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  1. Thanks, Captain Jan. Looking forward to your updated videos.
  2. @Cameron Was this for me? Safari says the address is invalid.
  3. @axmiha If you message me I will provide an answer and, possibly, some supporting documentation. Cheers, Maestaru
  4. It was Friday, end of the week.. To be expected
  5. Hi Richard Not a typo. I am using X-Plane Settings/ Special Viewing Options/ LFOV. In conjunction, I set up all my screens using the X-Plane Ctrl + Num process. This way I end up looking exactly where I want, and the views in all my planes match nums 0-9. M
  6. I have mine set to 7556.. This places me close enough to read the numbers without zooming in yet far enough back to see the first two waypoints on the FMS.. Screenshot to follow; working off my ipad right now.
  7. I stopped using FSX due to continuous OOM when combining glass cockpit jets, add-on weather, and a frame-rate-eating scenery package.. When I moved to X-Plane I immediately entered a relatively stable platform, excellent scenery, the opportunity to build my own world via mostly free (and very well created) airports and scenery and, best of all, the IXEG 737-300.. I have never had a problem with system resourses.. I fly every day, and my circuit is all over north america, sometimes also to Europe. Everything functions better than I could hope.. And the 737 is absolutely amazing.. Like Jan said a while back, this experience is sure a lot more immersive than watching TV.
  8. The Canadian Rocky Mountains (SE of CYLW)
  9. Excellent. Thank you. I was hoping to be able to get near a flight limit of 3000 nm.
  10. Not sure if I even addressed your question, but as a follow-on, if you want the 27 coroute txt files I created, I would be happy to send them. Mostly North America, with a few in the UK and Germany, inclusive of alignment to runways.
  11. I started downloading pre-made FP's from the free, online software FlightPlanDatabase then exporting the applicable data to a .txt file using IXEG's format, then storing them in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 10\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\coroutes. In a short time I have developed both a simple, repetitive process as well as quite a good list. Do you do the same? For me, it is at least a viable workaround until the import feature is added.
  12. Hello folks. I have a question regarding the fuel capacity of the 737-300. The fuel planner provides a maximum fuel estimate based on 11.4 tonnes which gives an approximate range of 2000 nm. This is in line with spec sheets I have (e.g. "range of 2,270 nm fully loaded"). However, in the IXEG version, the tank capacity is 16 tonnes (centre = 6800 KG and 4530 KG x 2 for the main tanks). Why is there a difference? Is this tied to the ZFW and the GW?
  13. What software is used to paint this kit? And are there instructions for producing a finished product that is livery level? Thanks
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