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  1. Cptburgos

    FMC bug

    Nou, that happened when i tried to modify the approach procedure from vor z to rnav :)
  2. Cptburgos

    FMC bug

    Hello, i was flying and pummmmmm
  3. That is weird, let me make a video
  4. Hi jan... I guess i have other issue here. Is normal that the MCP IAS selection resets to 110 knots when i put online the gen bars from apu bar?... Is happening to me; i usually set v2 on mcp before push back and always it resets.
  5. I found this for you, AMM 24-31-00, if you need something, don't hesitate to ask, i'm an electronic engineer and my work is with 737-400 (i'm Avionic specialized engineer) look for GCA Airlines
  6. Hi Jan, i'd been reading the FCOM and other documents: The Batt DC voltmeter are connected directly from the Hot battery bus (you won't find the voltmeter in any diagram), so is directly taking current from the battery no matter the batt switch.
  7. Is a great opportunity to fresh you knowledge about navigation and holding patterns, just do it manually
  8. Is a pleasure help you with this awesome bird.
  9. Hi jan, no, is not the case, i did not derated the engines.
  10. Hello: Look the video, that happends if the take off is performed at high altitude airports. It stay ay 86%, is not following the N1 bug.
  11. Hello people... Awesome update... I just remember something; a year ago one technician where i work (737-400), let the volt selector to batt all long night and guess what?... Battery full discharged at next morning. The volmeter give info without switch being in on position, this is not simulated. Regards
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