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  1. Thank you for the information. Dominik.
  2. Hello, searches for datarefs with minimum and maximum speed. I mean the speed that is marked on the EADI display. Is there a dataref with these values, do need to compute them?
  3. I guess I'm blind, I can only see the datarefs of the buttons, the datarefs of the lights of these buttons I can't see. Dominik.
  4. Have the AP AT and FMC reset lights datarefs been added? I wrote about it once and you were supposed to add it. https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/17567-dataref-for-alarm-light/
  5. jfjoubert thank you very much for help, working great !!!
  6. Great, I'm waiting for updates. I still have a problem with these buttons, after declaring in FlyWithLua dataref ("IXEG_ATAlarm", "ixeg/733/caution/caution_at_rst_act", "writable") the button as if it were pressed all the time (clicking sound is heard) With other buttons, e.g. on Overhead there is no such problem,
  7. These datarefs are the button position, not the flashing light. I am looking for datarefs that will tell me the buttons are flashing
  8. Hello, I'm looking and can't find the dataref for the A/P A/T FMC alarm lights. Maybe someone has this data. Dominik
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