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  1. We have not heard back from @Pacifica, we asked him to remove his plugins to test if those have an influence... maybe you can try the same so we can isolate the conflicting plugin and work on a solution? Thanks, Jan
  2. You can configure all the views you want (well, up to 10) with the default X-Plane custom view system. Use CTRL-Numpad (number) to store a view, then just the Numpad (number) to recall it. You can even save these views to joystick buttons. Engine start too fast is known, it is a Laminar problem, Austin is working on it, we are providing an interim fix with the next update (it still looks weird, but the total time to idle is better). Cheers, Jan
  3. I agree with Cameron, if this was a problem unique to our aircraft, we would have seen more reports like that. Laminar should be able to trace your crash and see what it is caused by, especially since you can invoke it so readily. They can also contact us (we are in communication with LR like most developers are) if they have any further questions or have an idea how to fix the problem from our side). Sorry we can not help you immediately.
  4. Ok, thanks for testing everything so patiently! I will see what Tom will say, maybe there is something obvious that we can fix easily. Thanks again and I hope you can live with the blurries for now, Jan
  5. Can you try do disable your simHeaven scenery just to test? You can add the _DISABLED into your scenery.ini file to disable them temporarily, like this: SCENERY_PACK_DISABLED Custom Scenery/X-Plane Airports - KBTV Burlington/
  6. @AngelOfAttack I have identified and fixed the reason for the weird pitch during takeoff and landing. It will be fixed in the next version, so dont get too used to the effect ;-)
  7. I have actually noticed, too - and have tried to fix this, but have not been succesfull yet. It was working in XP11, too. The setup for the blur seems to be correct, flames and sparks (damage) are working fine...just no heat blur. I have to investigate further...
  8. Hmm, it surprises me that you are getting blurry textures at less than 3GB out of your total 6GB used! Maybe also try running at the highest texture setting and see if that helps? Does this only happen when running the IXEG? Or also with other aircraft?
  9. You are right, I can see it with the "front galley lights" being on! I think it is an artifact of X-Plane´s lighting engine resolution, lights that are further away will have less resolution when it comes to their lighting effects to save on rendering performance (kind of like the shadows do, too). I think the ultimate goal her is to emulate the cockpit door and rear wall being really opaque...so that there is no lighting from the cabin if the door is open (in the real airplane the galley lights go dim when the cockpit door is open).
  10. Hi Chip, this certainly sounds like Vulkan reducing your texture resolution to keep total VRAM use below your threshold. One thing you can try it so reduce your "Texture Quality" level in X-Plane globally, this will make ALL texture slightly less sharp, but not just SOME very fuzzy. Another thing is running at high monitor resolution or even multi-monitor, this will also fill up your VRAM quickly. Did you look at the VRAM PROFILER in the developers menu of X-Plane?
  11. Hi axmiha, I thought you were talking about the screen itself - but the keys should have backlighting that comes up with the center pedestal rheostat, which they don´t! So thank you for reporting that! That "phong" you see is not showing on my screen, but I have seen something like that before, I think it may depend on graphics card settings/driver/anti-aliasing?
  12. I think you need to disable the simHeaven scenery, it might be too much for your hardware - can you just try it to see if it helps? Copy it to another folder (so you can copy it back if that doesn´t help).
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