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  1. Nice Darren,, I didn’t see this for the DH8D - have just added I think it does finish an acft nicely. I take it you are enjoying the Challenger? Have you been doing some rw flying - we have had a few 788 from ML up to the GC. ‘’Scott
  2. Hi Iain, no mine is much sharper drop and rebound - if you are panning around in the cockpit it just has a momentary freeze then continues not like your sort of slow quick slow. Scott
  3. Hi, thanks for the feedback - I will run through those and see how I go. As I said with other add ons my system runs fine, Zibo, Tolis FF etc.. the only one where this issue presents is with the IXEG. If you google IXEG stutters it is quite easy to find other reports - why people don’t come onto the forums I don’t know. I guess the other issue is having to remove conflicting plugins that a) don’t cause problems with other aircraft and b) are needed like xpilot. I will do some investigations- I appreciate the support. Scott
  4. Log.txt Hi Latest log as requested. Scott
  5. Hi, Just updated to the latest Gizmo and have attempted to conduct a flight. I have tried using the garbage collector and it makes no difference. In the flight deck I am getting +60fps with my setup but every 3-5 secs it drops to zero then climbs back again up to 60 then drops again. The acft is currently unflyable for me as it is. To be honest in my experience over time with the B733 Gizmo either takes 15-30% of the Fps away or causes these intermittent freeze like stutters. I see some people have the same issues and I see some people have no issues. Quite a disappointm
  6. Hi, Having difficulty assigning a button on my joystick to the TOGA button in XP11 for the B733. I can find the generic set TOGA power but it appears not to work on the IXEG. Any ideas or am I not looking in the correct place? I saw a few xp10 posts from last year but couldnt find anything more recent. Loving the aircraft as well. Thanks Scott
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