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  1. This one supposedly includes a texture for dirty wings, which you can apply separately to all your liveries. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/33690-ixeg-737-czech-airlines-classic/
  2. Just FYI, there seems to be a free BSS package for the IXEG. To my knowledge it's not a full replacement, but contains some complimentary sounds. However, it appears to be replacing the whole sounds folder.
  3. I think I understand what you mean, and I had not noticed that this happens to all the switches in the cockpit. Maybe due to alignment/positioning the effect goes unnoticed or as normal, I don't know. But this is what startled me in this case, maybe I always dragged it. I'll have to pay attention to that effect to the other switches to confirm. As in this case it's left to increase, right to decrease due to the knob moving counter-clockwise. However, if that's the case (intended design) and we mean the same thing, it seems to me more ergonomic/expected from a scroll-wheel perspective, at least where the HSI panel is concerned, that when I scroll forwards the knob moves up and when scrolling backwards that it moves down. (i.e scroll forwards > FULL VOR, scroll backwards > plan). The reverse is happening at the moment, it stands out when scrolling I guess because, the turn is counter-clockwise compared to the RANGE knob, which feels counter-intuitive to me at least
  4. Hey IXEG team, while I was setting up a flight yesterday I noticed that the map mode knob seems to be moving in reverse to my scrolling. I've made a small gif for it, I cannot show you my scrolling atm ofc but when you see it moving towards VOR/ILS I'm scrolling backwards, to go to plan you have to scroll forward. Could you confirm on your side? Plane version is latest, 1.32 This seems to happen in both CP and FO HSI panels. P.S. I looked around if anyone has reported something similar lately, it didn't seem so, hopefully didn't miss it.
  5. Thanks for the heads up Jan. Have a good weekend.
  6. Hey Jan could you confirm if this is still the official paintkit please?
  7. Hey Nadeem. The landing lights have already been adjusted in v1.3 and above, after a long back and forth between some users and Jan. Now, as Jan is the only one that has seen them in real life during 10+ years, if he thinks they're as they should they most probably are. Unfortunately if you find them too dark, I don't think there's a fix for you there. Make sure to also use your taxi and runway turnoff lights, if this is not the case, as they're also normally on in night conditions and add greater horizontal visibility than the landing lights alone. As you see below they don't really light up too much. Have you considered looking at your monitor settings? Possibly your gamma and near black levels are crushing shadow detail, hence you see everything pitch black. Lighting conditions can also play a factor here, if it's monitor based. Real life examples: 1) https://youtu.be/qhTIIdyvcIQ?t=154 2) https://youtu.be/iYLG9c8BJDI?t=61
  8. Oh come on! Make it, pleeeaase.
  9. Awesome, thank you for the update @CaptBirdy looks great! Unfortunate that the decal cannot be replicated but what can you do, no need to apologize ofc. Thanks again, it looks very sharp, 5 stars! And since there's no in-service Lufthansa 733s or any that flew with that livery I don't think I can oblige, Jan.
  10. Hey thanks for the updates! Might I kindly ask you when you find the time to include the yellow box near the door for the Lufthansa livery, as seen below in the photos. Also, if I'm not mistaken the tail logo should be a bit lower as well, no? Again, thank you for considering these adjustments and for your great work.
  11. As the video shows it's due to the XPlane ground model, that is now used instead of the custom one. Hopefully Austin will improve it soon.
    Great job! Fits the 733 very nicely.
  12. Love it, many thanks! Do say when you are happy with it.
  13. Oh very sorry! First time for everything. Thanks will take a closer look.
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