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  1. My understanding is that Coop is blocked by Laminar Research. - Laminar changed how avionics are rendered. - Laminar updated the default aircraft to use their new avionics. - We as developers are waiting on the SDK and tools to be expanded in many ways to allow us access to all XP12 can do. I've attached a Screenshot from the XP-Developer Slack chat where Ben Supnik explains some of the logic behind current choices. Further in the thread Ben S. explains that Laminar is looking to expand the "click" processing to better suit things like; real touch screens, VR, VR Gloves, and boring old mouse clicks. The obvious solution seems to be to provide patched versions of the default aircraft files that can hook the the mouse clicks but I don't think it's possible at this time with the way XP12 has changed. The thread that screenshot is from was quite long and several other developers(including Laminar for their own mobile titles) are wanting better functionality for these items so hopefully it's high on Laminars priority list.
  2. Please attach a copy of X-Plane/Log.txt to your next post if problems continue. This will allow us to see what (other) plugins you have installed and may help us determine what's going on.
  3. I have read and replied to your post. I am the author of gizmo and the X-Aviation global drm plugin. You have them installed in the wrong folders.
  4. You have the plugin locations switched. Xa plugins is global. Gizmo-avionics is for aircraft.
  5. Thanks for the additional data. Newer versions of gizmo can deal with this better because the host plugin provides more status information to the script about what happened to its network request..
  6. Likely just a network glitch in a version of Gizmo that lacks the functionality to deal with it properly.
  7. Do you know gizmo has been split and is now available as an aircraft plugin and a lighter-weight xa drm global plugin?
  8. It is NOT normal for X-Plane to pause during license fetch. There's an animation to display activity during this phase. It is definitely not normal for X-Plane to freeze because the user pasted from their clipboard. You might see a fraction of a second pause for some Gizmo-powered aircraft like the Saab or 737 after the license has been fetched because those aircraft reload their systems and re-init some code. I have no advice regarding what the topic starter should try. Seems likely a onece-off random bug. Might be a plugin clash, might be ImGUI doing some weird parse of their password characters and glitching out the GPU drivers leaving sound working. This is the only instance I've ever seen of this bug being reported and it went away for them on the next attempt.
  9. As you have not attached a current Log.txt file I will assume that you have a similar number of plugins installed as with the Drt topic of a few days ago. My advice is also the same... Please try removing all other unnecessary plugins and retesting. There is no 10 minute time out feature or code to trigger inside xa.plugin or gizmo64-avionics. Something else is going on. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. I'll install drt on this end and see if it gives me any clues.
  11. You've got a bunch of other plugins installed so you can either: - Try removing them all and putting them back piece by piece to determine the possible clash. - Try the new beta version of Gizmo detailed here: https://blog.x-plugins.com/2023/02/gizmo64-version-23.html
  12. Please post a complete copy of Log.txt as an attachment.
  13. You are required to name your machines and type "FREEZE" to confirm your own actions. The process is quite clear. You locked your own system.
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