bug where an entire copy of a plugin image was being copied into the Lua reserved RAM pool. The RAM pool that X-Plane reserves with the Operating System _BEFORE_ it loads any plugins. What should be entirely impossible was happening. Do not underestimate the damage and difficulty that wrong use of threads can achieve.
  10. My guess is that some OpenGL friendly plugin is changing the "working folder" and not restoring it properly which leads to Terramax writing its pref file to a folder its not expecting. The test is of course to remove all your plugins and then test only Terramax in OpenGL in isolation and see if the problem persist with just terramax or if it's actually triggered by something else that only shows up in OGL mode.
  11. Do you have any unusual USB peripherals plugged in? Looks like X-Plane is crashing just as it's starting to list/scan the USB HID devices... Try unplugging any non essential USB items and see if X-Plane will start up..
  12. Your attitude and behavior and attempts to ignore and bypass the standard support waiting times is what's unacceptable. In a shopping mall you'd be having a long attitude re-adjustment chat with the security team. Here, I'll just tell you plainly where you can go.
  13. Thanks for the abuse. Quality customer. Pleasure to serve you. F off.
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