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  1. X-Aviation sent out an email about a beta updater installer about a week ago. Subject line: "X-Plane: Free Gizmo Updater From X-Aviation" Suggest you use that. Whatever beta you may have found on the forum is probably expired.
  2. Try removing XJet or upgrading to the Gizmo beta..
  3. You are an isolated and statistically insignificant case. Bugs such as you claim to be experiencing do not happen in isolation with numbers totalling 1 user. The problem is of your own making and you insist that it's not. Mathematics says otherwise. There is no problem for me to resolve. You have created a problem of your own making and attempted to resolve it with a crude attempt at social media exposition. You were not accused of piracy yet you insisted that you were not a pirate in multiple threads. You filed a support ticket, where it instructs you to wait upto 3 days and automatically returns you a ticket ID. You then started multiple forum threads in an attempt to gain priority service. You then claimed that you do not have a ticket ID, which was sent to you automatically. You also sent multiple emails to the ticketing system creating further delay for yourself. This is a problem entirely isolated to you and of your own making.
  4. Support@x-aviation.com No one on the forum can help.
  5. Solution seems obvious to me, just start x-plane again and it'll magically change your hardware ID and you can use your products. Oh, wait, that doesn't happen.
  6. Gizmo loads the scripts that provide the IXEG systems. The IXEG scripts tell Gizmo what to do. It's likely that something in the IXEG systems code is causing the issue. My personal suspicion is the terrain radar. Maybe the DSF for your new scenery is very high resolution mesh...
  7. There is a distinction between Gizmo and the products systems, eg IXEG. Please be specific. It matters. If your scenery bombs with every aircraft you try while Gizmo is installed and loaded, it's a Gizmo issue. If your scenery bombs only with IXEG, it's an IXEG issue.
  8. If you own the LES Saab try that. It's likely something with the IXEG systems code, not actually Gizmo and as both products are using Gizmo this will help narrow the problem further.
  9. The report says light drizzle with broken clouds at 300 ft.
  10. "amd64" refers to your CPU architecture.
  11. So, gizmo magically decided to change your ID ~six times in a row forcing you to lock the machine and then magically stopped changing ID's again? Your story doesn't add up. You can't lock the machine you're currently using, by design, to avoid people locking themselves out of the wrong machine. Gizmo doesn't magically change hardware ID's as explained above. There are literally thousands of users.
  12. Yes, this is normal. IXEG was released before VR. Updating the IXEG GUI windows to new XP11 style is on the list but it's not a very high priority item compared to everything else.
  13. You mean this Project Fly? The one I re-wrote for them free of charge because THEIR plugin is a steaming pile? You're welcome. http://blog.x-plugins.com/2018/09/projectfly-bridge-plugin-rewrite.html As for "What is gizmo for" and "how could you have known" ... I guess this branding wasn't clear enough for you.
  14. Please do not create multiple threads to try and speed up a response to your issue. It doesn't help.
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