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  1. Ah thanks for the correction. I was thinking about the behavior of another aircraft type and forgot that not all SIDs/STARs with speed restrictions do not include MAX for the speed restrictions.
  2. To add to what everyone else is saying. Speed restrictions on charts are usually at or less. So if the descent page speed is lower than the restriction on the chart, it wont speed up.
  3. Well I did see the plane yaw a little a few times while I was parked so im thinking the gusts were so strong it moved the plane enough to affect the IRS alignment.
  4. Sorry to resurrect this but a 1 click button to have any one of the failures trigger randomly at a random time, speed or altitude would be great if it isn't too much trouble. It would make me pay even more attention when running all those first flight of the day items.
  5. Thank you! I will give that a try next time.
  6. Totally blown away by this addon, this coming from someone who prefers study level stuff, and who, just solely because of this addon made me for the first time since FS98, buy and use X-Plane! I never thought i'd see the day I would use Xplane. Anyway, I was parked on the ramp and KACK tonight, and during the preflight the IRS's wouldn't align. Every 2 minutes or so I kept getting the Excess IRS Motion message resetting the alignment time to 6.7 minutes. I figure it must be the wind as at the time according to ASXP it was 350 at 27 gusting 40. Having the parking brake and chocks in
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