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  1. In addition - the bearing lines for ADF 1 and 2 (they are superimposed on the picture) will always point to "90 degree relative bearing" - i.e. to the right - when they receive no signal. Opposed to the VOR receiver the ADF receivers have no logic to discern wether they receive a strong enough signal. So it is up to the pilot to determine if the indication of "90 degree to the right" is a valid QDM or simply means "no reception". Cheers, Jan
  2. I think it is mainly a modeling/animation thing that is not trivial - especially on these "plug type" pressure resistant doors that move in complex ways during their operation.
  3. No ETA other than "sooner than never", sorry!
  4. Like Cameron said - bump your mouse against the left side of the screen, then select "preferences" - here you can set up individual sound volume, for example make aviation fans more quiet. Note that some sound settings will also influence the sound setting for other default aircraft, so you may have to set them back to the desired level when flying those again. Cheers, Jan
  5. Yes, of course we did!! No, not really...it is a side-effect of how we grab the weather data from X-Plane. And like Cameron said - no plans to sync native FMS with ours. The plan is (still) to add the missing features (better VNAV descents, holdings). The native FMS is getting better all the time and will get another upgrade for XP12, but what we are looking for is to replicate the exact 737 classic experience, a "generic" FMS, no matter how well done, will not be able to achieve that. Cheers, Jan
  6. Hi ur35f, yes - and this problem is already fixed for the next build - but I don´t know when we will get around to publishing it because we have some other fixes for it that we want to include. For now please pretend that it the panel is INOP - it is possible to fly with this according to the MEL (I have actually done so in real life once, you have to confirm the position of the slats "visually"). Cheers, Jan
  7. Yes, the original FMC only accepts "4 characters" as DEST (or ORIG) entry...so I guess this limits what we can realistically do. You can always navigate to your smallish airport by making a conditional waypoint in the FMS (radial/distance from a known waypoint or by entering geographical coordinates) to help you find it. Cheers, Jan
  8. The regular FMS of the 737 (and most airliners) will not find small airports or show them if the runway is below a certain dimension. For the IXEG 737 we relaxed this a little and also read the information for the default airports - but if there is a new airport added to X-Plane (or a new navdatabase) then the IXEG 737 will not see the small airports in that database.
  9. Yep. we know - no estimate as for "when" for now, though. Various ideas floating around (avitab, new menu system that works in VR, more "mappable" commands, etc.) Its not forgotten! Cheers, Jan
  10. Thanks for the report - iirc we adjusted radio volume (especially the navaid-morse ident) to be more audible, it was very quiet in the early versions. It is possible that we have overdone this. I filed a bug report to adjust the volume a bit down. Cheers, Jan
  11. Oh, excellent find! I will see what we can do to also make the cockpit look good on "high" texture settings. I am not a 3D/texture wizard, but Tom may have an idea why this happens. Thanks for the patience and reporting back - and the kind words, of course! Cheers, Jan
  12. Hmm, that looks strange, indeed! Are you running the latest drivers for your graphics card? Also, just for troubleshooting, try to change the texture resolution and anti-aliasing setting to see if that changes anything? Thanks, Jan
  13. So I sleep for 8 hours and this is what I wake up to :-/ I believe that you have a problem with the font - I sometimes run X-Plane on my 4K monitor in 1920x1080 and get a distinct visual downgrade besides the resolution, a fuzzyness, so to say. If I run at anything but full fractions of 4K it gets even worse. I outlined that we know about the readability problems of the menues in 4K and explained why we did not cater to 4K at the time we developed those menues...in addition to mentioning our plans to enhance this in the future. It is your right as a customer to be upset about i
  14. Hi Keith, I already replied to your problem on avsim as well. I know that the font is a bit small on 4k - but it is not hard to read on my screen at all. I use 4K as well, and while I wish the font was bigger (and the boxes a bit more easy to hit with the mouse), it still is absolutely possible for me to do so. I believe that changing the font to something odd like 2560x1440 might have cause the pixels to get blurry - it is always best to change resolution to a full fraction of the native resolution (i.e. for a 4K monitor you would need to drop to 1920x1080), otherwise pixels wi
  15. You are right, it is unlikely - but maybe there is some errant axis assigned to throttle? Try to land without using reverse thrust (yes, it is against procedure, but it is possible to fly the 737 with reversers inop) - just to check if that is the problem?
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