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  1. Ping, has this been logged internally?
  2. Ping, let's hope this doesn't get forgotten, despite its relative triviality.
  3. On CDU pages where there are multiple pages, the left/right arrow keys can be used to cycle between those pages while CDU keyboard focus is active. While the MFD ADV page is a somewhat different case, it would still be useful to be able to use the same arrow keys to trigger PREV PAGE and NEXT PAGE on the MFD and limiting mouse usage requirements :-) Regards, Tim
  4. It is, the units used are based on where the aircraft is parked at. You have to do the math yourself.
  5. As discussed with @Pils and Saso on IRC. Apparently there is already one with that functionality for the special popups that provide a view to existing 3D panel elements (e.g. MCP/AP) but not for the "regular" popups like the CDUs, CCU, DCUs and main displays. Regards, Tim
  6. Like a 2-hour chat/investigation on Discord resulting in my best guess as to the hidden cause of the issue?
  7. Because some aircraft and/or plugins don't bother to clean up after themselves, the following datarefs should be force-enabled when appropriate: sim/cockpit2/radios/actuators/com1_power sim/cockpit2/radios/actuators/com2_power …it's already done for e.g. sim/cockpit2/switches/avionics_power_on (which is perhaps a more common source of errors, but the above being set to zero can happen too). Regards, Tim
  8. Or a Diverse Departure Assessment, or the airport is not charted at all (e.g. some private airports) and the pilot is on his own. Still doesn't answer the OP's question about which airspeed and/or climb configuration corresponds to the FMS-calculated climb performance though…
  9. Good point. It's past my bedtime though, AP ON BRAIN OFF
  10. Right, so I need to compute the peak delta-G somehow myself then, correct? Regards, Tim
  11. Using version 1.4r1, macOS Catalina, X-Plane 11.55 I have code to print the HLIS dataref's contents after touchdown when passing 25 knots GS and decelerating: if (onground_any > 0) { if (25.0f > (XPLMGetDataf(flightmodel_groundspeed) * 3.6f / 1.852f)) { if (delta_acc) // XPLMFindDataRef("CL650/HLIS/delta_acc") { log("[info]: landing (detected): CL60 HLIS acc %.3f\n", XPLMGetDataf(delta_acc)); } } } Resulting in: [info]: landing (detected): CL60 HLIS acc 6.104 Compared to (HLIS button pressed for two seconds later on, i.e. soon after engine shutdown, checked on the display and crosschecked with the CSV log): HLIS % grep DeltaG HLIS-1.csv DeltaG,0.622 HLIS % The difference (6.x vs. 0.6x) seems significant. Questions: am I printing the wrong dataref? is it not a float (seems unlikely)? do I have to process delta_acc get to DeltaG somewhow? do I really have to print the dataref even later than I do now? is there a different issue I'm not aware of? Regards, Tim HLIS-1.csv.zip HLIS.nvram.zip
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