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  1. Sorry Cameron, I did everything the way you wrote. I have been working with Xplane for a long time and have knowledge. You may please understand, if you don't get an answer and at the same time comes advertising, you are a bit frustrated. I think the GIZMO is causing problems. The v1.2 works with the old GIZMO. I think that with the installation of v1.21 will a new GIZMO be installed? I hope for a solution soon Thanks
  2. I flew the previous version a lot and was very satisfied. The previous version works fine I like the733! Unfortunately the update produces an error message? I reported a mistake here. Unfortunately there is no reaction and help. Also I've also solved ticket #UWRBX: IXEG 2.21 But also here no reaction! I think this is bad and think about buying a new one at X-Aviation! Sorry for my frustration, always thought " customer is king " Why is in "version. txt" (aircraft folder) 11 and not 1.21 written? Advertising by X-Aviation gets you daily but help ?? Thanks!
  3. I have also a gizmo bug with version 1.21 XP 11.20r1 Draw votices is off! Thanks for help! GizmoLog.txt http://
  4. Why pushback only works straight ahead? XP10 and XP11, WIN10 Thanks
  5. hermi

    Strange Clouds

    SMP4, Xplane 10.50 These are strange clouds. Help! Thanks
  6. It is possible to fly a holding with the FMC? Thanks
  7. new installation of 737, I only need the update 1:07 or I have to start with the first update? Thanks Hermann
  8. Many thanks for the update! The clouds look fantastic Allow me a question: why not move the shadow of clouds continuously? It seems that would move the shadow up every 2 to 3 seconds. Sure, if you are flying you can not see it, but if you stand on the appron! Thanks
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