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  1. Any news regarding the 737-300 Development? We've never heard anything since the release of 1.33.... Is the aircraft still being worked on as it was since the updates from version 1.30? Thanks
  2. I have the same issue. AIRAC 2007 Navigraph; IXEG 1.32; ARR airport SBSV. In my case, the ARR airport has the main runway closed and the auxiliary runway which is used for takeoff and landing has no SID/STAR or an approach procedure. I was able to see the issue again by following these steps. (i turned on the debug mode, it might help) Log.txt
  3. Your machine ID is locked, this happpen when you activate more than 3 times and need to block one older PC, you must have done that, If it wasn't you ......
  4. In a future update can you add datarefs on the aircraft to make it compatible with xPilot? On X-Pilot (VATSIM) you can manage the volume of COM1 and COM2 on 3d cockpit radios, it is a very usefull feature.
  5. We need a "study" level embraer aircraft for flight simulation. E2 Series for example... I know that you are not thinking about other projects right now but here is my suggestion that me and many friends would buy it... Maybe one day.
  6. Ok, I just made a flight with a friend and it seems to work well, except for the person who is the slave because is really unstable during the flight (the airplane keeps shaking weirdly for him) and this did not happened on Taxi, takeoff and landing... Just small things are not sync (GPU, Cargo doors and some guards as well) and this bug above really piss off the slave but the plane is still pretty flyable and good to do a shared cockpit. Thank you XP 11.41, Experimental Flight Model ON, ASXP (For both, weather sync disabled), SmartCopilot 3.1.2, IXEG 1.31
  7. @birdy.dma Does the file on sky4crew work well on 1.31?
  8. Dear IXEG team, I did a quick search and didnt find this topic on the forum..... After several flights with the version 1.31, i noticed on every flight that the landing gear red light is turning on, on descent. Is that normal? (sometimes it also turn off itself and turn back on seconds later) Thank you
  9. Can you make the "clickspot" for the switches bigger? In the image for example, my mouse is in the middle of switch but i need to put it a little bit higher to work, it would help Just other thing, the mouse scroll in the standby horizon is inverted. Thank you
  10. Thank you for your reply, it really helped me
  11. Hi, Can someone help me please? I was studing a bit this aircraft when i saw a "PMC switch". What is this? What is the function? Does IXEG simulate? (This is the OM for 737 -300 -400 and -500, so i dont know exactly if 737-300 has this :/ ) Thank you.
  12. Maybe a cargo DLC for -300 would be awesome as well
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