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  1. Hello everyone, I encountered a major problem in my fmc, specifically in the coroute section. I didnt had any folder at all, so I created a folder called "coroutes" inside the root folder. The problem I have is when I want to insert a coroute I saved at the carpet, I doesn't load at all and console shows me this weird message. It just wont let me put the coroute. I downloaded the .fpl from simbrief and everyone says they are just fine with those.
  2. HI! I have recently installed this aircraft and for some reason there are no US airports in the FMC database. I have updated x-planes nav data and i have the current navdata as active in the aircraft FMC but still nothing. I am only able to enter UK airports as starting and ending airports. Very Weird. any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone, Having recently updated the IXEG 733 to version 1.1, and after updating AIRAC to 1706 cycle, I've found that some waypoints that used to exist in the previous version are no longer recognized by the FMC. After taking a look at the INIT page, FMC shows AIRAC 1509! I managed to update AIRAC directly from Navigraph and think it's allright. Any help on this? Tks, Luiz
  4. Well, after my last rant I thought about gaining some positive IXEG karma points and give some more information about the – 1.0.3 still existing – problem over here, because this makes the plane unflyable for me on VATSIM. When (enroute) trying to skip some waypoints and go direct to another waypoint on the LEGS page, I can click on the desired point to bring it to the bottom left of the FMC. But when I try to insert this point into the first position of the legs, framerate drops immediately to around 0.3 – and the plane and me are lost in time tunnel ,-) If I continue looking at the FMC – and the spinning ball (mac) – after a long time (40 sec or more, it depends...) the new waypoint appears on the FMC and MOD is indicated, EXEC gets lit. IF (not always possible) I then manage to get the click on this button happening, everything is back to normal again. Looks like a too tight loop (doing the new calculation for the route?) to me, as a tail on the gizmo log gives constant updates on processing points, interceptions et al while the plane is unresponsive and XP does not process mouse clicks any more. If you need more information, let me know. MacBook Pro 15 Mid 2012, 2,6 i7, 16GB, SSD (system), 2TB HD (XP), OS 10.9.5 XP 10.45, plugs deactivated (see screenshot), XP log & Gizmo log attached. Bassy regards Benjamin GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  5. I have recently purchased the ixeg 737, first of all, it's a beautiful aircraft, but I am having an issue which is very annoying. each time I make a change in the FMC that illuminates the EXEC light I get these massive stutters which last several seconds each and they are persistent until I manage to press the exec button. after the button is pressed and the light goes out the stutters are completely gone. I have heard other people also have this issue, and I would like to know if there is a fix for this.
  6. FIXED / JUST INCREASE JOYSTICK DEADZONE / PROBLEM APPEARED AFTER X-PLANE UPDATE 11.30 Dear all, I'm trying to fly a route fully on FMC but for some reason VNAV is not engaging (though LNAV is). No error warnings on the flight plan. It's quite continuous, no problems there. Could it be after I updated to X-Plane 11.30? Could it be because I changed a couple of times the destination airport without "hard resetting" (fully reloading) the model? Besides, is there anyway to troubleshoot this, to know why VNAV is not switching on? Thanks in advance for any ideas A.
  7. Dear all, Hello, I'm returning to you guys for some help. I'm trying to flight a IFR route from Paris CDG to Toulouse, using the whole package: SID, STAR, approach. For this occasion I've chosen the following ones: SID: AGOP2G, AGOPA (from RWY 09L) STAR: ESIS6N, ESISI (to RWY 14 L) The problem I'm having is when trying to "exit" the STAR and link it to the APPROACH. The mentioned STAR ESIS6N starts from fix ESIS and ends at fix NETRA, as you can see on the following flight plan (before entering the APPROACH, but after having loaded the SID and the STAR): However, what I don't really understand is which of the following I should choose. Could anyone briefly explain the difference between VDM/ILS/RNV? I have some charts and I don't have them as separate procedures, just a standard RNAV LOC (see next screenshot): Besides that doubt, let's say I pick up approach 14L with transition NETRO (sounds logical, it's the last point of the STAR), the flight plan ends up looking terrible, as you can see below: ...when I'm expecting it to look something more like this: Is this some kind of bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thank you so much in advance for any help Best, Agustín
  8. Dear all, I've been using this amazing model for quite some time and can already do a full flight using VNAV and LNAV without any issues. However, I have noticed that during descent phase, the display just above the engine gauges stays stuck at CRZ, even though the FMC successfully begins descent. Any idea if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. hey i have been flying the ixeg 737 for a few days and in the fmc menu i see acms when i click it nothing happens. how cna i fix this?
  10. Is the PROG button in the FMC a function? It never seems to provide me with the fuel estimate, eta, distance etc to the destination, only the next waypoint. If I am using 6 way points, I won't be able to get any information on the route, not even the total distance. I have no way of knowing what my fuel will be when I land. I used this button very frequently in other fsx addons like pmdg and ifly. Anyone else having this problem?
