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  1. It was a good aircraft, now it's a great aircraft, thanks!
  2. (EDIT) Had problems with my Saitek stick, works fine with my yoke. (For me it's impossible to fly, very difficult to trim for level flight, wants to climb like rocket.) Looks nice though.
  3. weird, I'm only using less than half of available vram. As soon as I switch to HD puffs the GPU goes from 60% to 100%.
  4. hmm was not a problem. I have 11gb vram and 32gb ram. This is rc1 best see what happens when stable version arrives. Update: HD cloud puffs absolutely kill the GPU.
  5. After latest update I experience heavy stuttering and freezes with HDR on. As soon as I disable SkyMaxx Pro simulator runs fluid again.
  6. yup, redownloaded SkyMaxx 4.72 and installed RWC 1.1 installed just fine, thanks.
  7. I just updated to SkyMaxx 4.72 downloaded also RealWeatherConnector 1.1 but it does not install: „There has been an error SkyMaxx Pro v3.1.1 or greater ...“
  8. No it does not have gps, if you are using X-Plane 11 the moving map (key M) is quite useful.
  9. Brakes work initially ok, but after second use they seem to lock for good, anyone experiencing this? Is there a fix? Edit: Just noticed this thread: http://forums.x-pilot.com/topic/6133-mu-2-brakes-bug/#entry90882
  10. Not in both variants, in floats the altimeter can be adjusted. But Instruments Lights Knob is not functional in both versions, only the Dome light knob works. I never fly the floats version so I had not noticed the difference, wish there was a ski version
  11. Thank you for the update, two things I notice: Unable to adjust the altimeter and the instrument lights (in gauges) can not be adjusted either.
  12. This is what happens when I load DC3 after SkyMaxx Pro:
  13. I understand. Thank you Tom and Cameron. The envelope is beeing pushed. I like that.
  14. Hi, minor issue, when in replay there is no engine sound, Another thing I noticed, is it not possible to select Global Airport and Final Approach (3NM or 10NM)? I've tried that and the aircraft shuts down and falls like a brick to the ground.
  15. Having problems with my Saitek quadrants, I have managed to assign the Contidition Levers but after a short while I loose them again and have to start all over again. So it goes: I assign the C/L, do an Autostart, assignment lost, try to reassign the C/L the respective engine shuts down ....
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