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  1. "amd64" refers to your CPU architecture.
  2. So, gizmo magically decided to change your ID ~six times in a row forcing you to lock the machine and then magically stopped changing ID's again? Your story doesn't add up. You can't lock the machine you're currently using, by design, to avoid people locking themselves out of the wrong machine. Gizmo doesn't magically change hardware ID's as explained above. There are literally thousands of users.
  3. Yes, this is normal. IXEG was released before VR. Updating the IXEG GUI windows to new XP11 style is on the list but it's not a very high priority item compared to everything else.
  4. You mean this Project Fly? The one I re-wrote for them free of charge because THEIR plugin is a steaming pile? You're welcome. http://blog.x-plugins.com/2018/09/projectfly-bridge-plugin-rewrite.html As for "What is gizmo for" and "how could you have known" ... I guess this branding wasn't clear enough for you.
  5. Please do not create multiple threads to try and speed up a response to your issue. It doesn't help.
  6. X-Plane updates don't generate a new machine ID. Gizmo updates don't generate a new machine ID. Windows updates can sometimes generate a new machine ID. Please email support@x-aviation.com for assistance. You should recieve a reply within 3 business days. Sending multiple emails will delay your ticket.
  7. @EGT I don't see anything targetted at you. I see an utterly pointless thread containing a meandering wall of text posted on an x-plane only forum where no one cares. Seems to me that someone at MS has a pet project and if they were to move on MS would no longer care again. The total revenue for this genre isn't even a rounding error in their books.
  8. That's an insult to complex single cell organisms. I demand an apology on their behalf.
  9. Thanks for the report and Log file, gives me a couple of clues. Will audit the suspect code before next beta release.
  10. This should have no effect on x-aviation licensed products.
  11. In a market flooded with simplistic and half baked products the complexity and popularity and "this is all i fly now" opinions of the TBM users says otherwise.
  12. From: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/pup-optional/ "Potentially Unwated Programs" - This requires a decision from you, the user. These are programs you want. Heuristics are great, but not perfect. It's upto end users to correct these false positives.
  13. The problem is somewhere between your computer and its connection to amazon. It could literally be any part of a very large string of connected devices. We don't have control over any of it.
  14. Try this to make sure you have full permisions to write to the X-Plane folder and it's contents. https://www.laptopmag.com/au/articles/take-ownership-folder-windows-10-using-file-explorer
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