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  1. I have just installed the latest 11.50b6 and set it to use Vulkan but it looks like the latest update has stopped SoundMaxx from working. Now when I goto an airport it is completely quiet which is a bit unnerving. Is there any plan to update Soundmaxx to work with 11.50 when the full version is released? It says on the plugin for support to contact www.x-pilot.com but there doesn't seem to be a separate category for SoundMaxx. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi, I have updated the islander to version 1.01 and notice there are still some issues with it: 1) In the cabin the fifth guy back on the left has his headphones stuck in the roof, hes way too tall for that airplane 2) During daytime flying I can't see the landing lights and the flashing beacon light. Not sure if it is like this on the real aircraft but other modelled planes show a flashing beacon and you can see the landing lights during the daytime. I can't tell whether they are switched on or not during the day. Hope they see this post Steve
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