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  1. Gizmo is unaffected by how many different copies of X-Plane you have installed. The Gizmo machine-id is generated using OS install markers.
  2. ... Which covers 98% of users. http://dashboard.x-plane.com/ Also, the avanti has been shipped with the xp11 sim for free for years. Not sure if it's still included with 12..
  3. Please attach a copy of x-plane/Log.txt
  4. X-Plane 12 is in early access. It's a public beta. There will be many changes, some minor, some major. Laminar have had a private developers chat channel for months already. We've helped them work through a lot of bugs already. Opening the product to the public will find many more. When X-Plane 12 settles down and exits "early access" you're likely to see more products officially updated.
  5. People have problems when they share their x-a account and get their machine locked by a friend. The activator is designed so you can't lock the machine you're currently running xplane on.
  6. I am aware of this. Laminar have not published a list of deprecated datarefs and their recommended replacements yet.
  7. Go through the activation wizard and freeze the oldest machine in the list if you need to. You can activate your products on upto three machines. If you haven't used three machine slots yet you won't need to freeze an old one.
  8. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/password_forgotten.php
  9. You can install a copy in xp11 and Xp12. The licensing system will see them both as the same machine. (this goes for all xa drm secured products..) Updates will come for various products as the dust settles.
  10. The way you use your words, with lots of "our" and "we" makes me wonder if you've been making purchases as a group of people and somehow expect this to be ok. This problem cannot be solved by posting on the forums. You need to use the X-Aviation support ticket system. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php
  11. Thanks for posting your findings.
  12. Note also that version 1 was around for about fourteen years of free updates and support.
  13. There is a physics 3D model and a visual 3D model. The visual model can have any appearance you like. The bus in that thread shows the base airframe. The McDonalds restaurant not so much.
  14. https://www.jenkins.io/ The path is likely part of the Laminar research xplane build process. Given the deep complexity of the product I'm sure the issue would be solved if it could be or it actually mattered. The crash on exit could be caused by many things.
  15. https://www.google.com/search?q=m2+thermal+throttling
  16. I've looked into this for Tom and made a recommendation on how to fix it. For now you should be able to safely ignore the error by simply closing the console window. Systems functionality shouldn't be degraded if this error occurs.
  17. Rebooting the console will reload all the scripts and is basically a clean slate as far as avionics systems goes. Good on the ground, parked. Bad in the air with engines running. I'll see if I can work with Tom to resolve this..
  18. There are a few bugs and missing features on Linux that I'd need to work through. The build process is the least painful part of it. Once it's sorted out it's just a bunch of scripts to run. It's the support for random Linux flavours that is the killer issue. We end up with weird dynamic library dependency issues... There's a few torquesim threads from the last year where these things have popped up. No timeline. No promises. Definitely a chance that win11 might bring more people to that segment, I'm still on win10..
  19. Thanks for chiming in. The Linux market share for Xplane is very small. Even so it's still useful to know that some % of that small over-all % would be willing to purchase if product was available. Out of curiosity, what flavour of Linux are you using? -if-gizmo(and thus the mu2..) was made Linux compatible some time during the Xp12 run it would be for a very specific distro of Linux. Anything else would be 100% at the risk of the end users and no support would be offered. The potential issues are simply to varied and time consuming relative to the number of sales made.
  20. Force quit is unlikely to cause this.
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