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  1. the pink lines will go up or down, then a few seconds later the plane will dramatically follow, climbing or descending at sometimes 6000fpm to catch up
  2. Hi, sorry to continue the thread but i followed all tuts but it still happens (doesnt follow the FD asap)
  3. ill defo give your video a watch, thank you!
  4. thank you im using the AP in the same was as the -800, also the FD issue was the same with VS too
  5. when the pic was taken, i had turned off the AT due to the weird acts of it, and i pushed hold as i was in a GA and vnav wouldnt hold it there. Im in the middle of another flight now and all is fine atm, but at the start it was doing the up and down, and i noticed that the FD's would move up, then a few seconds later, the plane would follow, but by the time the plane had got to the correct envelope, the FD's had gone down to level, causing the plane to do a big dip, then due to that, the FD's shot up, followed by thr plane a few seconds later etc etc
  6. what it is, is its not following the flight directors properly, im not sure how to fix it
  7. Hi, when in VS or VNAV, the plane climbs past and descends past the target crz alt by 300-400 feet at a time, and doesnt stay at crz alt, and power is continuedly pushing forward and back. as you can see in the pic, my CRZ is FL240, ye tits at 2000 VS and climbing. Both the FMC and MCP are set at FL240
  8. Okay no worries, keep up the good work anyway
  9. as you can see here, this is a winglet on a 737-300, that is very similar to an NG. If you dont want to change it thats fine, was just a suggestion.
  10. you can tell just by looking at it that its not correct. the back of the winglet needs to be more slanted back
  11. Will the winglets of the 737-300 be modelled to accurately represent them as they are in real life? In real life, they're similar to the NG's but on the IXEG 737, they're too flat and straight
  12. Thank you! It would make the aircraft perfect
  13. Hi all, I bought this plane yesterday and its great, but is there a way to make the beacon reflect off the fuselage and the wings? Thanks!
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