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  1. Again, I am unfortunately not an expert on these things. We use the basic, default datarefs for throttle and other controls (brake, speedbrake, flaps, etc.) interaction, though - so theoretically there should be no problem interfacing with our 737 if it works on the default one. Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi William, I really have no experience with that - but I can offer the advice that some versions of FSUIPC are not compatible with the IXEG - they make the throttle not responsive. But some are... We offer the functionality to assign each thrust lever to a separate throttle axis. Cheers, Jan
  3. Litjan


    Let me expand a bit on this: The VNAV part of our descent calculation is not perfect yet. It can work on simple descents, but will not handle multiple or complex restrictions, nor will it factor in head- or tailwind. This may cause the VNAV calculations/predictions to be erroneous and the pilot needs to monitor the distance/altitude/energy state of the aircraft and revert to selected modes (FL CHG, V/S, manual flight) as warranted. There is a "descent calculator helpsheet" included in the documents for the AviTab free add-on in the airplane to help with calculating the descent profil
  4. Hi, I have tested our plane in 11.53 and have not noticed any change in the sound effects - nothing is impossible, but the changes to 11.53 should not have any effect on the sounds. One possible solution would be to delete everything in your folder Output/Preferences (this will also delete your joystick/keyboard settings) and run the X-Plane Installer again. Cheers, Jan
  5. Litjan

    Auto thrust

    Ok, I believe you.
  6. Also make sure that your N2 is above a minimum value... I think like 15% or so. Otherwise there will not be enough airflow and you can get a hotstart. 260kts may not be enough, the non-normal checklist asks for 275kts above FL270 and 300kts below FL270. For some reason X-Plane expects the thrust lever to be at "idle" during an engine start, so if the engine fails to start, make sure the respective thrust lever is in the idle position.
  7. Litjan

    Auto thrust

    I do not recall such a requirement nor do I find any reference to this in my Operations manual.
  8. Litjan


    It works as expected: Fly with V/S at -1500fpm and then set MCP SPD to 210 kts. At 15.000 feet (descending) the IAS will stabilize at ca. 231 kts IAS. Now pull speedbrake to FLT DET. Airspeed starts reducing (in my test it is 215kts by the time I reach 11.000 feet).
  9. Litjan


    I have tuned the flightmodel and the speedbrake effect to match my personal experience flying this aircraft. If you feel that it should be different, by all means go and change the model in planemaker to your liking.
  10. Litjan

    Auto thrust

    The reason the approach category will be CAT1 with one engine failed is not the failed autothrust (it isn´t failed) - it is the lack of redundancy in the electrical system - you need two engine driven generators for a CAT2 or CAT3a autoland approach. Hint: It takes more than access to some engineering manual and electrical diagrams to fully understand the capabilities of an aircraft. You will find many things "wrong" with our model, but there are also many many variations in variants and models, even from airline to airline.
  11. Litjan


    I am taking the effort to check back and I am one of the developers.
  12. Litjan


    The problem with your reports is that they are (mostly) not bugs - they are user error, not reproducible or misunderstanding of intended behaviour. This is why it is hard for us to determine if you just don´t know what you are doing or if you try to shed a bad light onto the product by claiming false facts. I applaud that you dabble into the non-normal procedures of this aircraft, we have put a lot of effort into getting the systems right. I am happy to help with understanding the aircraft and the systems, but the bug report forum is for bugs, not for getting help in using the p
  13. I have just tried, this does not happen on my system.
  14. Litjan

    Preflight menu

    This is correct, that is why it is called the "preflight" menu. If you want to adjust things like fuel and weight, use the "ground services" menu.
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