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  1. Авиа Трафик Компания EX-37012 https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/71236-avia-traffic-company-ex-37012-ixeg/
  2. 737CL на 2020 год, например
  3. Как изменить количество пассажиров в ixeg?))
  4. There won't be -300 or -400 in the near future
  5. Естественно, двери будут. Смотрит на эту тему:
  6. Hi! Got an idea) What do you think about adding charts or other documents to the wheel? With the help of textures or with the help of the script
  7. In a couple of days, I will receive these books from Moscow. I will write about my studies)
  8. Hi! I just bought FCOM, QRH, FCTM and other documentation! Role-playing flights on 737CL
  9. Why is the painted-over window orange?
  10. I want to transfer the cargo to 737-300f as soon as possible
  11. You can fly with the NL-10) Soviet technologists
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