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  1. You have an FX added, you need to make the fill multiply within the fx panel
  2. No worries! Glad I didn't mess something up! Cheers~
  3. CAPS pin is located in the center console under the arm rest, or you can click the same spot as Cooper mentioned. I will do the same for the placard in a future update. For now you can just click the click spot where the tab was. Thanks for your report and kind words!
  4. @Nico3478 What weird sound with the joystick?
  5. I don't see what you are seeing. Pictures please.
  6. Thank you both for the truly kind and encouraging words! Every advancement we make and new big leap we take is because of the support from the community. So when even greater simulations come from our studio you can also thank yourselves for helping us make it happen!
  7. I don't have this issue with my hardware but I am seeing reports of hardware either not playing sounds or like yours playing the knob sound. I will look into this. Thank you for your patience.
  8. https://www.auslogics.com/en/articles/enable-hyper-threading-in-windows-10/
  9. @fsblochI usually do this before every flight. It helps to free X plane up from things I may not need along the way. Glad that it is more stable for you.
  10. Are you running ShadeX by any chance?
  11. 1. What command are you trying to manipulate with the joystick? 2. It is castor steering. We do not have a fake fix for this real world practice. You must use rudder pedals or must set brakes to your keyboard to work the differential braking. 3. The engine code is very complex and requires it to be operated to a T, by the book. If any process in the procedure was missed it wont start. Sometimes you have to hold the starter for longer, and if you flood the engine, well you have to do a hot start to unflood it. It is a very realistic unforgiving engine. My process in starting the eng
  12. We have seen some amd issues like this but I am not sure what your hardware is. I am looking into this right now. Thank you!
  13. Attitude


    There is a clickspot in front of the inboard vent copilot side that triggers the avitab...I have fixed this entire process in our Entegra product and will bring the tech over to make this work better. The next G1000 update it will be stored in the pocket to the left of the pilots foot. You will be able to click there and it loads up. I am also working on a new manual just for the interaction side of things. Thank you for your patience!
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