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  1. The throttles don’t appear to work with the latest versions of XUIPC. Try downloading and installing an earlier one.
  2. Ha ha, totally with you on this Torbjoern! Lua seems a step in the right direction though something I'll have to wait to play around with for now: work is getting in the way of the more important things in life!
  3. Ditto Torbjoern! That's some setup..... Need to look into Lua then.... seems the way forward!
  4. Mr MMerellles I'd also be very interested to hear about your Lua solution: there's a limit to what I can do with Xjoymap since I can only permanently assign functions to joystick and not keyboard.
  5. Thanks Cameron - and the IXEG team - for the latest hotfix. Seven in such a short time since release is quite something! This really doesn't surprise me though: I've been following the IXEG blog for three years prior to release - enjoying Jan's fascinating videos about the various systems - and it has become very clear that the team are deeply passionate about this aircraft in a way I haven't seen before. I've got to say that it was enjoyable from the very first release - none of the bugs that have since been fixed marred my own flights to any great extent - and the support offered in terms of hotfixes and listening to customer feedback is a shining example of how a software developer should behave.
  6. Hmmm.... Occulus Rift, new graphics card or keyboard with pretty pics.... Where should I spend my money?? ;-)
  7. Hi Torbjoern, Came across this preference manager: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/33305-x-plane-10-preferences-manager/ Very handy as it saves copying key preferences files for each individual aircraft once it's all set up.
  8. Switching Threaded optimization to OFF in Nvidia Control Panel eliminated stutters in my setup.
  9. Torbjoen- Thanks for the update. A real pity as so much functionality is available but not "saveable" at present with my setup. My hope is that IXEG will continue to include more and more commands in future updates. (Control of EFIS and the lights being priorities for me)
  10. Just getting better with every hotfix! Absolutely superb aircraft to fly...so immersive, so characterful. Great to see more datarefs being included. Please carry on doing this... there is a workaround using xjoymapper but there are some issues that prevent this from working properly with my own hardware setup. (See this thread: ) Thanks to Jan and the team for their ongoing superlative support!
  11. Whooops here it is.... PythonInterfaceLog.txt
  12. I feel I owe you a few beers now!! Attached is the log file. Loads of references to missing datarefs which is what led me to believe they were loading in the wrong order initially. I've tried deleting every single key from XP (backed first of course!) but still the same issue of it being changed to the hierarchical name. Will try a fresh python plugin.....
  13. Still no success... Did as you suggested: can map the buttons easily but when I exit and reload XP the button ABOVE the previously selected one is associated with that particular key. To be clear: the button is now associated with the title of the secton, not with the actual button I chose in that section. Tearing hair out here!!!!
  14. LOL quite so!! Is the format of tour ini file the result of using Notepad++? Am about to try it to see what happens. Not sure I understand how the *.xjm file works.... have created one and placed it in the aircraft folder but still need the normal xjoymap.ini to be there.....
  15. Will check it. Very different format in your ini file to mine..... wonder why?!? I'm new to XP too: the IXEG is the aircraft that tempted me away from FSX/P3D! Lots of new ways of doing things which is all quite confusing but cool too. ;-)
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