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  1. You haven't activated the product. There is a possible conflict with; G:\X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/FM Remove it and retry if you have problems using the xa activation gui.
  2. Gizmo is very likely to be the cause. Early in the release we did some deep digging into the issue. There is code inside gizmo that calls sleep(0)... (the reasons for which is beyond the scope of this reply) Windows, at its discretion, can sleep for upto 16ms/whatever it needs to service the rest of the OS/apps. This can show up as dropped frames or massive perf chugs. There is a command line option for xplane to leave some cores alone so the os can service itself on those. It helps but the real solution is to fix gizmo.. I have been working on a gizmo update that is based on the three? Year old version that X-Aviation ships. It contains bug fixes for the most prominent issues (including this one) but is mostly an LTS update. It will also have Apple silicon support. I hope we can bring it to you all as an update soon.
  3. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170
  4. Sonoma + Rosetta and the plugin is still working OK. Might be Sonoma + Intel causing an issue. Quite strange.
  5. Thanks for the Log.txt It tells me exactly why Gizmo has decided to quit. I have contacted Laminar to ask for further details... I have tested XP 12.09-rc5 under Rosetta and Gizmo is still working for me. It may be something to do with your macOS version. A fix may require an update to Gizmo....
  6. It's both. The bug/problem is most prevalent when your hardware is under heavy system load.
  7. This is a rare bug and I've never been able to create a set of rules that will trigger it. For most people it is not a problem. What is your FPS like in the sim when this bug appears?
  8. This is not a runtime libraries problem. It is a bug with the old "global" version of Gizmo.
  9. Make sure any of the plugins and addons that use SASL are up to date. A while ago the SASL plugin was providing the functionality that OpenAL.dll should. The most recent copy of their plugin (3.16.4) that I just checked fixes this. Legacy X-Plane sound is a mess. X-Plane 12 dropped OpenAL support so a bit of pain was expected as everyone completes their product update cycles.
  10. The screenshot you have attached is too compressed to be readable. Please attach a complete copy of Log.txt from your xplane folder.
  11. Sid @ Laminar has added additional diagnostics code and the "error being raised" is by design. Different behaviour between Windows and Mac graphics driver stacks is normal and further compounded by Vulkan(+Zink) for Windows / Metal for Mac. User with a problem is running Windows.
  12. https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/26540-ixeg-737-classic-for-x-plane-12-announcement/?page=12#comment-193841
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