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  1. attach your xplane log.txt file found on the xplane 11 root folder
  2. Hi Tim DH is supposed to be blanked out while abobe 2500 ft radio altitude, so no possible to configure there. You set is by rotating the DH knob (0 to 999 valid values). It will flash when going below DH
  3. Hi there when VOR/ADF map/ctr map mode is selected V1 & V2 represents the radial to VOR1 and to VOR2 elected stations respectively (vor1 seems to be tuned to your approach station thus pointing ahead while vor 2 is tuned to different station) A1 & A2 represents the relative bearing to tuned ADFs (a1 is not shown because whatever you have tuned has no active signal while adf2 does) please note v1, v2, a1 & a2 may or may not be shown based whether they have an active signal actually. hope this helps
  4. The instrument transfer switches are out of the normal position. There are 2, EFI & IRS, make sure both are set to normal position You can find them on the overhead panel, left side above the fuel pumps
  5. Increasing yaw nullzone to 3-5% should cure the problem it is quite common desktop grade hardware does not center perfectly leading to undesired inputs
  6. nice video! when departing having WXR radar active, set the antena tilt to +3 for avoiding picking up ground returns and a full red nav display. The antena pickup +/- 3 degree, so by setting +3 on the ground you get returns above the ground and not the ground itself.
  7. You need to know some new concepts. -True heading (212 shown by the IRS display). This is the TRUE heading the aircraft is following in relation to earth's geographical north (not the magnetic north) the difference between true vs magnetic varies across the globe, you may see isogonic lines/charts -ND heading (244). The NAV display shows the heading the aircraft's nose is pointing in order to maintain the desired magnetic course 236. Since you have a VERY STRONG crosswind coming from the right, AP is pointing the aircraft's nose to 244 in order to compensate those strong winds trying to drift the aircraft out of desired 236 track. if no crosswind components were present ND heading and planned magnetic course should match. -Magnetic course. This is the magnetic course the aircraft should follow as per the flight plan. hope this helps
  8. What hardware you have? I have seen several forums post were people using WMR hardware have no sounds if they do start xplane before starting WMR.
  9. this is a known behavior of current vnav implementation, if you are planning to fly a SID/STAR having dual altitude contrains. i.e cross waypoint 123 below XXX and above ZZZ then the FMC will code invalid altitudes and prevent vnav from engaging. It is important you delete those restrictions and re-enter them manually correctly until vnav code is redone.
  10. It is a safety warning on the real thing your throttles are at IDLE and your landing gear is not down!
  11. I presume there is a confusion here? IXEG_user_prefs.txt is the file updated/modified by IXEG to incorporate new features added B733_prefs.txt is the xplane quick_look feature (numpadkeys). Make a copy of this and place it back after an update hope this helps
  12. xplane default & active sky may be using different weather sources. please note WIND DIRECTION AND SPEED on the EHSI will come available when winds are GREATER THAN 6 KNOTS! ACTIVE SKY had 5 knots thus not activating the EHSI report XPLANE DEFAULT had 8 knots by the time you did the test thus SHOWN. I do use ACTIVE SKY nothing wrong, you are on the very limit of SHOWN vs NOT SHOWN on the EHSI. In aviation winds 5 knots and below are considered calm and will be reported as calm when landing by ATC.
  13. Hi @Stratosfeerick All brands/controllers have its own "personality" and the average sensivity setting may not be optimal, besides the personal preference factor as well tip: 1. textedit the file "vrconfigs.txt" found on your IXEG 737 root folder (make a backup first just, in case you do something wrong) 2. search for "radios" you should find a section that looks like below: BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_mhz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_mhz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_khz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_khz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_mhz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_mhz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_khz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_khz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP 3. Change the value 100 to 300 i did highlight here in red for the nav radios Mhz & Khz knobs. You may play higher or lower if desired later note: you need to reload the aircraft to take effect hope this helps
  14. At present time you will have to setup weight, fuel, gpu, and general aircraft preferences over the 2D window as said on the IXEG announcement, but i am quite sure the IXEG menus will also be integrated to VR later. Anyway, i do use their previous version (1.21) with a mod for VR and you have to only to pull up your VR headset for a minute to use the mouse over the regular monitor to set the aircraft parameters then put your vr heaset back again. You do not need to disable/enable VR or anything like that. link to the announcement
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