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  1. See it this way, maybe? When you eventually upgrade to XP12...the IXEG will be there waiting for you (unless we moved to XP13 by that time )
  2. I assume X-Aviation and I know IXEG (since I am part of the team) is perfectly willing to accept the potential loss of sales from the XP11 version at this point. We believe that the potential benefit from providing a separate download environment for that version is not outweighing the increased complexity that this would bring. We realize that many people are still running XP11, just like there are many people still on FS2004 or WindowsXP. On a personal note, whenever I read about someone sticking with XP11 there is usually an emotional unwillingness to deal with the new and unknown...in this case totally unfounded ;-) Cheers, Jan
  3. Ah, thank you for the beautiful pictures - they bring back fond memories of flying the Classic for 12 years! The NG is supposed to fly fairly similar to the Classic (although most variants are a bit heavier), I am sure you will enjoy it!! I assume the difference might be like the one between 747-400 and 747-8 (the ones I fly now), they are subtle but noticeable nonetheless. Good luck and success with your type rating, all the best, Jan
  4. Your license check has failed: 0:09:19.169 G64: warn: We have received:[lss.xa.validation] msg:[8599407] param:[187465520] 0:09:19.170 G64: debug: IXEG: ----Beginning License Check Sequence---- 0:09:19.170 G64: debug: IXEG: defaulting IXEG license to OFF before activation checks 0:09:19.170 G64: debug: IXEG: Staging kill functions in case license invalid.... 0:09:19.170 G64: debug: IXEG: Verifying Level 2 backup before initiating checks..... 0:09:19.170 G64: debug: IXEG: Level 2 backup ready and standing by, Beginning license checks 0:09:19.170 G64: debug: IXEG: --------------------------------------------------------------- 0:09:19.171 G64: debug: IXEG: Checking for valid license via Level 1..... 0:09:19.171 G64: debug: IXEG: Level-1 license check good. Requesting Level-2 check.... 0:09:19.171 G64: debug: IXEG: Performing Level-2 check 0:09:19.171 G64: debug: IXEG: Level-2 check FAILED 0:09:19.171 G64: debug: IXEG: Killing critical functions, kill set [1] 0:09:19.171 G64: debug: IXEG: Killing critical functions, kill set [2] 0:09:19.171 G64: debug: IXEG: Level-1 PASS / Level-2 FAIL. License invalid You need to contact the X-Aviation support to get help with that. In addition, your X-Plane installation is completely overloaded with add-ons and extra scenery, some of it not running correctly, some of it not compatible with XP12, or known to cause crashes. I would suggest "cleaning house" ;-)
  5. After you try to run the plane and shut down X-Plane, go to the X-Plane 12 folder and find the file "Log.txt". You can attach that file to the next post here, then I can take a look if I spot something out of the ordinary.
  6. Hmm - it looks like you have DC (battery) power (the digits in the radio panels are showing, for example), but you don´t have AC power connected (because no generators are online). Did you click "restart" after choosing the option "ready to fly"? Also make sure that you choose the option "engines running" in the default X-Plane GUI - if you don´t have that box checked, it will override the start-up state that you choose in the IXEG menu.
  7. The number one reason for this is a failure to get the product authorized online (DRM). A secondary reason could be being out of electrical power (battery empty and engines not running because of being out of fuel). Last but not least you could have a switch on your Saitek configured to "battery switch" or "Avionics power" and maybe it is in the OFF position?
  8. Check your joystick buttons and switches for "nosegear steering toggle" - sometimes people deactivate it by accident.
  9. In general, here is my recommended procedure to deal with X-Plane crashing or Device Loss Errors: This is a guideline on how to cure your X-Plane problems of crashing or device loss errors: 1.) Make sure your operating system is in prime shape. No overclocking. Latest drivers. Default graphic settings (no esotheric Nvidia settings, etc.), no paranoid anti-virus, no "I got this on a cool reddit forum with Windows tips" stuff. 2.) Remove all third party content from your X-Plane installation. Physically move them somewhere else, disabling them in X-Plane is not enough. This includes plugins, aircraft, scenery. 3.) Fly a default aircraft for several hours. Let it go on autopilot if you don`t have the time, but fly a default aircraft in a default ("vanilla") simulator setup until it crashes or 6 hours are up, whatever comes first. 4.) If the simulator crashed or you suffer a device loss error, file a bug with Laminar Research (google X-Plane bug reporter). Wait for LR to fix the problem. You can now post here and let us know about your problem, maybe someone can spot something wrong with your system that you missed. 5.) If you completed the 6 hours with no problem, you can install your FIRST add-on. ONLY ONE! Fly it for 6 hours. If XP crashes or has a DLE, you have found the offending third-party item. Do not use it anymore. Contact the developer of said item to fix it. 6.) Add your NEXT add-on. Repeat testing, discarding all add-ons that cause crashes or DLE´s. Remember, there are no "must have" add-ons. There are only compatible or incompatible add-ons. It is the developer´s responsibility to make his add-on compatible or take it up with LR if the problem is not on his side.
  10. It is kinda funny that this seems to work exactly opposite to the real aircraft - in that you normally aspire to DEPRESSURIZE the A hydraulic (to avoid steering the nose gear while the truck is attached), either by inserting the nosegear-steering bypass pin or by depressurizing the A hydraulic by turning OFF the pumps.
  11. There are many problems with "better pushback" and other third party pushback services, also on other aircraft, I recommend to use the default X-Plane pushback service. I have not followed the discussion, there may have been an update to Better Pushback to fix this, but I think the error message encountered was something like "aircraft does not have steerable nosewheel" or so...
  12. Exactly. There is one mailing list. You unsubscribed from it. X-Aviation honored your choice. There is really nothing to argue about here and keep doing so will risk people reading along tying their ocular muscles into a knot.
  13. Why don´t you just connect the speaker with a cable then (you said that it works fine then)?
  14. No, unfortunately we do not have a solution for that - we hope that some of the problems related to sound will be solved with the updating of the aircraft to Fmod sound system, but it will take a while.
  15. Ugh, that is very strange indeed! I am not a computer expert, but maybe there is a JBL sound or device driver that is causing the problem?
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