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  1. There will be a post on the forum. Click my username and find the "Follow member" button and you should get the appropriate notifications.
  2. Xp12 will probably be around for the next five years. (The official release of X-Plane 11 was on March 30, 2017.)
  3. Usually I'll release a zip file with install instructions for users that are feeling adventurous. Sometimes X-Aviation will create a beta-gizmo installer. Then when we're confident that it's ready for a wider release the new Gizmo build will be incorporated into the official product installers.
  4. I am a aware of this issue. Thanks for reporting it. It has been fixed in the private developer version of gizmo. We are in the developer beta and bug fix phase. Hopefully the new version will be ready for public release soon.
  5. I am aware. There will be a Gizmo update to address this issue. Thanks.
  6. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/password_forgotten.php
  7. Please attach a copy of xplane/Log.txt to your next post. Thanks..
  8. Try moving these plugins: Loaded: C:\X-Plane 12/Aircraft/X-Aviation/Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v2/plugins/OpenGPWS/win_x64/OpenGPWS.xpl (skiselkov.opengpws). Loaded: C:\X-Plane 12/Aircraft/X-Aviation/Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v2/plugins/rsg_g500/win_x64/rsg_g500.xpl (rsg.g500). Into this folder: (Create it..) C:\X-Plane 12/Aircraft/X-Aviation/Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v2/plugins/disabled/
  9. Gizmo is unaffected by how many different copies of X-Plane you have installed. The Gizmo machine-id is generated using OS install markers.
  10. ... Which covers 98% of users. http://dashboard.x-plane.com/ Also, the avanti has been shipped with the xp11 sim for free for years. Not sure if it's still included with 12..
  11. Please attach a copy of x-plane/Log.txt
  12. X-Plane 12 is in early access. It's a public beta. There will be many changes, some minor, some major. Laminar have had a private developers chat channel for months already. We've helped them work through a lot of bugs already. Opening the product to the public will find many more. When X-Plane 12 settles down and exits "early access" you're likely to see more products officially updated.
  13. People have problems when they share their x-a account and get their machine locked by a friend. The activator is designed so you can't lock the machine you're currently running xplane on.
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