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  1. and after the years, it is still working great... unfortunately it is not @Litjan 's voice, but hey, he's no standard Flaps Operator
  2. is it me? or anyone else with this issue? no suitable truck for your aircraft
  3. yep, would be cool! after all this is a Classic and not an Airbus that has to do things the wrong way round ;-)
  4. Thanks for your transparency, after experiencing the good old Saab always looking forward to whatever you release next...
  5. I did have this issue with my Swiss French Keyboard but got around pasting the address FYI, I did have some initial trouble with ctd, but after restart it seems to be working fine. cheers
  6. the installer ends with installation successful, but there was still a little error at the end of the process however, it seems to be working fine now again great support, thanks
  7. thanks for the very fast update! one issue though, installing RWC gives an error on SMP version
  8. Hi, I live in France and have some terrible stuff going on in my PC due all those languages I have to write and have to be supported , about 5 or so...) after setting the above to US, at least I got to the point where the payload was transferred to the plane, but no luck with the fuel ... the best I got to was that the tanks get emptied but no way to set fuel to the 5 metric tons (or about 11 K lbs) through the app. cheers/O
  9. if I try to evaluate ROI as (time spent) / (money spent) there is nothing that comes even close to this beautiful aircraft, and I include other sims with their most respected add-ons if I consider what I learnt due to those "major" issues on VNAV, I am tempted to ask deteriorating a few more systems in future updates Happy New Year everyone
  10. donoscar

    Machine locked

    ah, hmm .. I guess best about this confusion is, XA will see it
  11. donoscar

    Machine locked

    for a start, I would recommend to post this in the respective sub-forum. which aircraft are you talking about? IXEG? LES?... posting a specific add-on issue in a generic "help" forum reduces the probability of some concerned developer seeing your message. then, there used to be an issue with the ticket system, whereby you were not allowed to send in multiple requests with the consequence of the first one being put back in the queue... not sure if this one is still accurate, though
  12. donoscar

    Machine locked

    ... you must be joking!
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