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  1. Jan, no offense. This is not only what I say, it is what others say. Compared to version 1.21, autopilot behavior is unpredictable
  2. Add some of my observations. As they all write, when straightened to a direct, the traction A/T up speed up to 292 knots, not responding to restrictions on altitude (250/10000) and speed, and this can only be fixed by switching off the A/T and A/P In addition, I noticed a missed direct at the approach. The plane instead of turning to the right is half a block straight. LNAV and VNAV and A/P were activated. This happened for the first time in all the time I fly to IXEG.
  3. From the part I agree, I also really looked forward to update 1.31, but it disappointed me. Something got better, but something worse.Visualization, sounds - no doubt. The experimental flight model - is doubtful. But the worst part is VNAV. It has become much worse than in version 1.21. I'm not just in love with this model, I love it, but flying on version 1.31 does not give me as much pleasure as on version 1.21. No doubt in the near future there should be version 1.32 correcting this terrible behavior of the autopilot. And finally, please let us return to version 1.21 until all the shortco
  4. I noticed a strong glide of the nose landing gear when cornering, even with a dry coating. Gliding occurs already at a speed of about 10 knots or more. Compared to version 1.21, this sliding effect is very pronounced. Everything is logical when wet, but in cavok it even annoys sometimes. I control the nose gear using the joystick, I don’t have a separate axis for the tiller, maybe this gives such an effect. Or is it a new feature of the aircraft realized? I’m not in a hurry to write down this effect in the model’s bug, there is no mention of this on the forum and maybe this is not a bug.
  5. Thanks for the answer. I did not know such a feature of the aircraft and had never noticed. I will observe further.
  6. Looks like some incompatibility with Active Sky
  7. Turn off Active Sky and wind indication appeared
  8. I noticed a small problem. There is a blinking wind indication on the ESHI. Weather Active Sky, Ixeg 1.31, X-Plane 11.41, wind readings blink mainly to 10,000ft. I don’t know what this is connected with, but there is a problem. Has anyone encountered the same situation?
  9. Have a nice day, everyone The problem with the simulator freezes when I try to straighten the route to any direct in FMC. And earlier it just hung for a second until you press the exec button, but now it has started to hang for a minute or more and the screen is turning black. Does anyone have such a problem?
  10. Thanks Jan! I did so, the light on the MCP disappeared, but the other light in the cockpit stopped working normally and I brought everything back. After the long-awaited news about the upcoming update, I am ready to suffer this small problem. The rest of the plane is excellent and somehow homely warm From Russia with love, Dmitry
  11. Hello everybody! I have a problem with Runway Turnoff Light and MCP Lights. When I turn on the toggle switches of the runway turnoff lights, the white backlight of the buttons lights up on the MSP. When I turn on the toggle switch of the outbound landing lights, the white illumination of the buttons of the MSP disappears. I don’t know what it is connected with. This does not affect the flight, but a little annoying. I like the plane very much and I want to plunge into maximum reality. If anyone knows how to fix this, help solve the problem. Windows 10 Pro, X-Plane 11.41, IXEG 1.21
  12. Hello! I recently had a problem when choosing SID and STAR crash fmc. Previously, this was not the case and started with the update of the AIRAC on 1801. Now the rollback to 1713 also does not help. I did not do anything other than updating the navigation database. I love this plane, but it became non-flying. Help me please!!! USSS RW08L ANAT5B ANATU DCT LUNAG G710 INGEN W114 OK R487 RP R480 CW R489 MF MF2E GNP06B RW06L UUEE URRR RW22 DR2G DERIB R939 LATRI B145 KANON R808IWV R808 TS A829 IN IN2E DED06A RW06L UUEE IXEG 1.2 X-PLANE 11.11 WINDOWS 10 PRO 64 I7 4790K
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