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  1. Hi, I've checked every post I could find and even watched the video "Putting it all together" and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I have a flight plan manually entered. I sent and set my Vspeeds. I have the FMS selected. I have the ATS in N1 TO. When I get on the runway I push the NAV button, then the ATS button. The engines accelerate and the plane takes off. I push the Autopilot, and nothing happens. The plane keeps going straight and it won't follow the FMS indicated direction. The ATS switches from N1 TO to SPEED. What did I forget? Any suggestio
  2. That's still a real good time. but the intent of the exercise wasn't to fuel the aircraft or for a legitimate take off. Pretend it's not your plane. You just happened to be at the airport and all heck breaks out, a local extinction event, and the only way to survive is to get out of the area. You see this Challenger with the door open and you got to go, now. No checklists, by yourself, get it started and go. If it's life or death, I'm not waiting for the IRS, or setting the FMS. Just take off and fly the airplane.
  3. I'm sorry for posting this in "Systems and Tech" I failed to check in "Technical Support" for the issue. I just found this describing the same problem. What do I do if I keep getting DL FPLN REJECTED - Technical Support - X-Pilot
  4. I apologize to the moderators. I looked through "Systems and Tech" for a similar issue and couldn't find it, so I posted my issue. It looks like we have the same problem. Using SimBrief with FMS - DL FPLN REJECTED - Systems and Tech - X-Pilot When using the default AIRAC in SimBrief is there anything we have to download? The Default is from 2003 and the database on the FMS reads 2018. Is this maybe the issue?
  5. I am wondering, what is the "Hot Start Airframe Manager" and where can I find it?
  6. Thank you for doing that. I just downloaded xPilot and VATSIM yesterday and am going to fly the 650 very soon on there.
  7. Ok, Thanks. Yes, I did enter my SimBrief Pilot ID in the user settings window. I couldn't find the FIN after I told it to file the plan, so I used the registration number as stated in the FMS Primer. So, I shouldn't use the SimBrief Downloader to download them into the FMS Plans Folder? Do I have to have X-Plane already started before developing a flight plan?
  8. Hi, I've done something wrong, but I don't know what. So, the free FAA CIFP doesn't work. Pilot2ATC doesn't work. (Both issues being addressed on this forum) So I created an account for SimBrief/NaviGraph. Using the default AIRAC, I used the automated downloader to download a flight plan to X-Plane/Output/FMS plans I started the simulation, and I followed your published FMS Primer. I clicked the Route Menu, then FPLN RECALL. I entered the registration number of N650SB. I pushed the send button. The REQ PENDING illuminated in green but never changed to anything else. I
  9. Did you test any systems or do a walk around? I'm leaving out testing any systems or checking the outside of the plane and just assuming they are good to go, because this is an emergency get the heck out of here situation.
  10. Feel free to PM me if you need any help.
  11. Well, I might have cheated, a little bit. Before I tried the exercise, I picked out what procedures were actually necessary to start and taxi the plane. I wrote them down, and then from memory tried it. Almost all planes are started the same way with some minor differences. Battery, APU, APU Gen, fuel flow, engine start, generators, flaps, lights. Of course, there are differences like my Dornier uses "Condition Levers" to regulate the fuel, the jets use their throttles, Cessna 172 uses a push/pull throttle. and on and on. I just thought it would be a fun exercise to see h
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