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  1. The ixeg 737 is clearly one of the best aircraft ever made for any flight sim so i really value your opinion, thank you so much for answering!
  2. Yesterday i read a comment of a developer complaining about xplane´s flight model. He said, i quote " XP flight model is not "excelent", actually, it's bad and have alot of errors and bugs. It's not possible to properly model an aircraft aerodynamics in transonic region, only using a huge hacks. It's uncontrollable (not enought parameters to fit actual aircraft) and nonisolatable (to use it in engeneering software). (....) A huge fake pitching momentum proportional to CG shift and aircraft weight is added continiously all the time. Instead of computing total reaction forces from gears on ground, he simply add's this fake momentum to produce different gears loading with different CG shift. " Do you guys from the IXEG team think the same? whats your opinion in this topic? I posted this same thing in the xplane 11 forum to get answers from the devs and try having a healthy conversation but it got deleted because it was seen as "trolling" by a moderator for some reason. Hope you guys can give me an answer Thanks Ricardo
  3. Both, the terrain radar and the weather radar are kind of complex. Its awesome how you guys have come with such an accurate representation From what ive been able to test by myself, by comparing the data from a real 737 manual with the one i get in the ixeg 733 terrain radar, everything seems accurate. Good job guys!!
  4. Thanks for the answer Morten, guess i am gonna have to wait until the team comes back from their well deserved vacations
  5. Just curious, how accurate is the terrain radar and the weather radar simulation? Are you guys using all the real values ( refresh rate, speed, range, colors, etc) ? Any limitations with that? Thanks, Ricardo
  6. This product have been in development for over 6 years, i totally understand the "delay". This is not p3d!! development teams are not as big and xplane is a constantly moving platform and is becoming better and better with time, but that means devs have to adapt to the changes, most of the time for good. In my opinion, there is no other plane that matches the IXEG 737 quality. The physics, the texture and modelling, the sounds, etc are very close to perfection. There is going to be a new update and i am sure nobody is gonna get disappointed. Some people come to this forum, at-least once a month, to say " i am tired of this!! the devs have no respect " or " i am uninstalling the plane" and they are getting nothing out of that, its ironic that those are the same people who were giving all kind of compliments at the begining. If you want to have the update as soon as possible, insted of whining like little kids, give some constructive criticism and treat the devs with the respect they deserve. #make this forum great again
  7. The IXEG 737 cant be replaced, sadly. Theres no other addon that matches its quality level.
  8. I think it would be great if we can have access to the IXEG 737 beta version of 1.1 so we can give some feedback, at-least for everyone who is active in this forum. Cant wait to put my hands back in the 737 :/
  9. The plane is not fully compatible with xplane 11 yet. An update is supposed to come, i wish this week, to solve most of this problems and add some more functionalities for the 737.
  10. Any clue on when this update is coming? sorry for asking but i am too exited
  11. Since everyone is posting images, here goes another one X-Plane 2016-08-30 00-40-43-36.bmp
  12. Click bait Nice tips man, i am gonna take it into consideration when upgrading my gaming pc.
  13. Are you guys planning to release 1.0.8 when xplane 11 comes out?? is there anything related to the next version of the sim delaying the update??
  14. I dont know when the 1.0.8 update is coming, but i am sure they are going to fix and implement a lot of stuff because they are taking more time than often. Its very important to consider that the IXEG 737 took five years to be released because, as you know, is an study level aircraft. This is why things take a lot more time to make in comparison with other addons. You have to keep in mind this aspect before buying a plane like this in a beta stage my friend I am confident that the developers are trying their best to launch a good update as we are used to.
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