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  1. What NML textures should I choose to make such textures? Or something else?
  2. The 2020 SDK is completely different from X-PLANE and will be a model from scratch. If IXEG was for p3d, you might think. Rather, it is the x-PLANE 12 version. Now another developer is developing a full line of 737 classics for 2020 and p3d. Probably the best and most realistic 737CL in XP, better than the near default 737 in 2020
  3. Can we expect something interesting and big this year? For example: doors, cargo, FMC, new interior or something else? What do you think about the business version with additional tanks?
  4. Thank you all! I also plan to buy FCOM and QRH from a real plane, I don't like electrons.)
  5. Thank you very much! I love paper books)
  6. I love this plane very much, so I want to learn as much as possible about this ixeg. I know the basic procedures, but I want to know a lot. What should I read? I started studying FCOM and I have a QRH. Thank!
  7. Anyone willing to make a EX-37001?
  8. Will there be a full new kit? or only the engines?
  9. Hi everyone, I have 2 offers for my favorite plane. Make this version of the eyebrows in the new kit. Make a warm light for the interior and for the logo Examples in the photo
  10. Someone who can paint the livery?))
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