  11. Hey! Everytime the execute button lights up my frames drop massively. I normally run X-plane on 40 fps but when the execute button lights up drops down to under 10 and it will freeze for a couple of seconds, that's stationary on the ground. In the air then my X-plane will freeze for like 10-30 secs when the execute button lights up and like has happened a couple of times results in the crash of X-Plane 11.
  12. Disclaimer: This is under XP11 RC2 and I know the Ixeg 737 is not yet officially supported in that environment, which may be the reason I am having the issue below. I've experienced a few times now and consistently a major frame rate issue only in the IXEG plane when I start placing altitude or speed constraints on legs in the FMC after reaching cruising altitude. I do this fairly often to comply with ATC vectors or flight levels which may deviate from the default approach initially programmed into the FMC on the ground. Taking a simple example, a flight from Salt Lake to Denver. Here's the coroute: KSLC CHE DIRECT FRNCH DIRECT BOENG KDEN During pre-flight, I add the departure SID from KSLC for runway 16R, and add the arrival STAR at KDEN for 16R as well (via TOMS/KAILE3). In this case, approaching TOMS from FRNCH and being directed to FL210, I set an altitude constraint on the waypoint via the entry of /210 on BOENG. The moment the constraint is displayed, my FPS totally tanks from 35-40 to 4-8 almost immediately. The buttons on the FMC become unresponsive the moment the entry is input, and it takes it a very long time (30 seconds or more) to execute (even for the light on the button to come up). The cursor on the EXEC button takes several seconds to change to the hand. Clearly, something's happening as the whole simulation is now a slideshow. What's very odd is when I look at my CPU and GPU graph is my CPU utilization falls to about 10% and my GPU utilization falls to 6%. It looks like nothing is happening at all and I have plenty of horsepower completely unused (which explains the FPS) but not why. Normally I see 100% utilization on the XP thread, and between 60% to 99% utilization on the GPU for a FPS at my QHD resolution of about 35-45. This happens in an outside view or inside view and I've now duplicated this with either an altitude constraint on any waypoint, or a speed constraint, or both, when apply to any portion of the flight plan, when in the air. Works fine on the ground (as far as I can tell) - so changing that before a flight is not causing the issue. Only in-flight. I saw a post on antivirus software having to be disabled on the XP folder (which as an IT professional I find very strange as in this day and age, security should never be relaxed to fix a software or performance issue because of the risks it entails) but this had to do with adding or changing waypoints - which I'm not doing here - I'm only placing a constraint which only impacts the VNAV component. I haven't tried disabling A/V on XP but will (very reluctantly). I've also been able to reproduce on other flight plans and the performance issue is almost instant when a speed or vertical constraint is added in flight on any existing waypoint although I've only attempted to set speed and altitude constraints on the approach, so slower speed or lower altitudes. This may be just my setup, the fact I'm running this plane in XP11 RC2, but it's done that before the RC2 update and I've been able to reproduce consistently to the point I now stay away from any VNAV changes and just don't use VNAV for approach descent control. There's nothing I can do when the FMC starts to act up until I quit the flight. Restarting the flight returns the normal FPS. Hopefully one of the gurus here can help me explain what I'm doing wrong. My addons are X-Enviro and World Traffic, I also have flywithLua and xassign, and ezpushback. Disabling those does not fix the issue (looks to be completely unrelated). I also have the EADT 738 and the add-on FMC for that and it doesn't cause that issue, only the IXEG FMC so far. Running Windows 10 x64, 16Gb memory @3.2GHz, Ryzen 1800X @4GHz, and a 1080 TI 11Gb card with a slight overclock, current Nvidia drivers, current WIndows patches and current XP RC2 as published on Steam. Thanks!
  13. Hi, Lately when Im about half way my flight, everything seems normal, all of a sudden the FMC shuts down for no reason at all (screen turns black), I get ELEC, IRS, FUEL warnings on the MCP, autopilot is disengaged and I can't seem to switch everything on again. I have NO failures selected in the failures menu, so all systems should work without failing. Anyone had the same problem or knows what the issue can be? Attached a screenshot when I landed, all screens have gone black and the warnings are vivible too Thanks Tony 0
  14. Fab

    FMS SID bug

    XP11 build 110025, AIRAC 1705, If you select some combination of RWY, SID, TRANS on DEP page and then select another combination, then if you select previous combination you'll get wrong results on LEGS page. For example: at KPHX airport at DEP page: select RWY 26, SID CHILY4, TRANS BTY, execute on the DEP page select RWY 26, SID CHILY4, TRANS EED, execute on the DEP page again select first combination RWY 26, SID CHILY4, TRANS BTY, execute go to LEGS page and you'll see SID waypoint only down to CHILY (..., ZEPER, CARLO, CHILY). Rest of the SID (RAMSY, SISIE, DOVEE, BTY) is absent.
  15. For VNAV to be calculated by FMC I have to enter STAR for destination airport before route activation and execution. But as I know the STAR is supplied by ATC just before or during descend. How is it done in real world?
