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  1. I mean I'm already invested in whatever variants of the 737 Classic y'all come out with haha; I think most of the IXEG users will wait however long you'd need to get the 735 made. I've been missing the 734/735 from my fleet since the Wilco 737 PIC days. But I'm just one dude with a affinity for your 733 lol. Thanks for the response!
  2. Love flying this aircraft, excited to see it in XP12! Do you forsee a -400/-500 or freighter version developed?
  3. Hey all! Saw the post about the -300F, is there any progress on a potential -400 and -500? Thanks!
  4. Gotcha! Hopefully we'll see 'em eventually! Thank you though for being one of the few developers that actually respond to questions
  5. Hello, all! I know the next update for IXEG's 737 is going to be a systems upgrade/update. Just out of curiosity, is the -400, -500, or any other variants on the radar still, or is IXEG sticking with the -300? I know there's been some rumblings of this, that it may/may not come at some point in the future. Is this still the case?
  6. I would love nothing more than the -400 and the -500 to be modeled for the IXEG... no other company has made a 737 classic quite like this one!
  7. Any word on anything? Great aircraft, I hope it doesn't fade!
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