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  1. If I recall correctly, the pop up knobs work by mouse click while the 3d knobs use mouse scroll. Have you tried click with the arrow selection?
  2. A few more hours in this lovely jewel. I absolutely love that you can make it your own...... and swap out gps units both RXP GTN and GNS
  3. Thanks for bringing the Avidyne avionics to the SR family. Evening flight to the beach....
  4. A solid, excellent working Avidyne simulation in flight sim. Great work torquesim team. I have a preference for Avidyne and this just completely delivers. Only time for a short flight after release last night, but felt right at home in the 22 and the Avidyne and ap just flowed super smooth. Both the 20 and 22 will get plenty of time. Thank you. This has me looking real hard at the associated hardware which definitely has the wife troubled
  5. Yes, Yes, and Yes! I look forward to this release. Thank you for putting your magic touch on the avidyne systems.
  6. @TS_Ulrich I agree but that is the default loading. Thanks for looking into this though.
  7. Flaps up take off, cruise power, takes getting below 75%n1 and still forward trim to the stops to get anywhere near trim for level. Will try more testing tonight. Default weights and fuel.
  8. Lots of climb performance, but trimming for level flight requires nose down trim almost to the stops even with cruise power set. Otherwise, a very nice islander.
  9. Another great model from the Torquesim team. Job well done.
  10. So the G5 pop ups work with the update, but the 3d gauges have no display. The power buttons on the 3d models do turn off and on the pop up. Did I miss a step?
  11. I feel the trim speed is quite right in the SR22. The Cirrus will balloon when flaps deploy as well as the reverse when flaps retract. On my set up (your set up may vary) the ballooning is very controllable. I think if anything were to be adjusted is maybe the pitch moment. I prefer the fine trim ability as it is set now. Also in the sim, we trim to the neutral center of the controller and not trim out excessive forces. That actually tends to lead to over trimming. If in level flight and a stable power setting, you trim for level flight, even as much as leaning for cruise will require more trim to counteract the aircraft decending due to a reduced power setting, all the while trimming the aircraft for the center of your controller. This can lead to an excessive nose up trim when further power is reduced for decent and the flaps deployed will exaggerate the nose high pitch trim with ballooning. Your controller will be at neutral, while the aircraft is trimmed pitch high requiring even more pressure on your controller to overcome. Enough of my soap box. Trim in the sim can be very subjective.
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