  16. I occasionally experience soft crashes when entering flightplans - attached is the most recent one that happened when entering a flightplan for KMIA - KIAH flight; the route I tried to enter is WINCO2 WINCO J43 LBV DCT SRQ DCT REDFN Q100 LEV LINKK1. The crash happened as I was trying to set the STAR. Before that I made several mistakes on the arrivals page, so changed STAR and runway a few times. I'm running X-Plane 10.51 with updated Nav Data (AIRAC 1703 from Navigraph). 737 is at version 1.0.7.
  17. I am getting a "Verify Position" prompt when I try to enter the position into the FMC. I turn on power to the plane ..set the nav controls to Nav..both of them..type into the FMC the airport code I am at ..the coordinates appear.. I put the coordinates in the scratch area..and when I press the right key to enter the coordinates I get.."Verify Position" What am I doing wrong? It has not happened before..the Gizmo broke.. I am using... iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015 4 GHz Intel Core i7 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB mac os 10.12.1 Xplane 10.51r2 (64 bit)
  18. Hi, I would like to add this report if not already sorted out in the new v1.1. Route: LSGG RWY05 MEDAM4N MEDAM UL623 VEVAR VEVAR6C LFMN ILS04L FL250, CI=25, ZFW 46kT, FOB=5000kg Problem: on approaching LFMN, after NERAS LNAV turns northward instead of following plan to LEMPU. If anybody can confirm this behaviour. Thanks.
  19. Hello, after fiddling with the fmc (or fms, not really sure what to call it!) i realized none of my routes work (co routes), i try punching it into the fmc and it says file not found, even if it is with the correct airac, .fms etc... (keep in mind these are saved to the default xp fmc folder). So, should I put them somewhere else or...? Any response which can help would be appreciated - my regards and best of luck AV
  20. Hello folks, I'm thinking on building my flight sim cockpit around the very nice IXEG, but I found no way to export FMC strings using dataref. Commands for input are there, but not output. Could this please be considered? We don't need anything fancy, just exporting the text strings that are displayed on each line would be more than enough. Please please do consider it... Otherwise not really possible to interface with a real cockpit :/ Thanks!
  21. Route to IXEG FMC View File This is a quick and dirty Windows Console application i made in order to create Company Routes for the IXEG B737-300. To get company routes which you can open by the FMC you could also use a simple text editor, however it was a tedious process so i decided to do this converter. All you have to do is to copy the route you are going to fly to the clipboard, only its waypoints and airways like this for example "XENAK UM985 LEDRI UL140 ALAMU DCT TEGRI UL605 NEKUL", then run the "route to ixeg fmc.exe" which will now ask you for the ORIGIN and Destination Airport (4-Letter ICAO Format in CAPITALS for each), once you entered those its done and there should be a coroute file ready to be opened by the FMC of the IXEG B737-300 If your ORIGIN is, as in this example, LROP and your Destination is LTBA just enter LROPLTBA into the "CO ROUTE" line of the FMC and the route will be loaded. But first of all for setting it up you must check and enter the location of your IXEG Coroute file folder in the Settings.ini of the application. Mine is "D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/X-Plane 10/Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/coroutes/" so i entered it as a default. Also be carefull when you copy your route to the clipboard not to include any Airport, Runway, Flight Level, Sid, Star, Transition or anything else other than Waypoints and Airways (DCT and DIRECT is acceptable), it also has to be in CAPITAL letters same as the ORIGIN and Destination. Submitter Bokehlicious Submitted 05/03/2016 Category Plugins and Utilities
  22. Hi. I can go to the fix page and add relative positions that then can be loaded to the scratchpad in the proper format: I mean, for instance, IZA300.0/010.0 which would be a waypoint 10 miles from fix IZA, along its 300 radial. But I can't find a way to upload the waypoint to my route. I'm wondering if that is simulated at all, or if I'm being plainly clumsy. I'm getting very, very fond of this magnificent plane, by the way.
  23. It is possible to fly a holding with the FMC? Thanks
  24. I just recently purchased this because of the amazing reviews. I agree it is a great plane, the systems are tremendous and the sound blows me away. It probably feels better and more realistic than any other but the fmc is terrible. It looks like a Spectrum zx with the low resolution blocky text and half of it not working. I was amazed at how crap the fmc was. I knew of the no tcas and no des now etc before buying but the fmc is terrible. FF 767 now the fmc on that baby coupled with the support for tablets etc is the best yet. I almost always land manually but to test the AP I tried a few autolands, only 1 out of 4 was successful. It was all over the place with the slightest wind. Even with calm conditions it managed to do a half arsed un commanded toga 200 feet from runway. Im being very critical because of the price but the dynamics and systems are superb. The menu for loading etc definitely needs a make over. The fmc and menu (completely irritating) look somewhat freeware. For 6 years development and $75 I expected more. A great plane, one of the best, let down by some fundamental flaws and bizarre omissions. I compare this to having all PMDG, Flighfactor, JAR Design and Aerosoft on Fsx, P3D and X-Plane. Redesign the menu and redo fmc and it will be even better.
  25. Will someone, in the know (possibly Tom), please explain the function of the folder named "fmc_data" directly inside the IXEG 737 Classic folder? I'm wondering if there might be conflicts with this data, and the navdata gleaned from the navigraph database.
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