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  1. WebFMC dev here. This is a single instance where we call XPLMDebugString() from a background thread during early startup. No other calls to XP API are made from threads ever. If this log access was ever an issue, I'm sure we would have known already after ~3 years of the plugin existence (plus, it would crash very early, even before aircraft is loaded). Anyway, since Laminar's guidance on threading-safety is pretty clear, I'll eliminate this case in the next update of WebFMC, to be on the safe side. Anyway, I'm glad the issue has apparently been resolved. And the cockpit with 2 FMC displa
  2. Same problem. I picked stable Gizmo and running XP 11.41; also restarted X-Plane but that didn't help.
  3. stolowski


    @skiselkovI think no plugins, including TBM, should install global signal/error (SIGSEGV?) handlers and expect them to work in a reliable manner, it goes beyond any promises made by X-Plane SDK, and is generally true for any software where plugins (dynamic libraries) are used to extend base functionality. I think this crash report from clean XP installation proves it - it can very well be X-Plane itself resetting the handler for whatever reason. By the way, XP generates crash reports for Visual Studio in Output/crashreports directory, I wonder if they could be useful if TBM plugins were compi
  4. Restoring flights or saving/loading situations in X-Plane rarely works with 3rd party planes, if at all. Planes enhanced by plugins and having custom simulations of various systems (such as this one) have a lot of internal state that's simply not saved by X-Plane, so cannot be restored. For that reasons a few planes (A319 by ToLiss, A320 by FlightFactor) have custom Save/Load functionality that completely bypasses X-Plane's 'Resume...', and you access them via their own custom menus. So, in short, you shouldn't use Resume/Load/Save of XP with 3rd party planes, as bad things may happen.
  5. I don't know about this manual. What I meant is the PDF manual distributed by X-Aviation, with the model. You can find it in <X-PlaneDir>/Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM900/Documents or something like that (not sure and don't have XP at hand to check).
  6. For 1 & 2 you check the manual distributed with the aircraft, it's explained there.
  7. I know developers have their hands full with more pressing issues right now, but would be great to make sure this report isn't pushed further down and get forgotten. Any confirmation these issues have been noted?
  8. Do you guys set your rudder trim for takeoff to counter the force of propeller? It's described in the pdf manual.
  9. I've provided complete Log.txt in my original crash report (quoted above). Unfortunately no stacktrace was generated on crash, only the metar error as last message in the log.
  10. Could be the same problem I reported a few moments earlier (NIGHT function probably unrelated) -
  11. I've configured access to autorouter.aero and opened a chart for EPBY (one of the STAR charts). Then pressed NIGHT mode for the chart and XP11 crashed. Attaching log file and metar.xml mentioned in the log. TBM v1.0.1. Log.txt metar.xml
  12. Is there a list of 3rd party designers who oficially confirmed support for TerraMaxx? I know of Zurich airport makers, are there any others?
  13. I'm slightly confused by this, I was under the impression that TerraMaxx works with default scenery out of the box, with no need for any tinkering, and only 3rd party airports that use non-default buildings or grass textures need to be customized? It all sounds very complicated...
  14. UrbanMaxx V3 for TerraMaxx - http://maxx-xp.com/urbanmaxx-v3-tm
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