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  1. Hi, this is a current limitation of the manipulator we use for the V/S wheel. I explained it in another post recently, it basically works like this: In the real 737, the "wheel" for the V/S can spin without limit. X-Plane does not allow that, it needs a certain "limit" for maximum revolutions. Normally a value is tied to these revolutions - like on a thermostat. 20 degrees is always at X degrees manipulator turns. Unfortunately the "0" point for the vertical speed wheel "resets" every time you pick another pitch mode...but the wheel does not reset. So now the new "0" is not in the "center" of the revolutions anymore. So if you keep using the V/S wheel to descend - picking another pitch mode in between frequently - you will eventually run out of V/S downward travel. To "cure" this (until we find a fix) you can turn the V/S wheel "upward" again while NOT in V/S mode (you could just go to CWS P for a second) - then reengage V/S. Now you have the "full travel range" available again. Cheers, Jan
  2. I also dare not ask - but did you try to "grab and move" the switch instead of "clicking" it? A lot of the switches (especially on the overhead panel) are manipulators that are designed that way, especially if they have 3 positions...
  3. Maybe you can take a screenshot of your overhead (fuel pumps) panel when it happens the next time? Also, did you output the fuel weights (small green numbers) on screen to verify fuel is getting used (or not) on screen? I want to rule out a failure of the fuel gauges updating... The next step would be to delete your preferences folder, and if that doesn´t help you would need to do a full re-install of X-Plane and only the 737. These (especially the second) are big steps involving a lot of work, but I am really at a loss what could be causing this for you besides some weird corruption that happened to some of your core files... Cheers, Jan
  4. Hi Biggee, I am really at a loss what could be causing this - but the usual suspect is an incompatibility with other plugins and add-ons. Make sure that Gizmo is running correctly (you should be getting the pop-out window when you bump your mouse at the right edge of your screen) and maybe disable other plugins (XPUIPC, FlyWithLua, etc.) for testing purposes? Let me know how this goes, and also attach the log.txt to your next post so I can look at your setup for a more educated guess? Cheers, Jan
  5. Hello sujit, There is no need to take action now. Once you have built your new machine you can install X-Plane and then the IXEG 737 on it. When you try to run for the first time, the software will tell you that a new hardware system was detected, and it will ask you to specify a "name" for the new hardware system. You can name it anyway you like, but it should be a name that you can remember and that is unique. If you have already installed the 737 three times or more, it will also ask you to "lock up forever" an older machine (maybe the one you are using now, because you will never use it again). Then you need to specify the name for that machine (from the list) and also type FREEZE to confirm that you really want to lock it. Warning: Once you FREEZE a machine, you will never ever be able to run the IXEG on it again. Cheers, Jan
  6. PS: I just googled the problem a bit and it seems that there is a bug in X-Plane where if you have the "instructor operating station" open on another window, the plane will not use any fuel (as the IOS constantly "refills" your tanks). Could this be a factor in your case?
  7. Hmm - there may be a lead in your description - do you have the APU running while you fly? Maybe there is a bug in the fuel usage code with that - I will try that on my end... You are running two plugins that I would consider "suspect" in this case: RealityXP and XJet. However to really get to the bottom of this you would probably have to run a (lenghty) elimination process where you fly without any plugins to see if that fixes it - then bring in your plugins in batches to try and isolate the problem. I believe you when you say that no other planes suffer from this, but I dare to say that few other planes have an intricate system modeling that may be affected by these plugins in the way our 737 is. In addition this is a very isolated report - in fact it is the only report we ever had of our plane NOT using any fuel...so I deduce from this fact that it must be something unique to your setup/plugin environment. I will happily help you narrow down on the cause, of course! Cheers, Jan
  8. Hi mirza, your observations are correct - the master caution for the center fuel tanks will only come on if BOTH pumps show low pressure. Usually one of the pumps runs dry first, depending on the aircraft acceleration and attitude (fuel going forward or aft). When you turn the pumps off, the low pressure lights extinguish (unlike the regular wing tank fuel pumps). Also when you turn off the center pumps (I forgot which one of the two) you start the "scavenge pump". It will run for 15 minutes or so and evacuates the remaining fuel out of the center tank into one of the wing tanks. Cheers, Jan
  9. Hi clif, thanks for the nice words - I honestly have no idea what may have caused that problem for you - we pretty much use the normal X-Plane fuel usage logic for our engines... The cost index is describing the relation between flight-time related costs (maintenance costs, crew costs) and fuel prices. In other words, if the fuel was mega-expensive and the crew works for cheap, the cost index is 0 (best fuel economy). The actual speed results from the cost index and the wind component - headwind will make you fly faster (to get out of the wind sooner) and tailwind will make you fly more slow (to coast in the tailwind longer). If fuel is cheap, the cost index is high. Pilots can also alter the cost-index (usually one is recommended on the flight plan) to cater for delays (fly faster to make up time) or to save fuel if they arrive early otherwise. Cheers, Jan
  10. Hmm, no - the cost index should have nothing to do with it...could you attach your log.txt so I can check if maybe you are running some other plugin that may be interfering with this?
  11. Litjan

    VS bugs

    Ok - I ran some tests on my end and I see the problem. I try to explain it: The control wheel for the Vertical speed on the real 737 can turn "without end" - infinitely. The pilot can spin and spin and spin...it will always be able to spin more. In X-Plane, the V/S wheel has a limit - it can only turn a set amount of revolutions. So if you spin it "down" until it stops - it can not spin "down" anymore. So if you select V/S and then spin down to -5000 fpm - then disengage V/S - then engage it again - you can not spin down to -5000 again, because it "hits the limit". To work around this problem you would have to "turn back" the V/S wheel while V/S is not engaged - this gives you enough "turns" again... It is a limitation of the manipulator in X-Plane...I will talk to Tom and Ben to see if we can use another manipulator of if we can work around this problem. I have opened an issue on our internal bug tracker and I will announce it once we find a solution. For now - if the wheel stops - just disengage V/S (it will go to CWS P and keep the rate), spin the wheel "back" and then engage V/S again. Thanks for bringing this to our attention (it will only happen if a user inputs large V/S values repeatedly, so no one reported this before. Cheers, Jan
  12. Litjan

    VS bugs

    Hello! This is a bug with the manipulator that I had once - but never again. I could not figure out what caused this. Normally you should be able to decrease the value at liberty - if the mousewheel does not work, try to "drag" with the hand by click-holding and then dragging down. Are you running X-Plane 11.50? There was a bug fix by Laminar Research that pertained to some manipulators not working right at certain angles... Let me know if you spot this behaviour again or if you can figure out what triggers it? Thank you, Jan
  13. Hi mizra, I can make them start at a different location - I agree that the airspeed needle should be at the last value it was when power was removed...usually zero. The plastic bugs I am not so sure about, they would also be where the last pilot left them - which is usually just where they were for the last approach. I would think that it is easier to grab and move them if they are "spread out" a bit. But if you want to move them "all" to a certain value, just grab the highest one and slide it down, it will "collect and push" all the other ones so it is just one single motion. Cheers, Jan
  14. Thanks for getting back to me on this! You can also enable the DATA OUTPUT field #62 (fuel weights) to readily see on screen how much fuel is in the tanks and if it is getting used. If you can find a way to reliably reproduce our 737 to not use any fuel, please let me know! We want to fix it (or sell the technology to the airlines!! ;-) Cheers, Jan
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