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  1. Upload a copy of X-Plane/Log.txt Update your GPU drivers.
  2. Please attach X-Plane/Log.txt to all future requests for help. Assuming you're using Windows 10... Try installing this: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe
  3. You need to attach the entire original Log.txt file.
  4. Post a copy of X-Plane/Log.txt It contains useful detail about your CPU, RAM and Video Card. "Acer Nitro" is a meaningless brand name.
  5. Install a clean demo copy of xplane. Install a copy of ixeg 737 there. Test. Include xplane/log.txt with any future bug reports.
  6. X-Plane is installed in C:\Program Files\ and will not work correctly until you move it somewhere else.
  7. Read my other post in this thread.
  8. Install a demo copy of X-Plane. Install the Saab there. Add your other global plugins to the demo copy of X-Plane one by one, testing as you go. Determine which plugin the conflict is. Don't use it. It's probably this: Loaded: D:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SAM/win_x64/SAM.xpl (stairportsceneries.plugin.aos). You can try just removing the above from your full copy of X-Plane. The "demo copy" is standard advice you can use in future.
  9. You can tell the story here about why you have used two emails if you want to. Or you an tell it more privately to X-Aviation support. Most of the people are happy using one email address for their collection of purchases and that's what matters.
  10. This is done to prevent sharing of products between users. If you buy an airplane and share it with your friend.. Then he buys an airplane and shares it with you.. We get two sales, instead of four. It gets worse than that, because we allow for upto three computers... so you get three people sharing. This was a big problem in the past.
  11. Thanks for the files. I have read the Log.txt file. Gizmo is functioning correctly. Your license is being updated from the server correctly. The license data does not have any record of the Islander aircraft in it which is why you continue to see the update window. I have no access to the purchase history for your account. X-Aviation support will have to investigate your purchase records to find the cause of this. Reply time might be as much as three days. Please be patient. There are many other customers. Sorry I cannot be more help. Your compute
  12. Please post a copy of Log.txt from your X-Plane folder so I can read about your problem.
  13. In future please don't zip your log files. If I'm on my phone a zipped file means your report will likely be ignored. The thread has then been marked as read by the forum and you've missed your chance at timely support replies.
  14. Funny, I checked about a month ago and Beat Saber was still the number 1 selling title.... three years later. You'd think there'd be something better than that by now.
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