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  1. Certainly that is the first place I plan to walk to when I get my VR headset and XP11 VR features are rolled out. :-)
  2. @Morten I am curious if you can give us a brief summary of the changes coming to Gizmo that are necessary for IXEG v1.1 to work on XP10? Or maybe there is a Gizmo related thread somewhere I can read? Excited. Cheers, Justin
  3. @mmerelles it seems you are entirely correct and that in HDG mode it does respect bank angle!
  4. Yes no Gizmo error. But it seems to me that ground handling, and the propensity to Toyko drift on the runway has dramatically increased?! Cheers, Justin
  5. @mmerelles that is great info to know! I believe I primarily just tested if the two datarefs were coupled and if bank changed, most likely in LNAV mode. I will test in HDG mode directly.
  6. Does the bank angle limit work in the IXEG? My preliminary testing says it does not. When I turn the knob in the cockpit I see that ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_bank_angle_act dataref changes value. However the autopilot dataref sim/cockpit2/autopilot/bank_angle_mode does NOT change value. Perhaps the IXEG autopilot is fully customized in its handling of bank angle, but I see steep bank angles even at cruise. Cheers, Justin jsnapp1982
  7. Jan, I post this opinion here only because you are in a much _bigger_ position to influence Austin than humble little me. But I things like this are an area where Laminar should work with the community to develop open engine models through community effort. Laminar only has so much time on their hands. And there are no doubt a lot of people who would love to contribute to such a product. Open sourcing such efforts is really the appropriate modern way of improving such details within a platform in my opinion. Cheers, Justin
  8. Interesting. I had never observed any crashes with DRT and the IXEG ... on Windows.
  9. That makes sense. I am just confused then what the new beta of Gizmo solves here? Maybe I am being dense.
  10. New beta of IXEG or new beta of datareftool?
  11. Spoken like scenery developer. :-) On the aircraft side there are several new systems changes. But in the context of this question one thing that will "hold back" a lot of plane developers is wanting to best adopt the new "metalness" PBR texturing and sound engine. Although I am not sure how planes that already use custom sound engines are likely to proceed on the sound engine front. It sounds like those changes won't be in the 1.1 update of the IXEG, to which I say "great"! lets get this plane back in the sky and clear all the air worthiness directives release by the virtual agencies and then we can worry about buffing up the skin to be nice and shiny. :-) Plane sounds great already!
  12. @Litjan thanks for the info.
  13. Seriously, please drop any discussion of Gizmo and the ORG from this thread.... Not what I asked about it that kind of talk will lead to a thread getting closed. Was really only looking for answer from an IXEG team member. :-) And for only positive inputs. Thanks.
  14. Looked but didn't see this asked and answered.... IXEG 1.1 before, with, or after XP11 release? Or will IXEG 1.1 come out for XP10, and then any XP11 improvements/features will wait until a later upgrade? Couldn't help but wonder given Tyler's knowledge XP11 and that 1.1 is so visually similar to 11. :-) Cheers, Justin
  15. I did not come in here to stir mud. What is this name calling? Very ungentlemanly. I "came in here" to post twice. First to ask, once I found this thread and that Sundog mentioned there was a patch, if the patch would be posted this week. (A reasonable question as this is an urgent problem, and clearly if a patch isn't going to be released existing customers should at least be alerted via email to this significant problem.) I posted a second time to provide my fellow forum members _useful news_ that Sundog has at least passed on the patch to X-Aviation. Then you quoted me in your statement and made the imperative statement "relax yourself" but now claim you were not referring to me. And lastly you say I came here to stir mud. It seems it is you who is flinging the aspersions against my character, not the other way around. Sigh. Times I have posted relevant information of interest to other members here in this thread: 2 Times you have attacked people in this thread: 2 Concrete details provided about patch timeline by you: 0 Why am I the lame one here to cause trouble?
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