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  1. If this is true then the wheel sounds you are hearing are not from our addon. Are you using XPrealistic? The environmental slider will absolutely lower the gear audio. If you are still hearing this noise then there is something else causing it. Not the gear audio which is tied directly into the environmental Bus. Hope that makes sense.
  2. You can adjust the gear volume in the X plane sound menu: environmental slider. Thanks!
  3. Looks great! Nice improvements~ Thanks @tkyler and team!
  4. Good eye~ I was just updating the lighting a few minutes ago and caught this little floating dude. He gone!
  5. Thank you, the strobe lights are known and will be updated. As far as the panel lighting strip it is a bit of a hack as the strip itself should truly be an emissive source of light rather than directional like a leds or similar. I've tried many different lights with this set up and most look far too off. For now this is the best I can do with the limitations. If/when Laminar decides to support real emissive lighting then I will 100% head in that direction. I'm always learning and willing to try something different. If you know of a better method to create the emissive look it really needs using only HDR lighting and not implementing any LITs I am all ears! Thanks for taking a look at the airplane!
  6. Attitude


    That's what the chute is for!
  7. Attitude


    Working on adjust the ANR volume this weekend. As far as gear volume levels...In my opinion it's better to have too much rather than not enough. Too much icing on the cake, just scoop it off. Not enough icing on the cake, too bad, Timmy ate it all. If the ground interaction audio is too much for your audio system I recommend adjusting the "Environmental" slider for the best experience. This slider is also good for anyone who chooses to use XPrealistic and the audio it presents for gear and airframe wind sounds! Hope this helps!
  8. Attitude

    Spin CTD

    Thank you for the log.txt, will get this looked at asap!
  9. Attitude


    Well I haven't figured out what Easter Egg to add for them yet so I just figured I'd give them a sound and movement for now lol. Eject Button?
  10. Thank you! It never ceases to amaze me how I happen to delete things randomly. Added it back in, will get this in the next update asap.
  11. Thanks for the log.txt. I'll pass this on to Coop to look at as soon as he is able. Thanks! Steve
  12. Three years later I am doing something that makes me happy and having a blast with it. But in all seriousness I have had people come to me to try and take over my work but two years worth of 3d from someone else is a huge feat to manage. It is almost better to start from scratch. Some big companies came to me making sure I was not still working on it but I have seen nothing from them about it since. DTW is a monster project. The mesh system in X plane is not friendly and neither are certain devs who hold the keys to custom proprietary software which would have allowed me to properly model the advanced terrain DTW offers. I modeled each floor of the terminal and thus needed to have a working mesh system for me to complete it. On top of that after almost being arrested there twice and then eventually working as a deicer there I felt some closure to that chapter in my career. It was a true learning experience. I am sorry I was never able to bring this forth. If someone with 3d talents wants to try and attempt to dissect the 40GB of files and bring a freeware version forward I can try to work something out.
  13. https://mega.nz/file/CR5BjAhB#x15-PqBv8918Mal8W84tLQFeMJ9syFWuiN58jX44Ub8
  14. Fixed, sry, I hid the taxiway/apron while editing. Grab the hotfix!
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