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  1. weird, I'm only using less than half of available vram. As soon as I switch to HD puffs the GPU goes from 60% to 100%.
  2. hmm was not a problem. I have 11gb vram and 32gb ram. This is rc1 best see what happens when stable version arrives. Update: HD cloud puffs absolutely kill the GPU.
  3. After latest update I experience heavy stuttering and freezes with HDR on. As soon as I disable SkyMaxx Pro simulator runs fluid again.
  4. yup, redownloaded SkyMaxx 4.72 and installed RWC 1.1 installed just fine, thanks.
  5. I just updated to SkyMaxx 4.72 downloaded also RealWeatherConnector 1.1 but it does not install: „There has been an error SkyMaxx Pro v3.1.1 or greater ...“
  6. No it does not have gps, if you are using X-Plane 11 the moving map (key M) is quite useful.
  7. Brakes work initially ok, but after second use they seem to lock for good, anyone experiencing this? Is there a fix? Edit: Just noticed this thread: http://forums.x-pilot.com/topic/6133-mu-2-brakes-bug/#entry90882
  8. Not in both variants, in floats the altimeter can be adjusted. But Instruments Lights Knob is not functional in both versions, only the Dome light knob works. I never fly the floats version so I had not noticed the difference, wish there was a ski version
  9. Thank you for the update, two things I notice: Unable to adjust the altimeter and the instrument lights (in gauges) can not be adjusted either.
  10. This is what happens when I load DC3 after SkyMaxx Pro:
  11. I understand. Thank you Tom and Cameron. The envelope is beeing pushed. I like that.
  12. Hi, minor issue, when in replay there is no engine sound, Another thing I noticed, is it not possible to select Global Airport and Final Approach (3NM or 10NM)? I've tried that and the aircraft shuts down and falls like a brick to the ground.
  13. Having problems with my Saitek quadrants, I have managed to assign the Contidition Levers but after a short while I loose them again and have to start all over again. So it goes: I assign the C/L, do an Autostart, assignment lost, try to reassign the C/L the respective engine shuts down ....
  14. Thank you Goran, I know you're busy with the Saab coming soon ...
  15. That I know, they seem however set to force the DC3 to descend but this is level flight.
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