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  1. thanks Jan, understood. just doesn't quite look right being completely see through during flight. looks like it is missing in its entirety will see what the community feels cheers for the quick response Dave
  2. Cheers Jan, i have previously worked with the 733 and never been able to see through the engine like this, yes entirely possible on a hi by pass engine that are on A350 or 787 but not seen this on the 733. its almost like there is no N1 fans from the back, but they are there from the front.... this view is from the rear no matter what angle it is from. cheers Dave
  3. I have noticed when you look behind the aircraft you can see right through the engine as if there is no N1 fan blades.see screen shot. hope this can be fixe. this occurs when the engines are running. not a problem when they are shut down, also this is the latest update 1.31
  4. found the problem, i had re-shade installed and that caused it. deleted re-shade and now all works again
  5. I am hoping for some help/support randomly i have an issue with the LES Saab where the digits in my radios dont show and the text on the load up screen of the Garmin also doesn't show. any idea on what it could be? i have tried to repair x plane, reinstalled the saab and still no luck. i have changed my graphics card, installed up to date drivers and windows is up to date. screen shot attached to show issue. Log file also attached. hope we find a solution, i really want to fly this bird
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