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  1. Thanks for the info, very useful. I am still in doubt, tho' (and I'm possibly misunderstanding something). If you see the last paragraph in the checklist image I'm attaching to this message, it leads me to believe that the "HYD 1 and 2 LO PRESS" message will re-appear in the CAS after the pressure drops. In my case, as soon as I move the 1B and 2B pumps to AUTO, the "LO PRESS" message appears almost immediately on the CAS. In your message, you mentioned "The CAS is warning you about an impending issue, you have pressure now but not for long please take action soon.". That makes total sense. However, if that's the intended behavior, shouldn't the checklist be worded differently?. Like I said, I may be misunderstanding things here. If so, I apologize. Thanks for any further clarification (isn't it great and bizarre at the same time to be nitpicking about things like these? it means the product is absolutely awesome!) :-)
  2. Hello team Hot Start! Has this been marked for fixing? It is still happening in 1.2.3. Thanks :-) Cheers -E
  3. Hi Coop, is this still in the plans? In my opinion this has been long overdue. Is it going to be a free upgrade for existing customers? Thank you! regards -E
  4. Thanks for the informative post, Tom. Moving to the XP dataset seems like a winning choice. Won't ask ETAs! hehe cheers -E
  5. Thank you for your answers, Cooper! I think I mis-phrased the point about the manual of the ovation 3: my question was if you planned on updating the manual to include the G1000 and any customization you've done on top of LR's G1000 for the ovation 3, not the aircraft per se ;-). Looking forward to the next updates then!!! cheers -E
  6. Haha!!! Ich verstehe genau!!! That's just hilarious! Have a great weekend, Jan. Thanks for the laugh. -E
  7. Hello! I just purchased the M20 collection, so far I've only performed a few flights and I'm liking them so far. Some questions, tho': - Is there a way to turn on/off the cabin flood lights? - Is there a way to convert the instruments from Fahrenheit to Centigrade? - Is there documentation on the Acclaim? I can't find it in the folder. - The docs for the ovation 3 mention the steam gauge cockpit, while in the sim it's based on the G1000. Are there any plans for updating it?. - I understand the FMOD sounds are in preview. Are there plans to make the sounds louder when the pilot's windshield or the door are open?. There are some minor nuisances with the sounds, but it's a good improvement over default. I think that's it for now! Thank you! -E Enrique Vaamonde
  8. Hi Jan! Thanks for your reply! Your stories about VNAV are 100% similar to what I've heard from my friends. Of all the aircraft you flew (or fly?) I wonder if the A320 was the one who had the most "bugs" that required workaround by the crew?. I've heard some interesting stories about it. On the other hand, as an Aerowinx PSX user, I'm jealous you got to fly in the Queen!. >>I think that is about as cool as using a Tesla´s autopilot when playing a car racing game . Haha!!! That's a fantastic analogy!!! I'm more fond of virtual flying more classic stuff (such as the IXEG, the 727, MD-80, A300, Etc.) because it definitely poses more challenges... don't find much joy on more automated stuff such as an A320 or a 787. But then again... to each their own. Anyway, thanks so much for you replies again and I'll be definitely be looking forward to the cargo variant!!! Like a good friend of mine uses to say (and believe me, it sounds more hilarious in spanish): "cargo don't squeal!" (la carga no chilla!). Cheers! -E
  9. Hi Jan! Thanks for the prompt reply. Roger that on the VNAV quirkinesses ;-) I'm not a professional aviator in real life, however one of the the things that I've learned over the years from my buddies who do fly heavies - 744F, 767F, A300F, A330F, 77F (do you see a pattern here? hehe) - is that no aircraft is free of bugs and that there have been moments in which they've had to resort to the "basic" modes in order to comply with ATC or keep the aircraft from doing something stupid that might result in a tea & no biscuits visit to the higher ups in their companies Thanks again! Looking forward to keep flying the IXEG... it's been fun so far. -E
  10. Hello all! New owner of the IXEG. Loving this bird so far! Nice job. I have a problem tho': I've had to intervene with lvl change during my descent two or three times in my last flight (which is the first full automated flight... I've been doing circuits to get a 'feel' of the aircraft). The vertical deviation was inside the correct range during the first few minutes after capturing ToD, then it started to shallow the descent until it was no longer descending and basically the auto-throttles had to wake up to maintain the speed. At that time I just pressed level change and everything continued as normal. This kept happening multiple times on different stages of the descent. Winds aloft were mostly calm. The route was SVMI-TNCA. This is mostly a default XP11 11.41 install with ActiveSky and AviTab. FlywithLua is enabled with just xvisibility script. No other addons or plugins. I am familiar with the 737 (Zibo in XP or NGX in FSX/NGXu in P3D) so I don't think I did anything to screw up the vertical profile. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you! -E Enrique Vaamonde
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