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  1. Actually it seems I was able to fully move the handle once engines were started. Very intriguing… anyway, as long as it works Regards, Tim
  2. X-Plane does provide native scroll wheel manipulators since version 10.50 (they're used in e.g. the IXEG 737); I can even hack them in the .obj files myself but that doesn't benefit the community at large Regards, Tim
  3. Many switches don't seem to have scrollwheel support (or at least it doesn't work on my end)? Thinking e.g. of the 3-position switches (lights, several switches on the overhead). Adding scroll support to those would be nice if possible Regards, Tim
  4. I saw: …but aren't these type of limitations (maximum speedbrake extension on ground) implemented electronically? Here, the speedbrake handle itself seems stuck at 50%, as though there is some kind of hardware limitation preventing going past it -- is actually limited this way in the real aircraft? Regards, Tim
  5. Turns out SimBrief was able to do that, it's available now
  6. A 10-minute freeze is uncommon, but occasional drops below 20 fps may happen even with powerful systems. Might be interesting for the Challenger to adjust fuel flow based on the sim speed (which I suspect they already do for time acceleration, but maybe they're not using the one that accounts for time dilation)? sim/time/sim_speed int y ratio This is the multiplier for real-time...1 = realtime, 2 = 2x, 0 = paused, etc. sim/time/sim_speed_actual float n ratio The actual time-speed increase the sim has achieved - takes into account fps limiting. sim/time/sim_speed_actual_ogl float n ratio Th
  7. I didn't mean the only global plugin installed by this user, I meant the only global plugin installed by the Challenger 650 installer.
  8. I was reasonably certain it wasn't Gizmo, but since it's the only global plugin that's installed alongside the Challenger, by ruling Gizmo out, we can be 100% sure the problem is not related to nor triggered by installing Challenger; that's all.
  9. Also, actually, the reason for the reject flight plan will likely be written to the Log.txt (might be easier to look at X-Plane/Output/CL650/CL650_Log.txt so you don't get generic X-Plane messages not related to the Challenger). Regards, Tim
  10. Presumably this data specifically is not synced. But if you send the V-speeds from the CDU where you entered the correct data, both PFDs should get the speeds though. Edit: I suppose the fact that those inputs (like the actual landing weight) are not synced could be a feature (of the real aircraft), so that you can compared two different landing configurations side by side?
  11. Would manually entering a custom N1 target via the CDU also work in this case?
  12. If you quit X-Plane, temporarily move the folder X-Plane/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin to your Desktop, launch X-Plane, and load an aircraft (for example the default C172, the Challenger requires Gizmo to run), do you still have the log spam issue? Feel free to post another log if you do. Edit: don't forget to move Gizmo64.plugin back to X-Plane/Resources/plugins/ and re-launching X-Plane before attempting to fly the Challenger
  13. As a minor side-note: when reaching the modes selector from outside the FBO (i.e. on the initial load of the Challenger, before any airframe is loaded), in both the modes selector and airframe manager screens, the X-Plane menu bar is inhibited (which won't allow you to e.g. quit X-Plane or switch to a different aircraft, without loading a Challenger airframe first). It's not exactly something frequently used (e.g. loading the Challenger without actually intending to use it); but making the menu bar available would be a (minor) usability improvement. I suspect this may be done on purp
  14. For example: launch X-Plane, configure a new flight with the Challenger and load it choose career mode, pick an airframe, enter FBO and confirm, walk to the aircraft change your mind, say you want to fly the C172 for a few circuits around the airport before you fly your paying customers walk back to the FBO realize you actually don't have time to fly enough circuits before your passengers are due to arrive, change your mind again via the X-Plane menu bar, configure a new flight with the Challenger and load it choose career mode Now, you're faced wi
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