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  1. There can be a problem with a manipulator movement, dependent on the camera position. Just let go, move the viewpoint a tiny bit and try again, then it will work. I think it is an X-Plane problem... which version of X-Plane are you running? I think something was changed recently to fix that... Cheers, Jan
  2. A very interesting lead on this issue, Pedro. This might still be a thing to take to Laminar and/or check on our side. I think most people can run with max textures these days, but I think it should still look nice if you don´t. Cheers, Jan
  3. Thanks for understanding! I think sometimes a friendly no is better than a politically correct - "ok, we will see what we can do" - and then never do anything .
  4. Yeah, I totally understand what you are saying - same for me. But when I take care of my kids, work, partner, pets, housework, or anything like that...I am far away from any of my computer controls. And IF I bump my joystick accidentially when sitting down or getting up or reaching for my coffee - all it takes is 3 seconds to recover the aircraft (it is usually well trimmed when the autopilot flies it) and then turn on the autopilot again. I can´t - for the life of me - understand how someone could bump or deflect the joystick "accidentially" long enough to get a 737 out of control,
  5. Hi Christian, the speedbrake we use is really the default "spoiler" dataref in X-Plane, so it should be accessible with that dateref. I am using a joystick button to set the speedbrake to its detents, so this should already work, I think. Cheers, Jan
  6. This does happen in the real cockpit as well - and I consider it realistic. As is the solution: Be careful! We will definitely not disable yoke input because it is a real and important feature of the real aircraft: You can override your autopilot with flightcontrol inputs most of the time. Cheers, Jan
  7. Heresy! There is always a possibility, I throw this one onto the stack of ideas and suggestions . I have to check if X-Plane offers those lights natively. Cheers, Jan
  8. Hmm - Tom has seen something similiar on his machine, but I was unable to confirm it on my end (Geforce 1080). It warrants further troubleshooting, maybe a combination of drivers, Vulkan, graphics settings?
  9. Hi, the temperature you enter on that page is called the TASS - the "temperature assumed". This is done to "trick" the engine into thinking that it is really warm outside - so it will reduce the available take-off thrust to stay withing temperature limit for takeoff. Since it REALLY isn´t that hot, the engine runs at a reduced thrust, saving wear and tear. The engine is flat-rated to +30C, so a TASS lower than +30 will not work. Thats why you can´t enter negative numbers - normally you will not enter a TASS that is lower than +30C. http://www.b737.org.uk/assumedtemp.htm Ja
  10. Hi Sebastian, thanks for the headsup - I will take a look, but this might be normal. Normally you will only enter the TASS on this page - which is by definition at least +30C. Cheers, Jan
  11. Thats funny - yeah! Good excuse, isn´t it? I guess you can map keyboard keys to "left brake" and "right brake"...and possibly left and right (and center) rudder, too. Cheers, Jan
  12. Good question! The aircraft (like the real 737) can autoLAND but not autoROLLOUT. The autopilots have no control over rudder or nosewheel. Thats why the aircraft is limited to the CAT IIIa minimum of 50-200. The pilot needs to SEE the runway lights at 50 feet (and have at least 200m runway visual range) to be able to keep it on the centerline after touchdown. So the proper procedure is to disengage the autopilot shortly after touchdown...it will try to maintain the LOC (centerline) with the ailerons...which don´t really do anything while you are on the ground . Cheers, Jan
  13. No worries - and I am much more happy with this solution than you not having backlit gauges and not knowing why! Cheers, Jan
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