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  1. FYI I do have Vulcan on my Win7, running Red Dead Redemption on Vulcan. No problem at all. XP have made a different implementation that uses Win10 libs. OS is not worn out like cars. They keep getting more stable over the years with bug fixes whole time. I do have to to go to Win10 the day I build a new PC or my motherboard (Asus) gives up. Only Win10 drivers for latest MB I have never said that I will never go to Win10, I just wait some years until several patches/fixes has been done. Or my PC breaks down. Last word from me about this
  2. Update a Win7 to Win10 is also very foolish, will always cause some problems. Only way is to do a clean install on a empty disk. My experience with MS OS.
  3. I have no plans to go to Win10 not until I build a new machine. OK Win7 11 years old but it is very stable after hundreds maybe thousands of fixes and XP + all addons I have works perfect so no reason to upgrade yet. Win10 is quite new, bugs is there. It is not like buying a new car. Same was with Win7 when i came, lots of strange problems. I am an old programmer/developer and have seen systems/OS that not have been updated for decades, as those companys say "why change something that works perfect" That is the way I think, my Win7 works perfect. No reason to upgrade now. Never have tho
  4. I have this error like first post and tried to rename cacert.pem like above but login windows only comes back and nothing happens.
  5. With stable Gizmo version activation works
  6. Why this error during activation of ixeg 737 1.33, same error in XP 11.41 and 11.50. I want Beta version of Gizmo because no stutter with it
  7. Only hardware I have is: Honecomb yoke Saitek Rudders Saitek Yoke where roll and pitch are set to None I have the Saitek yoke connected just to make the throttle quadrant to work Waiting for the Honeycomb throttles to be released, little expensive but looks great. Maybe I should set everything in Saitek Yoke to None/do Nothing or try start without it. That is all I have connected
  8. I started up at ESSA 19R and EKCH 22L with same problem no ILS but came to live after pressing Reboot Gizmo in both places. So there is something with initialization. One more thing I noticed...... I forgot on first startup to activate my Yokes, have a external powered USB hub with an power switch. First I pressed Reboot Gizmo and ILS came to live. Then when I powered my USB hub then ILS stopped working, so pressing Reboot Gizmo it came to live again. Computers as you say, I know that have been working with development for 36+ years. Some problems are very hard to nail. Global
  9. It is working now. Last thing I did was a crazy test when all else failed. I changed in Preflight menu->Startup from Turn-Around to Dark and Cold and then back to Turn-Around here at KSEA. And then at ESSA I had to do the same thing, toggle Startup between TA and C&D. Any hint round
  10. I will do the checks you describe and come back. All AI are from Global Traffic that use some invisible AI so you can see the AI traffic in the ND/TCAS. That frequency must be the one we can see in Map window when clicking on the ILS feathers, right. These tests I have done at EKCH and ESSA with same result but I will do another round of tests just to be sure. First time ever since VIC64 I have been stuck on a problem. Everything else in your 737 works like a clock, nothing strange except the Nav radios. VIC64, fun time and amazing at that time.
  11. OK here it is. I put it in a zip, quite big. Log.rar
  12. Hi The ILS does not work at all. Completely dead. Also VOR and ADF. Looks like NAV radio is not working at all. Previous versions think it was 1.2 or something of IXEG did work with XP some versions ago. XP 11.41r1 IXEG 737 1.31, same problem in 1.30 Win7 64 Prof 64MB Have done all tests in another thread. Started with default c172, ILS working, default 737/800 also working. Zibos 737/800 also working. Tested with both Gizmos, Beta and Stable. Nothing helped, only in IXEG nav radios are dead. ILS, VOR and ADF. Latest AIRAC Navigraph 2006. All plugins disabled, only Giz
  13. Maybe need more trim. Still some left roll, but slower
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