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    You play with the words. What do not you understand? 1) GNS530.2 does not work.) Heading is continually on. Tens of reports on your official site about SAAB 340A problems. The reason is not triggered refers to the last line of Gismolog.txt Creative ambiguity? you have to answer me every time in the same words that I do not correctly describe the problem. That is, I get video and send you. However, I am preparing a complaint to the competent authority about the problem of the product you are selling.
  2. amas


    I'm sorry sir but neither with all the plugins except Gizmo taken can not work. The heading is continuously activated sounds are triggered. Generally it seems to be problematic in its operation. It is troubled by the large number of queries in general for all systems. I'm afraid that I failed on the market. What is the claim that I read on the site that fixes the problems in version 1.51 but you do not know when to circle. take the product. Correct it first.
  3. amas


    I also send you the Gizmolog.txt for information about the failure to activate the GNS530 in SAAB 340A GizmoLog.txt
  4. amas


    Trying to turn on SAAB 340A, my GNS 530 shows the picture below. Something sticks? or do I make a mistake? X-Plane 2018-05-25 22-45-56-35.bmp
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