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  1. https://freefilesync.org/ You can use the above tool to "copy changes" between X-Plane versions. Install a new clean copy of X-Plane. Make a backup copy of this on your disk. Install a new product into your main copy of X-Plane. Test. If X-Plane works with your new product installed, use FreeFileSync to copy the changes into your backup copy. If you use this method you will always have a copy of X-Plane that you can go back to that should work. FreeFileSync can be used to only copy the changes from your main copy of X-P into the back
  2. You have multiple plugins incorrectly installed. Loaded: D:\Steam/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/E55PQRH/64/win.xpl (1-sim E55PQRH). https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/72991-phenom-300-performance-calculator-plug-in/ Unzip E55PQRH.zip into X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Phenom 300\plugins SaiFIPDSM ############################################### SaiFIPDSM # WARNING PLUGIN INCOMPATIBILITY # SaiFIPDSM # XSaitekProFlight and SaitekFIPDSMPlugin # SaiFIPDSM # are incompatible and mutually exclusive # SaiFIPDSM #
  3. Can't really add much to this conversation. I'd have to own a copy of the plugins you mentioned and install all your other plugins to even hope to reproduce this. Saab Version 1 is in a frozen state with no updates planned. Gizmo is under continual development and future releases might, or might not, fix the problem. If you can reproduce this issue without all your additional third party plugins I can log it as a bug for future review and reference to see if this issue ever appears again. As it stands, you're the only report of this I've seen and it's throwing a
  4. It will be faster for all involved to start with a fresh copy of xplane and add only essentials and then extras one by one, than it will be to go through a cycle of guessing what plugin or script or config setting or scenery is needed to remove and have you report back it didn't work several times.
  5. You can use your OS file manager to duplicate your xplane folder and then delete all your extra stuff out of the new copy.
  6. Install a second copy of xplane with no extras. Install the tbm in the second copy of xplane. Test.
  7. Side note: Please be aware that some of us can't yet update to win11 even if we wanted to. My windows machine tells me that I will be able to upgrade but the upgrade is not ready yet.
  8. After discussion with other programmers on the Laminar slack server and reviewing the Gizmo source code my advice remains the same. I will be making changes to the Gizmo source code that will hopefully resolve this issue.
  9. Hi Alex. I've had a look at the log file and the following things stand out: X-System folder:'F:\Ð�оваÑ� папка/games/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11/', case sensitive=0 ==== CHANGING LANGUAGE TO: РуÑ�Ñ�кий. ==== Fetching plugins for F:\Ð�оваÑ� папка/games/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins 0:00:00.009 G64: core: curl_easy_init() provided by:[F:\Íîâàÿ ïàïêà\games\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\Gizmo64.plugin\win_x64\libcurl.dll] These messages indicate to me that: - You have your steam folder named something
  10. Thanks for the patience. I also wish there was a better way to update support requests with info as more is discovered. Did you verify the date as well as time? Support queue is unlikely to be fed up, it just shifts your priority in the queue. Some people send far more requests in a flurry. Hopefully this can be resolved when your ticket is processed. Probably best if you don't send anymore emails until support starts asking for additional info as required. Cheers..
  11. From this brief amount of information the only advice I can give you is to check your computers time and date are correct. Not because your personal product license expired but because the error message is indicating that your computer believes the X-Aviation server certificates have expired. They have not. This usually indicates that your computers clock is wrong by a considerable amount. X-Aviation support have access to more detailed info about how your machine is interacting with the servers. Sorry I cannot provide you with more assistance at this time.
  12. If you're using Windows please try installing this: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe It's from here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-160
  13. https://xpilot-project.org/#/
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