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  1. OK, I finally got then situated. However, it was a pain in the rear because I could not see them while in PlaneMaker. My coordinates are slightly different than yours. Thank you for making them. Chris
  2. Can you please provide an update, so we don't have to do all of that?
  3. Hi, I just downloaded the update 1.2.2 and went into career mode and followed all of the checklist instructions. I have never had this problem before. When I push the APU LCV switch the light comes on and (watching the study window) the valve opens. As soon as I open the 10th Stage Isolation Valve the APU LCV light extinguishes and the valve closes. Were there any changes to this in the update? Thanks for helping me with this. Chris
  4. My computer time is correct, and I am using real world time on X-plane. So how do I do that? Chris
  5. I too have a problem with the clock. It reads local time the same as the UTC.
  6. Hi, I've checked every post I could find and even watched the video "Putting it all together" and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I have a flight plan manually entered. I sent and set my Vspeeds. I have the FMS selected. I have the ATS in N1 TO. When I get on the runway I push the NAV button, then the ATS button. The engines accelerate and the plane takes off. I push the Autopilot, and nothing happens. The plane keeps going straight and it won't follow the FMS indicated direction. The ATS switches from N1 TO to SPEED. What did I forget? Any suggestions? Thanks Chris
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