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  1. Yeah I know but I'm just giving back the explanation that was given by the devs a couple of times this was mentioned.
  2. Yes it is correct. From my understanding, the message is triggered when the sensors detect a loss in output pressure from the pump and not a drop in system pressure. It's done this way to quickly tell you that you're about to lose the hydraulic pressure so get ready.
  3. Same thing for me with my first flight on the newest patch. Was on ils10 into RCSS it had pitch oscillations until I disconnected the auto pilot. Metar was 031900 and wind was 090/11
  4. I've tried this many times, it didn't seem to make a difference, from 5 to 10 minutes from them arriving at the fbo according to the debug menu, so I instead just use the "advance passenger state" (I think that's what it is called)
  5. X-Plane log? That is probably already gone because I've done a couple flights since then. I've already attached the log from the challenger.
  6. At least I'm not the only one having issues trying to use nav to fly VOR radials. Hopefully they will fix for the next patch.
  7. Never mind, got an answer. It's just X-Plane being X-Plane.
  8. I landed at OMDB today (default scenery) and when the van arrived to pick up the passengers, my FPS dropped from 45 to 20 and xplane began to stutter until the van left and then the FPS went back to 45. CL650_Log.txt Log.txt
  9. I was doing a flight from LGSK to LGSM. The route is DCT KOROS G33 LUPIS G18 URNIL URNI2A. FMS was fully set up for the arrival and landing, I manually tuned the SAM VOR and set the radial 086 to fly from URNIL to SAM, and then switched NAV SRC back to FMS1 during the cruise. While I was in the descent, enroute to URNIL from MES (I think), I pushed the heading sync button and then HDG button. Afterwards, I set the NAV SRC from FMS1 to VOR1. I then pressed the NAV button, thinking it would arm the mode to intercept the VOR radial but it didn't. I then pressed APPR button and then immediately got a freeze for a few seconds then CTD. CL650_Log.txt
  10. It's not simulated, hopefully it will be possible with xp12
  11. I've noticed this too and was going to make a post, so I'll just +1
  12. It's not available yet, in the mean time, I find if the aircraft is lightly loaded, a trim setting of 6 works well, while if at max takeoff weight or close to you, somewhere around 5.6-5.7 works well.
  13. Okay, thanks again for making this though! And thanks to toto for providing his voice.
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