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  1. Nice to see you're updating it Nicotum, thanks
  2. I will check it out, thanks!
  3. Hey IXEG team and thanks again for the bird and V1.3! Might I suggest that we "demote" Jan fictionally (sorry Jan!) so he can give us speed (mostly thinking of V1, rotate, positive rate ones) and possibly other call-outs as first officer? He would be forever immortalized with the IXEG733. I think that this suggestion, should you choose to implement it, would pair nicely with the conversion to FMOD. I hope I'm not reposting an already given suggestion here. Cheers!
  4. I'm quite annoyed and disappointed frankly, on the small amount of users, that come here uninformed, rude and entitled to write sensational posts concerning the 733. The team has been very, very open from the beginning for the "shortcomings" of the model. As well as providing a target and intentions for upcoming releases and updates. You simply haven't read it. It's quite the shame for these people, to come to this forum to address our concerns with any issues the update might have brought about, or simply request and features that come every day... and to see these kinds of reactions and posts. By all means provide criticism, even if it's about the timeline, but be at least a little bit decent for crying out loud... If you have even read any of the posts, especially by Tom, you would know how they feel about it, and how they are planning to remedy that as soon as is humanly possible. These people have lives you know. Making models for us, probably also for them, is their passion not their primary occupation. I'm really surprised by the courage and politeness of the team, that come here to read comments like that and still respond in a professional manner, like Tom has just done. I hope that the behaviour of some doesn't discourage you, IXEG team, from the continuous communication and support of your appreciative and happy users. The IXEG 733 is one of the few paywares that screams class and character, very few have that. If you don't recognize what has been achieved so far, and don't inform yourself about what is going to be implemented, at least read your post before you publish it and be civil at the very least.
  5. Anyone willing to make a fictional Swissair?
  6. Any chance that you would natively include and support librain for the IXEG to update current effects? Although that's probably one more headache during updating/testing/developing, current 3rd party implementations are unfortunately not compatible.
  7. Good job IXEG! Thanks for the update, quite fun using the experimental flight model! Here's some photos from getting service at Lugano - LSZA, madness, but we managed with a hard 280ft/m touchdown (playing the procedure of IGS01 a bit loosely). First 733 to land there?? Challenge extended to Jan.
  8. Just re-update from the navigraph suite. I had the same thing.
  9. Btw call me crazy but I think the materials look different in general.
  10. I installed it with Gizmo 20 and omg the performance! Amazing so far. Great job all.
  11. Creating addons for a flight simulator can be a thankless job. You guys are probably exposed mostly to complaints and requests and not enough thanks. So spurred by Shobhan, let me also add my voice to the big thank you that the team deserves. Thanks! And be sure that any complaints or requests stem purely from fanboism and passion for flight-simming and the aircraft, as we always seek the "just right" that can be elusive. Sometimes we may forget to recognize what has already been achieved. P.S. I do agree that a reasonable paid upgrade would make sense and not be a foul in my view for V2, as it seems to be a major rework. IXEG has given very fair and upfront treatment to all of us, the users, so I'm sure you know what to do. Cheers!
  12. Good to know it works at least in some form for you! Hopefully the upcoming update will resolve any issue you face. For the last part I'm afraid my knowledge stops here.
  13. Hahah. Btw, I was wondering, what are these (seemingly rivets) on the outboard of the engine cowling? It's clearer on the IRL blue engine photo. Is that an option for an additional vortex generator, or alternative placement?
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