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  1. I understand that but the v2.0.2 release is usable in XP12 so I'm trying to find out if there's any information on whether this patch changes that.
  2. There's nothing in the patch notes on XP12 compatibility for this patch, so should be assume it's kinda working in a similar manner to v2.0.2 ?
  3. I'm seeing problems with the G500 stalling then crashing the sim after it's powered on in an aircraft with the latest beta 0.3 release.
  4. That's great - if it's a paid update that's fine to keep the Saab going on for another generation.
  5. Is it safe to assume the Gizmo licensing system is working XP12 as well then ?
  6. That's great - there are options in the GTN config to allow use of the redundant space on the screen to show extra data blocks instead so no display real estate need be wasted
  7. That's sounds very cool Do you have a feel for a timescales for the changes yet ?
  8. The Mu-2 does have support for the RealsimGear G500 software so if you've got that you can use it to control the VS speed as you'd expect.
  9. Hi, is there a way to select which NAV radio feeds the AP/FD when using the OEM version ? Cheers
  10. I'm doing a first high level flight and I'm finding I can't come close to the torque numbers specified in the PoH. I'm at FL240 at -30C which is approximately +2 ISA and according to the ISA Recommended Cruise power table (PoH 4-32) at 96% Prop RPM I should hit the 650deg EGT limit at about 72% Torque and with 11,500lb hits airspeeds of 1939 KIAS and 270 KTAS. Obviously I'm going to get something a bit less than those figure because temp is slight above ISA, but in reality I can only get 54% Torque before hitting the EGT limit which corresponds to 170 KIAS and 247 KTAS. Even if I ignore the EGT and push the throttle all the way forward I can still only get to 58% Torque - well short of the PoH value. Has anyone else tested their performance against the PoH and had better luck, in which case do you have suggestions for what I'm doing wrong with the engine or maybe how I'm misreading the PoH ?
  11. Honestly I'm quite happy now with the way the throttle is at the moment
  12. Personally I use the switch at the bottom of the left throttle axis as the beta toggle and finds that works take well for me, not least because I always know what the position is the physical throttle lever is when switching. The reversed direction in beta mode is a little odd but didn't take much practice to get used to it.
  13. If I may be entirely selfish for a moment what I'd personally like to see are Emergency Stop On/Off events (or a Toggle with a dataref to show current state) that can be use to move the Prop levers from Taxi to Emergency Stop and vice versa. That way on my Honeycomb Bravo I can set the Prop levers with the curve starting at 10% as suggested in the documentation and then use the switch below the bottom of the lever arc to trigger the Emergency Stop events. Now, I've no idea if this is a) practical from a coding position or b) any use to anyone else who isn't using this specific throttle quadrant, but I though I would throw the idea out there just on the off-chance it is
  14. No problem - this plane is well worth a bit of effort helping to test and identify any issues
  15. I've tried it with 1 and I'm still seeing the same thing. As you suspect I am using the standard hardware toe brake mappings - is there a different mapping to be used instead ?
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