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  1. You're welcome. Studying the plane by cogs
  2. Found no textures. Is this all for everyone, or is it just me?
  3. I also have a problem with switching audio devices of Windows 10 Pro. If I start Ixeg 737 with my bluetooth headset, and then switch to the speakers, the sound disappears completely and it is impossible to return it. But I do not consider this a critical issue, because this is the best plane in X Plane that I have flown. It is so much fun to fly that the problem of switching audio devices seems very minor. Yes, I do not have such problems with other X-Plane planes, although I have almost all airliners and all of them allow you to switch sound devices without any problems. But ixeg ... I j
  4. By the way, my friend is a former А380 captain at Emirates. Now he is undergoing training on a Boeing 747 in a large cargo company (ABC) and is currently in Frankfurt, on a Lufthansa 747 simulator. Jan, I got it, you fly to LH
  5. Earlier I used a coarser calculation FL / 3 + 15 (margin to smoothly reduce the speed). And your calculator is just an immersive effect. So thank you very much and thank you for the plane
  6. Jan, thanks for the excellent descent and landing calculator. It's Vnav in your head
  7. My acquaintance, the captain of the A380 at Emirates, also says that even on such a modern and technological aircraft, Vnav is almost never used. Air traffic control always interferes with any calculated descent. I always fly online and also noticed that if there is air traffic control, Vnav becomes useless, since the ATC commands are executed in the first place. Only if you arrive and there is no control, then you can try to use Vnav, but it becomes a little boring to sit and just look at the monitor screen. Here is such a strange thing this Vnav. It seems to be there, but no one
  8. Hello. I found out in the planemaker that the thrust power is 27K, and the plane is designed for a thrust power of 20K. This is mistake? I understand that CFM56-3-B1 engines with a thrust power of 20K were installed on the 737-300, and 27K rather corresponds to the 737-800 model with CFM56-7B27 engines
  9. VNAV, HOLDING do not work properly. The question is not that the plane is not working, the question is will it work correctly? Or did the development stop there?
  10. No development news since summer. Is the plane alive?
  11. Jan, no offense. This is not only what I say, it is what others say. Compared to version 1.21, autopilot behavior is unpredictable
  12. Add some of my observations. As they all write, when straightened to a direct, the traction A/T up speed up to 292 knots, not responding to restrictions on altitude (250/10000) and speed, and this can only be fixed by switching off the A/T and A/P In addition, I noticed a missed direct at the approach. The plane instead of turning to the right is half a block straight. LNAV and VNAV and A/P were activated. This happened for the first time in all the time I fly to IXEG.
  13. From the part I agree, I also really looked forward to update 1.31, but it disappointed me. Something got better, but something worse.Visualization, sounds - no doubt. The experimental flight model - is doubtful. But the worst part is VNAV. It has become much worse than in version 1.21. I'm not just in love with this model, I love it, but flying on version 1.31 does not give me as much pleasure as on version 1.21. No doubt in the near future there should be version 1.32 correcting this terrible behavior of the autopilot. And finally, please let us return to version 1.21 until all the shortco
  14. I noticed a strong glide of the nose landing gear when cornering, even with a dry coating. Gliding occurs already at a speed of about 10 knots or more. Compared to version 1.21, this sliding effect is very pronounced. Everything is logical when wet, but in cavok it even annoys sometimes. I control the nose gear using the joystick, I don’t have a separate axis for the tiller, maybe this gives such an effect. Or is it a new feature of the aircraft realized? I’m not in a hurry to write down this effect in the model’s bug, there is no mention of this on the forum and maybe this is not a bug.
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