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  1. Hi Maybe this have been on discussion here before. The Thrustmaster Officer Pack Airbus Edition is currently my joystick and throttle combination. Is there any way to set the TCA Throttle Quadrant up and have a functioning reverse thrust? Feels stupid to have this option on the throttle and still have to use F1 to get reverse thrust. The rest of the setup works fine by the way. If possible the response curve setup. Would be appreciated.
  2. I tried at various airports in South Africa, e.g. Lanseria (FALA RWY 07 freq 110.70) and at Johannesburg (FAOR RWY 03R freq 109.10). Localiser does not capture the localiser although it shows LOC and GS in the display. Seems as if the glide slope is coming alive though. Screenshot 1 shows NAV 1 set to FAOR RWY 03 R freq 109.10 and the aircraft have already overshot the glideslope/localiser. Screenshot 2 confirms that aircraft overshot localiser (Navigraph).
  3. I've got the AVITAB plugin installed and it works fine as a stand alone feature in all of my aircraft, including the SR20. But.... For some reason I can't get the AVITAB on the right hand side of the SR20 cockpit to work. None of the commands on the AVITAB responding. I've switched on AVIONICS but still nothing.
  4. Starting is rather tricky. I had to watch a few real-world startups before getting the hang of it. Some of them set the fuel lever 1/2" up after priming and boost as suggested in checklist. When turning ignition they move the fuel lever slowly up and down until engine starts. Works for me.
  5. I am repainting the SR20, specifically for South African flyers and noticed a few quite annoying texture "glitches" on the fuselage of the SR20. Wing textures (see screenshot) Body textures below windows on side of fuselage (see screenshot). I am mostly very happy witht the SR20, though!
  6. The popup of the G1000 works much better at this stage, however, it would be great if you can fix the click spots. I found that the click spots on the right hand G1000 also have problems.
  7. Thanks to daemotron Attached a Notepad screenshot of one of the Flightplans. Advise please. Hermann Kühne South Africa
  8. According to the posts in this forum I have to create a folder called "Coroutes" in the IXEG 737 Classic root. I did that and saved a few flight plans from Simbrief. When trying to import them into the FMC I get the message that a "Coroute" (without "s") folder can't be found. Even changed the folder to Coroute (without the "s"). Have to manually insert a flight plan. What is the problem? If I save a flightplan from the FMC it accepts it as being saved. Where did it save it? Hermann Kühne Vanderbijlpark South Africa
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