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  1. Hi Sebastian, I think X-Plane captures the high-altitude aspect fairly well. It does not calculate the changing of true altitude with different temperatures, that is probably the biggest thing missing in mountain flying (remember the old saying "In the winter the mountains are higher"). The main aspects of high altitude operations is higher true airspeed (needs longer runways and wider turn radii in flight), and also less engine thrust and higher N1s than at "lower" airports. This is both modeled well. The autopilots landing performance is tuned to sea-level airports and while it will land "safely" at higher altitudes, it may not land gracefully. Of course our autoland code is not as refined as the one in the real aircraft, but I can tell you that the real airplane doesn´t land beautifully with autoland quite often, either (both Airbus and Boeing). Its not like some super-pilot is kissing it at 1000 feet. Its more of a "playing it safe" landing... Another aspect is starting the engines, you will see that the APU puts out less pressure at high altitudes, so reaching the desired N2 for fuel introduction takes a bit longer. In the 747 at Mexico City we could "only" start one engine at a time and not run a pack at the same time due to this effect. Also do not forget to set up your landing elevation in the cabin pressure controller correctly. If you forget this, the plane will land pressurized (not allowed) and when moving the FLT/GRD switch to GRD after landing the pressure will be dumped immediately, creating a very high rate-of-climb in the cabin. Also remember that on longer flights TO a high-alt elevation you want to set the landing elevation to 6000 feet until starting the descent - that way the cabin altitude is not really high during the whole flight (may cause medical problems with the passengers). Yes, they will have to suffer the same thin air after they get out and have medical problems then - but then its not your problem anymore . Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi Jesse, Should be very very soon! Hang in there! Cheers, Jan
  3. Glad its "working" for you as well. The airport looks really nice - but just the fact that a small airport like that is 1.2 GB in size... speaks bounds. I am sure the dev meant well, and maybe he can throttle back on the mesh for his next airport (or even update this one). Thanks for confirming the fix, Jan
  4. Thanks for reporting back with your solution!
  5. Hi Ian, try this: Turn off the WXR system switch (above the weather radar tilt knob on the center pedestal). I believe that Ben Russel had the right idea. We "poll" the elevation data of the mesh for, well, elevation data. We use it to drive our terrain display and also the ground returns of the weather radar if tilted too low. Now it seems (have to verify) that the mesh included with ENGS is extremely detailed...this makes the polling of the data so tedious, that the computer slows down every few seconds when we update our elevation map. Cheers, Jan
  6. Just so that no one can say I didn´t test 1.32 long enough...
  7. Litjan

    IXEG 737 CTD

    Good morning Russ, well, that is also a solution, of course - yet we will keep on our toes regarding this one and see if we can find out more. After all both of these products are sold at the same store and should really be working together... Thanks again for working through this with us and sorry for the trouble this gave you, Jan
  8. Hi Steve, yep, we had our share of woes with that folder and went from forgetting it in the installer to having it in the installer but not getting it installed to finally getting it installed, but without the "s"... So 1.32 will see another valiant attempt at getting it right! Sorry for the trouble this caused you! Cheers, Jan
  9. For what its worth: 11.50 beta 14 was just released and runs pretty stable for almost everyone. And you can always roll back if it doesn´t work out for you. Cheers, Jan
  10. Ah, ok...yeah, that would be interesting to know if it changes this. I saw your thread in the scenery forum...we are pretty busy with getting 1.32 out of the door, but once that is done - if we don´t have a solution by then - I will get that scenery and try here. Cheers, Jan
  11. Uncheck the "Use Vulkan" in the graphics tab
  12. Hi Alex, this does "sound" weird! It seems that your computer does not stop to play a (some) sounds, I have never heard of that before. However - I would still ask you to apply the "standard troubleshooting protocol" found here: ...especially the part about (temporarily) removing all other plugins. Since your bug is so reproducible, this should give you quick results and I would like to hear what you find out. Cheers, Jan
  13. Litjan

    IXEG 737 CTD

    I think we did have some complaints of incompatibilities... are you running the very latest version of SkyMaxxpro? I think 4.9.5 just got released a short while ago. I also could not spot any trace of SkyMaxxPro in your log.txt that you posted initially, so I could not ascertain the version number you are running. Cheers, Jan
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