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  1. I am writing you these lines as I have not been able to get a response to my request for help from IXEG support. I do not wish in any way, that this means a complaint to anyone. I understand that they must be very busy and it is not easy to answer all requests. I cannot fly the IXEG in Vulkan mode, the panels are distorted and there are numerous flickers. Flying under OPEN GL mode, I notice that version 1.33 has some bugs: a) Flap testing does not work. b) The fuel test does not work. c) The fuel reset does not work. d) The FMC is unstable. IN the sense that some functions stop working. For example, on the last flight, you could not change your speed at each flight plan point. Please Litjan, I ask for your permanent kindness to know: a) Will the indicated problems be repaired? b) Will IXEG continue to develop the B737-300? From already thank you very much. Greetings from Argentina.
  2. I was already thinking of writing about so much cynicism and discourtesy expressed particularly by who identifies as "ANordheim". In that way I read the re-reflected by "ktomais" and, I stop in my intention because this member expresses everything that must be said to such ingratitude. I understand that it is very hard to receive so much offense, that's why the IXEG team responses. Please do not spend so much effort on an anonymous attacker who, quite possibly, can be a hitman in the competitive market. In case it is not clear to "ANordheim", cynic is any person who believes that he knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  3. Congratulations! They did a great job. And all dedicated to those of us who fly the IXEG B737-300! Your email was a great joy in the midst of this horrendous pandemic. It looks beautiful, with many details that, without hesitation, give it an enormous presence. I only made a small flight over my airport (SANT). Thank you again.
  4. Thank you very much IXEG team, for the update information and willingness to explain the questions. The important thing: they are working and hard for a good update. Thank you again.
  5. Thank you dear Litjan. Indeed, it is a systemic aggregate caused by "Fly with Lua" in its version: NG 2.7.21. To avoid the referred windows, the following files must be extracted and sent to the "Scripts (Disabled)" folder. headin_helper.lua (add a line of text in the heading indicator) QNH_helper.lua (add a line of text by positioning the mouse on the QNH selector button) automatic set qnh.lua (add two lines of text at the bottom left, indicating: a) Your altitude may show wrong alues b) Pilot and Copilot have different altimeter settings) display clist.lua (add three windows on the left above, indicating various time and speed variables) HUD module test.lua ( add window to the right below, indicating: SPD – ALT – HHDG – COM – OBS – NAV – ADF – Squawk – BARO)
  6. In the following images you can see the information windows that open when I move the mouse in these sectors; and so, various others. I recently uploaded the updated version of "Fly with Lua"; I thought that would be the cause. I have deactivated the "lua" files in the "Scripts" folder, without any result. What is the reason for such images? How should I remove them? From already thank you very much.
  7. Oh my good ... By the way, thank you very much for your cooperation. The configuration of my video card is the one that shows the image. I have not had any problems with SMP before; nor with any program, scenario or plane added to the X-Plane. What's more, I also do not have any FPS problems with the X-Plane. The drivers of the video card are updated.
  8. Dear Friends. I took a few days to perform the test you suggested, due to personal occupations and waiting for the reactivation of my passwords in X-Aviation, as a consequence of successive downloads of the Sky MAXX Pro software in the event of erroneous downloads. Procedure that of X-Activation that I share fully in protection of the abundant piracy. Going properly to our topic, unfortunately, the situation remains the same: the X-Plane is frozen in its download process, as a result of the SMP plugin, in accordance with what the Log.txt file, which I accompany, reports. The SMP load was made in an original version of X-Plane, without any addition and only updated to version 11.34. In terms of scenario, only the default scenario for Europe was loaded, so that the LOWI airport could be loaded as they suggested. I remain at your disposal, for any other proof I must do. I really do not understand what may be happening. Log.txt
  9. In effect, I'm surprised by what happens. I have never had any problem with the SMP, quite the contrary. For me it is an excellent development. Well have a time for it, I will follow your suggestion. I'll keep you updated. Thank You so much.
  10. The problem that I am referring to in this post is not new. I have expressed it by writing to X-Aviation. My last report sent to X-Aviation was 09/05/2019, being registered as: Ticket # 0F9NS. There, he expressed: “On 12/25/2018 I reported that there was a complete fall of the X-Plane as a result of your development: SkyMaxx. This was registered as: # K4CF6. No response from you. On 01/14/2019, I made a reiteration of the previous one. This was registered as: # WMM3H. No response to date. In both cases, version 4.7.3 was used. On the day of the date, I downloaded version 4.7.3 again in the hope that the aforementioned problem would have been solved. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I accompany you a copy of the Log.txt file of the X-Plane, in which the referred problem is verified. I beg You sent me an answer about it.” In this regard I must admit an error on my part, I had to access this forum and examine it, in relation to the problem I mentioned. Without prejudice to this, I have not received any response to this. Since the problem appeared (December-2018), I have made repeated reinstallations, without it being solved. It has been tested with flights with ships by default. Without result. I have never had memory problems with the SMP, nor is any corruption verified in this regard. I have uninstalled the SMP software numerous times, and re-painted it following the installation process foreseen by X-Aviation. In effect, the X-Plane is installed in a specific partition of the hard disk. The exception I am referring to includes the entire indicated partition. inally, I have sent the log.txt file in which the problem that I am referring to is appreciated. Thank you very much for your answers. I hope to have saving news. I am available to the developers to send them the information they need.
  11. I have loaded version 4.8.1, freezing the load of the X-Plane. This problem happens to me since the last modifications of SkyMAXX. The report of the log.txt file of the X-Plans, indicates: "This application has crashed because of the plugin: SkyMaxx Pro" The system is protected by the "AVAST Internet Security" program. This program has the SkyMAXX incorporated as an operational exception. If someone can help me, thank you very much. Log.txt
  12. Hola Pedro. Tanto tiempo. Te mando un especial saludo desde Tucumán. Si. Demoran en contestar. Pero te darán una respuesta. Fijate en el archivo log.txt del X-Plane si aparece alguna incompatibilidad entre algún plugin y el IXEG. Un excelente desarrollo. Un gusto haberte encontrado en este camino de la aviación. Mis mejores deseos.
  13. Thanks again "vonmarty". Thanks, "Litjan." I will carefully check this topic. I'll keep you updated.
  14. Thanks "vonmarty" but I mean the IXEG.
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