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  1. well i'm sorry i said that i posted it after waiting 3 hours after emailing support saying thanks but i still can't download igodispatch for the 737-300 after i my account we restored after being terminated because i over looked one of the terms and conditions and the ticket was closed you have to see it through my eyes there was no mention that they were going to look into the problem or they didn't tell me yeah hey your account was restored we are looking into your problem give us a day or two so in my eyes i didn't know if you were helping me or ignoring me so i went onto the forums and pos
  2. it was true yesterday and 8 hours ago but i thank you for fixing it now i have finally been able to download it and install it
  3. i can't even download the igodispatch for the ixeg 737-300 from the x-aviation website and they aren't helping me fix it
  4. is this project dead i haven't heard any new information in over a year now can we get a update on the project soon
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