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  1. Hello can no one help me? I still get the error message in XP11. :-( ! Greetings.
  2. Hello to all, During the installation of the Scenery with X-Organizer I get the following error message: Missing library objects Aviotek Software - LIPX Verona Villafranca objects/ply2_lipx_5mt-lm_h_lipx.obj objects/ply2_lipx_4mt-lm_h_lipx.obj objects/ply2_lipx_5mt-lm_h_lipx.obj objects/ply2_lipx_4mt-lm_h_lipx.obj ■ Overview of the results Aviotek Software - LIPX Verona Villafranca Install library objects or a local object might be missing I also get an error message for this airport in X Plane 11.5. I installed the latest version. Can someone help me? Is there an update for LIPX? Greetings from Germany Ernst
  3. that's exactly what happened to me every time. I reinstalled the plane with the stable gizmo. test what happens tomorrow. Greetings
  4. Hello to All. I am very upset. X Plane 11.41 never crashed with the IXEG 733 before. Yesterday with the V1.30, the XP11 crashed on the flight from LEIB to EHAM via France. Today with version 1.31 on flight LEIB to EHAM shortly before turning into the final approach for landing on runway 18R. I sent a crash report every time. What's up with the new version? Can you still get the old version back? At least it worked. I am disappointed very disappointed. It is a so beautiful Plane. Greetings.
  5. Hallo @novato X11 Open then IXEG 737 Classic Folder Example = D:\XPlane11\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic search the .acf File B733.acf - Please make a copy of this File outside the X-Plane11 Mainfolder. I use Notepad++ and open then B733.acf File Search the Line: P _gear/0/_gear_type 2 Change the Value from 2 to 3 Save the .acf File and start XPlane11 Load the Plane and BetterPushback works fine. Sorry for my crap english. Bye Bye Ernst
  6. Hey @HoroX thanks for the answer so fast. Yes in this Moment i do that and BetterPushback works again. Thanks and sorry for my Post above. Bye
  7. Hello to all, Hello @Litjan i have change the Value from 000.00 up to 002.00 - see Picture, but nothings happend. Same Error from BetterPuskback "No suituable Tug for this Aircraft" maybe you can explain to me exactly what I have to do in Planemaker. Thanks so lot. Greeting Ernst
  8. Hi I can also confirm that. The lights are hardly visible during the day. Greetings
  9. Hi @Coop , Hello @Ubbi OK. That makes sense. I thought it was a mistake. Many Thanks for the clarification. Bye Bye
  10. Hi and good day to all. Thank you for the great plane. When i start the plane in "Cold & Dark", a lot of switches are already "ON". Please note that the next update will be to ensure that all switches are set to "OFF". Thank you and greetings from Germany - Ernst.
  11. Hi, I was looking for this type of aircraft for the XPlane11 yesterday and today I hear that it is coming soon. I am very pleased. Thank you very much.
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