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  1. Hello everyone... anyone here could help to figure out how to re-activate my 737 due to change of my computer?. Thanks
  2. That is weird, the last sucesful flight was the monday and today everything was screw up, i'll try it
  3. Hello people, i have a little question. My Gizmo beta has just expired and my plane loaded today just screw up... No gizmo signs. I just reinstalled, i have to do that everytime gizmo expire?... Thanks
  4. Hello: Is normal that the plane immediately i disconnect the autopilot on final, the nose pitch up a little bit, that make that i miss the tdz a little bit :(. Thanks
  5. Thanks Jan, for the moment just erase that point
  6. Hello all I have a little question here, is normally that the FMS put a imaginary point into the legs at 400 ft AGL from the origin altitude?... If it is normal, i guess the FMS is calculating it wrong, look the picture. Thanks to all
  7. Hi Sergio, the ICAO recomends the FCOM, QRH, SOP (Company Standar Operations), Company general operations. If you want to learn how to fly this airplane i recomend FCOM (all about systems and performance). The FCTM (Flight Crew Training Manual) is great either. Regards
  8. Hello, right now i'm at the plane in real life and i was wondering if is possible simulate the preflight setting up of standby horizon. Also is possible simulate the ils markings and bc of it?
  9. I have this same issue but is not really a bug... The wind goes below some speed and just disappear
  10. Hello: Would be awesome implement the option to save aircraft or panel state, some days i landed and i restar xplane to free memory and continue our flight. Thanks
  11. As real life engineer working on this plane, i can tell you that if a troubleshooting per manual didn't find the issue, we shoot directly to MEL, i'm pretty sure it is a NO GO item so, flight canceled
  12. Nou, that happened when i tried to modify the approach procedure from vor z to rnav :)
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