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  1. I'm having the same issues with constant stuttering every few changes that seems dependent on Gizmo settings (changing the threshold/potency definitely has some influence, I just can't determine what's best yet. They're the same stutters as with the IXEG 737). I'm finding running a threshold of 300 and potency of 200 seems to deal with most stutters but not all yet. My hardware is an i7 10700KF, RTX3080, 32GB RAM and XP11 on an SSD. Please let me know if you need any logs, textfiles, etc! Thanks for an amazing aircraft, the details and immersion is really next level!
  2. Looks beautiful! Will it have a custom damage model and a GPS compatible autopilot? Thanks!
  3. I just came across this, and it looks really good! Once KDTW is out all we need is a good A330-300 for some Delta flights and we're good to go.
  4. Hi all, So the bug is basically that, even though the dome is off, the textures still display that the dome is on? The pictures attached show the dome is not on, but that the cockpit is illuminated as if the dome light is on. Thanks!
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