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  1. Hi everyone, so I downloaded again the 737 and when I finished using it and want to quit the sim, it does not quit, I have to force quit it and it assumes the sim crashed, I have no idea what is happening, here is my log. It happens every time I load the 737, doesn't matter if I fly it, or if I change the aircraft after loading the 737 thank you very much if this issue was already brought up please send me to the right location, thanks Log.txt
  2. I did a lot more digging and investigation and found a thread here is the link https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/491337-ixeg-737-sound-issue/ and that is exactly what happened to me, the first flight sounds amazing but when I reboot gizmo because of the left BUS not working or relocate the aircraft the sounds loose intensity I don't know why, what I have to do is close X-Plane and open it again if I want to do a second flight for the sounds to still be amazing, it is not a real let down because it gives me time to get the flight plan ready and it gives me a clean start for my next flight
  3. I Have no idea what happened there but I just did a short flight and everything went perfect I won't touch anything, it is an absolute beauty congrats!! and thanks
  4. But is there anyway I can fix it? I just want it to be back to normal I have reinstalled the plane 3 times now without touching anything and In the cockpit the loudest thing is the default APU sound of X Plane the one that is a terrible loop, also they announced it as a free pack in May or so in threshold and Facebook, it is just a file of sounds to replace the custom sounds, I don’t want it anymore I just want my airplane to be back to normal PD here is the link to the news https://www.thresholdx.net/news/fixegs
  5. Hey everyone, I don't know what to do but I bought the 737 today and it is one amazing aircraft, but I haven't done one flight and I already have a problem, I downloaded the BSS sound pack and everything worked perfect, I updated the navigation data while I went for dinner and when I came back and wanted to do a flight the sounds were gone, the thing that gave it away was that the default x plane APU sound was loud as hell, I uninstalled it and installed it again and it was the same but this time I didn't touch anything and now when I am in the cockpit the default APU sound is very very loud a
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