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  1. Hello Roberto, the terrain can only show on the left (CPTs) side of the EHSI. You have to have the WXR SYSTEM switch to ON, and the Terrain Pushbutton as well (unless there is a terrain warning, then it will pop up even without that). It will also only show terrain when you are BELOW the terrain elevation - otherwise it should be in "peak mode" and only show you the highest peaks around your plane, plus in green the highest and lowest terrain elevation on your EHSI map. Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi Enrique, please don´t take this as an excuse that our VNAV is not working very well - it should be and we have full intent on fixing it. But I flew the 737 for 10 years, another 6 years of 747-400 and too many years A320... it is a very rare circumstance that I have descended (or seen my FO/CPT use it) using VNAV. Most of the time your routing is not predetermined (vectors, shortcuts) or you are subject to ATC limitations (early/late descent, advised rates of descent). So for me (and many of my fellow pilots) VNAV is a gadget that serves very little practical purpose. I think VNAV is so important to many flight-simulator pilots because they lack the ability to make accurate descent calculations in their head and they also think that it is "cool" to watch the plane glide down all by itself (and then autoland!). I think that is about as cool as using a Tesla´s autopilot when playing a car racing game . Oh and yes - we do eventually plan on making a cargo variant for the 737 (I see the pattern!) Cheers, Jan
  3. Glad you got it working. Hardware and software combos are really tough to troubleshoot, especially with us not being at the customers computer to really troubleshoot. Cheers, Jan
  4. Your thoughts are noted. We are working on that. In addition to the description on the website you mention, we also have this post up - ever since the plane went on sale first: Jan
  5. Hi Enrique, VNAV descents are really quirky, still. We are working on that - it is not your fault! You did the correct thing - intervene with FL CHG or V/S when things don´t go well. Cheers, Jan
  6. I am not aware of that. Keeping the yoke at its "present position" seems to be a feature in VR, rather than a bug. I assume that LR has coded it because VR users can not "feel" the displacement of the yoke or stick, so they have a hard time trimming (and of course they can´t click trimming buttons like they can with a joystick). I think if you memorize the visual position of the yoke at neutral (you can see that pretty well where it connects to the ground) you can center it manually well enough. I flew a bit with just the VR wands on my Oculus and it worked fine - but obviously needs some getting used to. I would probably prefer to use my hardware joystick, throttle and rudder pedals. Cheers, Jan
  7. Funny, I always hear that the most important issues are the doors, wingflex and holding? Can you guys get your priorities worked out so we can start working on that? Cheers, Jan
  8. Yeah, I am not a computer expert, but I gather that the amount of free RAM or VRAM is not the issue - it is the amount of "file calls" that the operating system can handle. It´s like having a hospital with 10 doctors in it. You could easily add a few stories to the hospital, it still couldn´t handle more patients. So the idea is to whittle down the number of things your computer is trying to do at the same time. Running plugins, loading scenery, doing other things (background programs, browsers, etc.) I am pretty certain that other customers with identical hardware have run the plane just fine, so the interesting question is: What is unique about your setup that brings out these errors... Cheers, Jan
  9. No, it is likely related to running the beta version of Gizmo. It may work fine on one day, not on the next, or even the next session. Has to do with memory assignment and such... Unless you accidentially set the option to "hide pop up window" it is likely due to running the beta gizmo. Jan
  10. We need to eventually animate the .5 kHz... Cheers, Jan
  11. Maybe some out of memory condition that won´t allow loading additional sounds. Try to load the plane at TXKF and see if you get the same errors there?
  12. Just wanted all VR flyers to know that I have spent pretty much the last 3 days with Mmerelles (Manuel from Patagonia, of all places!) to get the plane VR ready. We (well, mostly him) made a vrconfig.txt file and Tom is right now converting a lot of manipulators that gave us trouble to modern and VR friendly manipulators. I know that I said in the video that we won´t support VR control of the thrust levers in 1.31, but it turns out that we will - there will be a "clickspot" on both levers (towards that center gap) where you can grab and push them simultaneously. The only obstacles remaining to flying in VR that I see now are: poor resolution (depending on your headset it can be hard to read exact values off the instruments) inability to access the IXEG pop-out menus (need to do your flight setup in 2D) Need for rudder pedals (you can steer by grabbing the tiller, but for real crosswind operation you would need hardware rudders) Inability to "trim" easily in VR (although you can grab and rotate the trim wheel very naturally in VR, no pop-out handles yet, though) Necessity to return yoke to neutral to engage autopilot (it won´t snap back to neutral when you let go as it would in a real aircraft). We will have a dedicated thread for VR when 1.31 ships to collect feedback and ideas for improvement. Thanks again for helping, Manuel and also a big thanks to Matheson from VrLabs who also gave us valuable insight and helpful hints in making this happen natively. Cheers, Jan
  13. It looks like you are still running the "MarginalGround traffic" plugin. From your log.txt: Loaded: Custom Scenery/KLAX - Los Angeles International HD/plugins/GroundTraffic/mac.xpl (Marginal.GroundTraffic.KLAX - Los Angeles International HD). Try without that, please? Thanks, Jan
  14. A lot of ADF receivers don´t have a 0.5kHz setting, I think. Usually setting within 0.5kHz is enough to ensure reception (try plus or minus). If you can´t receive that NDB it is probably broken or dismantled and you need to find another approach or divert. Yes, our ADF receiver is old - just like this one: https://www.texasairsalvage.com/main_view.php?editid1=231824 Cheers, Jan
  15. Well, I haven´t in 10 years...but of course we would like to get it working reliably. If the knob gets pushed in, it shouldn´t rotate, but the speed cursor shouldn´t change, either. I will talk to Tom, maybe we can change the "In Out" motion to a simple click, so it isn´t so easy to push when you try to turn... Cheers, Jan
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